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Mykonos parties, DJ shows and events in July 2021


Updated  on Saturday July 31




July 31 DJ Agoria at SAnctus club on Mykonos

Agoria will be on the decks at Sanctus on Saturday July 31


DJ Marco Carola at Destino Pacha Mykonos

Marco Carola turns the music on at Destino Pacha Mykonos on Saturday July 31, starting at 4 p.m.


July 31 2021 Void club Mykonos presents Marco Carola

Marco Carola performs his second show of the day on July 31, with an appearance at Void


Valeron & Band at Scorpios club Mykonos

Valeron & Band perform for the Sunset Ritual at Scorpios on Saturday July 31


July 31 2021 Mykonos Art Festival presents Savina Yannatou and Primavera En Salonico

On Saturday July 31, Mykonos Art Festival presents July 31 2021 Mykonos Art Festival presents Savina Yannatou and Primavera En Salonico in concert. The event promises an evening of “songs from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Greece are woven together into a varied musical carpet, combining east and west, contemporary and traditional as well as free improvisation.” The concert takes place at Lakka Theatre, and admission is free.


July 31 2021 Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos show featuring Benny Benassi Rivaz and Terry

Benny Benassi is featured performer at Cavo on Saturday July 31. DJs Rivaz and Terry also will be playing sets for this event.


Tropicana Mykonos presents rudeejay

rudeejay returns to Tropicana on Saturday July 31


July 31 2021 Bordello Mykonos midsummer party

DJ Ludo Erre will play a set during the Bordello Mykonos midsummer party being held Saturday July 31 at Pinky Beach Club


What’s on: Planning to visit Mykonos during July, and wondering what sorts of parties and cultural events will be taking place on the island while you’re there?

Check out page 2 for a list of daily, weekly and regular events.

Page 3 shows events that took place from July 1 to 30, including bar and beach club parties, DJ sets, special dinner party events, live singer performances, art shows, and more.



IT Mykonos DJ schedule July 26 to August 1 2021

This is the calendar of DJ appearances scheduled for July 26 to August 1 at IT Mykonos restaurant and bar



July 26 to August 1 2021 DJ lineup at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

This is the schedule of DJ acts appearing at Cavo Paradiso club from Monday July 26 to Sunday August 1


July 26 to 31 2021 DJ schedule for Sanctus club on Mykonos

Sanctus club reopens on July 26, and has released this DJ lineup for the week of July 26 to 31

Mykonos Art Festival 2021 program of events for July

This is the program of concerts and theatrical performances being held in July as part of the Mykonos Art Festival 2021.   All the events are free to attend at the locations specified for each event.



Click on the link below to see the day-to-day list of events happening on Mykonos during July.


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Mykonos events, parties & DJ shows in August, September, October & November 2021



Updated on Saturday November 27 with the latest upcoming events and venue opening / closing announcements


Tilemachos Zeis live show at Promenade Mykonos

Singer Tilemachos Zeis will perform at Promenade on Saturday November 27 in the afternoon


Vegera Mykonos DJ music events

Vegera will have a special guest DJ playing music on Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon this weekend (November 26-28)


Live music event at Rizes Folklore Farmstead on Mykonos

On Saturday November 27, Rizes Folklore Farmstead presents live music entertainment by Giannis Grybla and Ba’ambi Ameridis. The event is set to start at 2 p.m.


DJ MaPet at La Barran Mykonos

DJ MaPet will be on the decks at La Barran on Saturday November 28 starting at 10 p.m.


Mosaic Mykonos Greek NIght on November 27

Saturday November 27 is Greek Night at Mosaic


DJ event at Velanos Mykonos

DJ Van Damme will be special guest DJ at Velanos on Sunday November 28


Lovemeze Mykonos live music event

Lovemeze presents live Greek music entertainment on Sunday November 28


Local souvlaki & BBQ on Mykonos

November 30 will be the final day of operations this season for Local Mykonos Souvlaki & BBQ


El Burro Mykonos presents singer Akis Diximos

Singer Akis Diximos will perform at El Burro on Sunday December 9


Avara Restaurant on Mykonos

It’s the end of an era: The elegant fine dining Avra Restaurant is closing permanently after 22 years of operations. Owners Nikos Iliopoulos and Sarah Pearson announced the news in a November 23 post on Facebook, stating: “we have felt blessed to be part of an incredible magical Mykonos era that many of us feel is unfortunately now fading fast. We hope we have made everlasting memories for your times in Mykonos and… well… perhaps … we may be back to make more.”


5x5 Multiplex restaurant at Ornos Mykonos

5×5 Multiplex is a new restaurant that opened in Ornos in mid-November. Open from 7 a.m. until midnight, it’s a casual go-to spot for coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch, crepes, waffles, burgers, souvlaki and more. You’ll find it across from the athletic stadium along the road from Korfos to Agios Ioannis


The interior of Elaion Mykonos restaurant on Mykonos

Mykonos residents and visitors have a new place to dine out during the winter — the Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar Elaion Mykonos has just opened in the Vougli district of the island (in the premises formerly occupied by Taverna Kandavlos).  If the name Elaion sounds familiar, that’s because the restaurant is owned by the same people who operate the Elaion restaurant on nearby Syros island. According to the Elaion Mykonos page on Facebook, the restaurant is open daily from 2 p.m. until midnight.


La Taverna Greka seen in an image shared on social media by Maria Kavalari

There’s a new place to enjoy a good Greek food meal in the heart of Mykonos Town this winter. La Taverna Greka moved into the Mother Earth restaurant space in late summer, and will be offering traditional Greek dishes at reasonable prices from 12:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 at night. You’ll find the taverna tucked into a lane beside the ALIS fashion boutique on Mitropoleos street.


Rizes Folklore Farmstead on Mykonos seen in an image from its social media pages

Rizes Folklore Farmstead originally had announced its end of season closure on October 31, but has since decided to open its restaurant on weekends throughout the winter “to keep you company with Mykonian flavors.” Rizes will operate on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from noon to 9 p.m., and Sundays also from noon to 9 p.m.


Mykonos Brewing Company taproom

 Mykonos Brewing Company, makers of the island’s Mikonu craft beers,  will be open on weekdays during the winter. From November through March, the brewery will be open to visitors on Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Bistrot de Nicolas Mykonos seen in a photo from the restaurants social media pages

Bistrot De Nicolas, located on the highway to Ano Mera, will be open throughout the winter. Its days and hours of operation will be Thursday to Saturday from 6 p.m. until midnight, and Sundays from 1.30 p..m. to 8.30 p.m. The restaurant recommends booking reservations by telephone at: +30 22890 71361


Interior of Mosaic MSC Mykonos seen in an image from the restaurants social media pages

 Mosaic MSC restaurant at Manto Square in Mykonos Town launched its winter season on Friday October 15


The logo for Central cafe on Mykonos

 Central cafe has announced that, after 8 years of operations, it will soon be closing permanently. The news — posted on social media on November 16 — said the restaurant will remain open “until the holidays and somewhere there before Christmas to say goodbye.”



Previous November events



live music show at Mosaic Mykonos

Singers Giannis Solaris from Syros and Nektarios Kiousis from Mykonos will appear at Mosaic for a live performance on Sunday November 21


Also on November 21:

DJ Giannis Papasilekas played at Vegera

Elaion restaurant presented live Cretan music entertainment featuring musicians Giannis Oikonomos, Michalis Katrinis and Valantis Giannakos

Velanos held a Greek Music night with tunes by DJ Giannis Fournomitis

Musicians Giannis Grybla and Ba’ambi Ameridis performed at Rizes Folklore Farmstead

Lovemeze restaurant hosted live Greek music entertainment by Manos Prevelianakis and Euripides Masakis

DJ MaPet played for the Sunday after party at La Barran


El Burro Mykonos Saturday party

On October 20, El Burro held a Saturday Party featuring three DJs  — Heavy G, Ionas Feenstra and AnXid


Also on November 20:

Lovemeze restaurant presented live Greek music entertainment by Manos Prevelianakis and Euripides Masakis

Mosaic hosted special guest DJ Jerry

DJ Miky played at Elaion

DJ Giannis Papasilekas played at Vegera

DJ MaPet returned for another gig at La Barran


Paloma Bar on Mykonos

Paloma was open on both Friday and Saturday night


Also on November 19:

DJ Giannis Papasilekas played at Vegera

DJ MaPet szx on the decks at La Barran


live music event at Wild Cafe Bar on Mykonos

On Thursday November 18, Wild Cafe Bar in Ano Mera presented an evening of live Greek folk entertainment featuring singer/guitarist Nektarios Kiousis, Sofia Kalpourtzi on keyboards, Dimitris Argyris on drums, and Marios Kavathas on violin.


November 14 2021 live music event at Mosaic MSC restaurant on Mykonos

On Sunday November 14, Mosaic restaurant presented live music entertainment featuring singers Giannis Solaris and Alexandros Mitsis.

Also on November 14:

DJ Giannis Papasilekas was on the decks at Vegera restaurant

DJ Giorgos Dragoutas played for a Greek Vibes party at Velanos restaurant;

Lovemeze restaurant hosted an afternoon of live Greek folk music entertainment


November 13 2021 Rizes Folklore Farmstead Mykonos presents live Greek music entertainment

Rizes Folklore Farmstead held its first party of the winter on Saturday November 13, with live Greek music entertainment

Also on November 13:

Lovemeze restaurant hosted an evening of live Greek folk music entertainment

Mosaic held a Greek Night party

Singers Giannis Solaris and Alexandros Mitsis performed at Elaion restaurant and bar

DJ Giannis Papasilekas was on the decks at Vegera

Paloma Bar was open


November 12 and 13 2021 Greek Night parties at Mosaic restaurant on Mykonos

On Friday November 12 and again on Saturday the 13th, Mosaic restaurant hosted a Greek Night, with music by DJ Jeronymo Zouganelis 

Also on November 12:

Paloma Bar was open

DJ Giannis Papasilekas played at Vegera

DJ Miky played at Elaion restaurant and bar


Souvlaki Mykonos Cantina Street Food

On November 11, the Souvlaki Mykonos — Cantina Street Food restaurant at Tourlos announced that it has closed for the winter and expects to reopen in February


To Maereio Mykonos seen in a street view image from the restaurants social media pages

To Maereio restaurant concluded its season on November 9


November 7:

La Barran Bar held a Greek Vibes party

DJ Giannis Papasilekaswas on the decks at Vegera


November 5 and 6 parties at Rhapsody Bar on Mykonos

DJ Vasilis Ntourantonis was special guest DJ at Rhapsody bar on Friday November 5 and Saturday November 6

Also on November 5 and 6:

Paloma Bar was open

Vegera presented DJ Giannis Papasilekas

Deejay Av was on the decks at La Barran


Alley cocktail bar in Mykonos Town seen in an image from its social media pages

On November 6, Alley cocktail bar announced its closure for the winter


Myconian Ambassador hotel seen in an aerial photograph from the hotels social media pages

Myconian Ambassador hotel (seen in the center of this aerial photo) announced the end of its season on November 6



La Rosticceria restaurant on Mykonos

La Rosticcerria restaurant announced on social media that it would be reopening on the evening of Friday November 5. The restaurant subsequently posted this notice to show its days and hours of operation.



Pepper Souvlaki & More Mykonos seen in an image from the restaurants social media pages

On November 2, Pepper Souvlaki & More announced it has closed for the winter


Negrita Mykonos seen in an image from the bars social media pages

November 2 was closing- and packing up day at Negrita bar


Nimbus hotel Mykonos seen in a photo from its social media pages

November 1 was closing day for Nimbus Hotel



Autumn Cultural Events


Robert McCabe photo exhibition on Mykonos autumn 2021

Exhibition of Mykonos photos from the 1950s by Robert McCabe

“The Island that seduced the world — Mykonos in the 50s” is an exhibition of images by noted American photographer Robert McCabe, who first visited Greece in the 1950s and captured portraits of local residents and scenery on subsequent multiple trips to the island and elsewhere in the Aegean.  Exhibits of McCabe’s fascinating photos are on display in two places: from August 1 to October 31 at the archaeological site in the Mykonos Kastro (next to the iconic Paraportiani Church), and from August 4 to December 31 at the Mykonos Archaeological Museum above the Old Port.   


What’s on: The 2021 tourist season ended in October for many Mykonos hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops, but that didn’t mean the island shut down completely for the winter.

In fact, many businesses extended their seasons into November, while year-round restaurants and bars kept their doors open for local residents and off-season visitors, as you no doubt noticed from the event notices posted above.  A few brand-new places even opened their doors to offer fresh options for drinking and dining after the tourist-oriented restaurants and bars shuttered for the winter.

If you’re curious to see what events took place from August through November, including parties, venue closings and new business openings, check out our day-by-day listings on page 2 of this post.


You might also be interested taking a look at our related post:

Mykonos restaurants, bars, clubs & more: What’s new for 2021




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Our Covid-19 quarantine travel reads: Feature profiles of Athens, Thessaloniki, the Peloponnese & mainland Greece


Kastoria city and lake photo from Issue 6 of Sky Express airlines Fly magazine

Kokkoras Bridge in Epirus Greece photo from Sky Express airlines Fly magazine Issue 6

These striking photos of the city of Kastoria in northern Greece and the historic Kokkoros Bridge in Epirus are from The White Issue of Fly, the magazine of Sky Express airline. The  picture-packed issue spotlights visit-worthy mainland Greece destinations that aren’t on typical tourist itineraries.


Armchair travels: Since we can’t take our scheduled spring trip to Greece because of Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, we have been travelling there vicariously — by reading magazine and newspaper articles about destinations, hotels, attractions and a wide variety of aspects of Greek life and tourism. Armchair travel lacks the thrill and pleasure of actually going to Greece, of course, but it’s a heck of a lot better than brooding about the cancellation of our 2020 holiday plans while we’re cooped up in home quarantine.

On the positive side, our time catching up on articles published over the past six months has been well spent, introducing us to incredible places in Greece we weren’t too familiar with, and giving us ideas and inspiration for trips we hope to take once the pandemic has passed and Greece re-opens its borders to international visitors.

Since the articles and photo profiles could be interesting and helpful to readers dreaming about their own future trips to Greece, we will be sharing our “quarantine travel reads” in a series of  blog posts, beginning with this one.

Destinations and topics profiled in this instalment include:

♦ Thessaloniki and the Halkidiki peninsula;

♦ Athens

♦ the southern Peloponnese, including Costa Navarino, the Mani and Monemvasia; and

♦ Impressive towns, villages and scenic areas in mainland Greece


Upcoming blog posts will spotlight:

♦ stylish luxury hotels and hot dining spots in Athens, Crete, Mykonos, Paros, and Santorini;

♦ travel writer accounts of trips to Athens and various Greek Islands, including Evia, Milos, Paros and Symi;

♦ Cretan food and the Mediterranean diet;

♦ mini guides to Greek islands, and more.


Athens and the southern Peloponnese


Bloomberg News article on Greece travel destinations

Dimitsana, a mountain village in Arcadia, is among the places writer Nikos Chrysoloras recommends visiting in the southern Peloponnese


“…there will be so much Greek paradise for you when this viral outbreak is behind us” says Nikos Chrysoloras, whose article The Greece I long to visit isn’t on your average travel brochure was published by Bloomberg News on April 24.

Greece does indeed abound with places people would consider paradise, but Chrysoloras devotes his article to describing a travel itinerary that will let visitors experience the true essence of Greece first in Athens and its surrounding area, and secondly during a scenic road trip through the southern Peloponnese peninsula.

A must-see in the historical center of Athens, he says, is Monastiraki Square, which “epitomizes my country perhaps more than any island or beach.” He recommends two rooftop bars overlooking the square, from which visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the Parthenon and other historic monuments. “It’s the weight of millennia packed in the space of a single block,” Chrysoloras notes. He also recommends a day trip along the Athens Riviera and a visit to the clifftop Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, famous for its sensational sunset view, which he describes as “Greece, Profound.” He also suggests specific places to drink and dine, so visitors planning to spend time in the city would be wise to bookmark the article for easy reference once in Athens.

For the Peloponnese portion of his suggested roadtrip, Chrysoloras recommends starting off in the area around the Costa Navarino resort and the incredible Voidokilia beach (which I wrote about in my blog post A bucket list visit to Voidokilia), and then exploring the rugged Mani region. “It’s a mountainous terrain with stone-built villages and very narrow roads leading to pebbled beaches. This area is the land of the ancient Spartans, people as defiant as history suggests.” Again, Chrysoloras recommends places to stay, dine, hike, swim and enjoy a drink with a fabulous sunset view.

From Mani, the drive continues to the castle town of Monemvasia, whose “medieval alleys are full of mystery and wonder, like a set that Game of Thrones producers ought to have used.” On the way back to Athens from there, Chrysoloras urges a detour to Dimitsana — his mother’s home town — “one of the most characteristic specimens of the mountainous side of Greece. Surrounded by conifer trees, you can enjoy unspoiled traditional stone architecture and hike in the area’s beautiful forests and nearby villages.” Although worth a look nearby is Panagia, a now-deserted village where Chrysoloras recommends a taverna that serves outstanding traditional dishes. 


Please click on the link below to continue reading on page 2, where we discuss excellent magazine articles about Thessaloniki, noteworthy destinations in mainland Greece, and fascinating places to explore in Athens.


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Lesvos island stars in Dutch singer’s music video


Danielle van Doorn filmed the video to her inspirational song Fly at Molyvos, Petra and other places on Lesvos island


Scenic backup: Lesvos island plays a co-starring role in Fly, a pop music video released this month (April 2020) by talented young Dutch singer/songwriter Danielle van Doorn.

The beautiful town of Molyvos, the historic Molyvos Castle, Petra village and numerous inland and coastal locations on Lesvos provide scenic backdrops for the 3.5-minute video which van Doorn made as a posthumous birthday gift for Justin G. Valk, who produced the studio recording of the song prior to his death two years ago from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Known professionally as JRedsun, Valk also produced van Doorn’s 2017 single, Leave Me Alone.

We recognized several of the video filming locations since we stayed in Molyvos and visited Petra and other places  during our first-ever trip to Lesvos in spring 2019, but I’m sure many more sites shown in the clip will be familiar to regular island visitors.

If you haven’t been to Lesvos before, the video will give you glimpses of some of the pretty town, coast and landscape scenery that await your discovery on this truly wonderful East Aegean isle.

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