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Welcome to My Greece Travel Blog! We are travel enthusiasts who love visiting Greece and sharing stories and photos of our many holiday experiences in this tremendously beautiful and friendly country. 

The blog is a personal hobby project we work on when we have spare time. Our content features trip reports and photos from our vacations; we also like to share photos, videos and information about places we haven’t yet been to in Greece but would love to visit if we get the chance someday. If we see articles, reports or images of Greece that we find interesting or appealing, we share them on the blog.  We hope our website will encourage and inspire other people to discover this amazing and enchanting country, which offers a wealth of attractions  and activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Besides regularly publishing pictures and articles on this blog, we post and share a wide variety of content on the My Greece Travel Blog Facebook page, which anyone can view even if they don’t have Facebook accounts. The news feed on the Facebook page includes photos of scenic places all over Greece, as well as links to  travel-related news and events and links to helpful trip planning sources. We share material on the Facebook page practically every day, so there’s always something new and interesting to see there.

We also post our own photos on our blog’s Instagram account, and also have published more than 35,000 pictures of Greece on our Flickr page.

Please note that this website is a personal blog, not a business. We are not travel agents or travel consultants, and we do not offer personal travel planning services either for free or for compensation. If you need assistance planning a trip to Greece, please contact a travel agent or consider posting questions in chat forums on travel websites, like TripAdvisor.com, or on Facebook group pages for any particular destination you may be considering.

Sorry, but we do not publish guest posts, advertiser-sponsored articles or any kind of do-follow text links either for free or for payment. We will ignore and reject any such requests to publish promotional material.

Please note that the majority of photos published on the blog were shot by us.  Any photos obtained from other sources will be identified with credit information in the picture caption. If one of your images has been incorrectly credited, please notify us so we can correct the caption promptly.



  1. fabulous photos, many of my favorite places.

  2. What a wonderful travel blog. I know I will bookmark it as a favourite.

  3. Christine "mythos"

    May 29, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Wonderful pictures, just oozing Greek sunshine & happiness!! Have bookmarked you site as a favourite

  4. Just as I expected, a superb collection of images. Terrific quality too. What brand of camera are you using?

  5. Hi …thanks for the info you’ve helped me with on tripadvisor. I’ve looked at some of your photos and they are beautiful. They led me to this blog. I’ve booked our trip for Sept 15, just waiting for confirmation which takes 2-3 days as we booked through airmiles.ca……….Elaine (summersky)

  6. Wendy 'Greenfingers'

    March 19, 2013 at 7:36 am

    Wonderful site!
    Keep it going!

    All best wishes!

  7. Can not think of a better person to ask for details and advices for many Greek popular islands such as Mykonos and Ios.
    Great job!

  8. Just a quick mail to share your love for Greece and Mediterranean in general.
    So much love that 2 years ago I moved to live and work in Athens and now I don’t stop discovering the beauty of this city and the islands.
    I simply just couldn’t live anywhere else any more!!!!

  9. Spent the weekend reading your blog, loved all your advice on trip advisor but your blog is a wonderful gift! Thank you so very much, now I’m even more excited to explore the islands and Athens!

  10. Ghid Turistic Grecia

    November 22, 2013 at 6:25 am

    Really beautiful photos that do Greece justice.

  11. As Expected hugely informative,I cannot do what you have put together even having worked in Tourism and lived In Mykonos! Congratulations! How do you find time to do all this wonderful things!?? I am always running even that iI have retired !Best wishes all the same!

  12. First traveled to Greece overland by bus in 1983! Still stunning. Still incredible. You have really captured the unique essence of the beautiful country.

  13. Fantastic site, thank you! Naxos and Andros photos are really useful, as we’re planning to visit both in September. Thanks also for your TA advice!

  14. Followed your guide and hiked from Paradise Beach to Platis Gialos, Mykonos on 28 April 2015. Had a wonderful time. Thank you so much.

  15. Thanks, I had the pleasure to see your pictures of Greece are very beautiful, I’m going to travel there

  16. My friends and I recently got back from our trip to Greece. We loved it, we used your site to help plan our itinerary. Your site was a big help. I love to make travel videos of my trips so i wanted to share our Greece one with you 🙂 https://vimeo.com/167695160

  17. Hello, this blog looks great! My finance and I want to go to the Cyclades for our honeymoon in early June but have no idea which islands to choose. We would like to go to two and do some sailing in the middle. Do you have any posts that might help me decide? We obviously want something romantic but not too touristy. If you have done any sailing I’d love to read a post on that too!

  18. I just landed to your blog. I m Greek and I can almost say the same about you my friend! U are almost Greek in the heart and soul! I m new to blogging and I like your blog very much! For sure I will read it carefully! Have fun and maybe some day I will meet you in Mykonos!

  19. Great blog, congrats! I was looking for info about Greek Island Hopping and I stumbled upon your site. Lucky me! I’ll be following from now on 🙂

    The Greek islands are a bliss… I wish I’ll be able to see them all!!!
    Your tips gave me lots of ideas for this summer’s vacation, thank you!

    I love your pictures by the way. What a remarkable collection you got there on Flickr <3 Keep up the good work, safe travels!

  20. Fabulous photographs and very good writing!

  21. Very nice blog and pictures are captured very beautifully.

  22. Thank you for your interesting blog full of news and good advices. Concerning Mykonos what about Lohan beach club at Kalo Livadi Beach?

  23. amazing island with great people and delicious food, it is perfect for summer vacations!!

  24. Hi, will you also keep us up to date on Mykonos in 2024? I would be very happy, thank you in advance.

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