Mykonos parties, special events & DJ lineups in July 2018


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Kalua Mykonos

Singer Shaya Hansen,  saxophonist Tiago Astori and DJ Mr Mike entertain daily at Kalua, along with DJs Nick Aggelidis and Freespirit


Kalua Mykonos

Junior Pappa, My Excuse, Rodge, Mahmut Orhan and Tanja LaCroix are among the special guest acts who will be appearing at Kalua in July. 


Alemagou Mykonos

Alemagou will be holding 9 special events during July 2018. Artists and their appearance dates are shown on the promotional poster above.


SantAnna Mykonos

The F*** Me I’m Famous! pool parties  — the French Cathy and David Guetta brand of “sexy and provocative parties with luxurious production in world class venues with a fantastically glamorous crowd” — are coming to SantAnna every Saturday evening during July.


VOID club Mykonos

Void has special DJ entertainment each night during July, with some artists still to be announced for the club’s event lineup this month


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

This is the international DJ schedule for July at Cavo Paradiso


Branco Mykonos Whispers events

Whispers is a new “seaside sunset concept” event being held every Saturday at Branco throughout July


Belvedere Mykonos Hotel

Starting Wednesday July 4, Belvedere Hotel will pay homage “to vinyl records inspired by the sounds of Mykonos and the nostalgic era” with a poolside sunset party every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening until August 25. The Poolside Nights will feature “a curated selection of rare soul, funk, jazz, and R&B rooted disco” played by DJs Lou Hayter, Fiona Jane and Izy.




~ updated on Tuesday July 31 2018 ~


Below is a listing of promotional flyers for parties scheduled to take place on Mykonos during July 2018.

Events will be added to this page when they are announced, so check back for updates. Be sure to refresh your browser so you will see newly-added updates; often events are added to this page several times per day.

Bear in mind that many parties may not be announced until only a day or two before they take place. Some parties are advertised only locally on Mykonos, so when you are on the island, keep on the lookout for posters and club promotional staff who visit popular beaches and Mykonos Town to provide information about special events.

For more information about specific events, pricing and admission policies, or to make table reservations or to purchase advance tickets, contact the bars and clubs directly.

To see a list of regularly scheduled events that take place either every day or once weekly, click here.

To see a listing of Mykonos parties and events for May and June 2018, click here.

For a list of events taking place in August and September 2018, click here.


Moni Mykonos

Mimi, B2B and FY will appear at Moni on Sunday July 1


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Benny Benassi plays Cavo Paradiso on Sunday July 1, with support by Rivaz


Scorpios Mykonos

The program for The Sunday July 1 sunset program at Scorpios features music by Kaz James, Nic Fanciulli, Jean Claude Ades and Sneaky Sound System





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  1. Thanks for the updates!! What night is usually the best night of the week to head to the different clubs?

  2. Hi, We will be in Mykonos between July 6?6 and July 11, 2018, there is much to do? Or is it still too early in the season? How’s the party scene?
    And we are in 5 people and we will stay at Artemoulas na platis yalos, would you recommend us to get around by bus or rent a car?
    Thank you

  3. any possible chance of finding a way on to a guest list for any of these?
    you dont ask you dont get?

  4. It is surprising that no other club apart from Paradiso has posting for July events yet. Is it normal ?
    I need to plan for the clubs to hit on July7/8 as I am only there for the weekend. Hope I am not missing the high season.

    • admin

      June 16, 2018 at 9:07 am

      No surprise to me. Cavo is usually the only place that publishes a complete DJ listing for June, July & August though this year Alemagou has done so, too. In recent years most clubs have released party announcements less than a week before event dates and often only a few days before. The only thing that is certain is that there will be plenty of parties in July since it’s the second-busiest month of the short tourist season, after August.

  5. can you access the parties of alemagou and santanna without making a table reservation? How can you buy the entrance?

    • admin

      June 24, 2018 at 9:37 am

      Of course you can get into the parties without booking a table — they don’t have enough tables to sit all the people who will be attending any particular event. Entrance usually doesn’t cost anything — it’s the tables and VIP seating that come with high prices.

  6. Heading over there the last week of August will it still be lively or will it be dead by then?

    • admin

      July 1, 2018 at 8:41 pm

      The whole month of August is peak season …. Mykonos will still be heaving with parties and people the last week of the month.

  7. Will the last weekend of August

    Thursday August 30th – Sunday sept 2nd be wild/wild enough? Deciding if we should push up a week, or is that last week like the last hooray.

    Thank you

    • admin

      July 11, 2018 at 2:33 pm

      August is peak season, while September isn’t. The more time you can spend in August the wilder things will be.

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