Mykonos 2023: Parties, DJ shows & music events



August events


Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

This is the August DJ lineup for Cavo Paradiso club, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer


Alemagou beach club on Mykonos

This is the August DJ lineup for Alemagou beach club


Tropicana beach club on Mykonos

Tropicana club at Paradise beach has released its DJ lineup for the first half of August. The DJ roster for the second half of the month is expected to be announced soon.


VOID club on Mykonos

The August DJ lineup for VOID is shown, above, on the club’s summer event calendar


Adelon Sunset Bar on Mykonos

Every  Wednesday, Adelon Sunset Bar hosts a Latin Dance Night


Lio cabaret restaurant and nightclub on Mykonos

Every Friday night during July and August, Horse Meat Disco will entertain at Lio Mykonos cabaret restaurant and nightclub


Asty Mykonos Hotel & Spa

DJ Sone plays a set of organic house music on Wednesday afternoons and Sunday evenings at Asty Mykonos Hotel & Spa


TUYA Mykonos

This is the list of entertainers who will be appearing at TUYA Mykonos on Thursday nights during August


JackieO Yacht Club on Mykonos

This is a calendar of special events taking place at JackieO Yacht Club from August 9 to 18


JackieO Yacht Club

This is the JackieO Yacht Club entertainment lineup for the final week of August


Joker Mykonos

As a new entertainment program this summer, Joker Mykonos is hosting a series of lunch shows during August at Anios Mykonos Restaurant on Platis Gialos beach. The events feature fun on the beach with lunch and live DJ music entertainment starting at 11 a.m. Full details can be obtained by sending a direct message to the Joker Mykonos Instagram page or contacting them at: [email protected].


XLSIOR Festival 2023

The annual XLSIOR Festival takes place from August 16 to 23 at venues around the island 


Ferries in Greece

If you’re planning to go island hopping this summer, bear in mind that July and August are peak season travel periods in Greece. Seats on inter-island ferries are filling up fast, and some ferries may be completely sold out during long Greek holiday weekends in August. If you haven’t arranged your ferry reservations yet, click on the image above to book your seats now!



Belvedere Hotel on Mykonos

Marine Neuilly is special guest DJ at Belvedere Hotel from August 18 to 28


VOID club on Mykonos

This is the August 21 to 27 DJ lineup for VOID club


Destino Pacha hotel on Mykonos

This is the August 21 to 27 DJ lineup for the daily afternoon pool parties at Destino Pacha hotel in Agios Stefanos


Noema Mykonos

This is the August 21 to 27 entertainment lineup at Noema


Lio Mykonos

This is the August 22 to 26 DJ lineup at Lio Mykonos




Noema Mykonos

This is the entertainment schedule at Noema for the week of August 28 to September 3



Please click on the link below to turn to page 5, where you can see announcements parties and events scheduled for September.


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    When are you going to update this page, last post was 5 January !

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      May 29, 2023 at 7:58 am

      Maybe next year, maybe never. We’ll see.

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      Maybe next year, maybe never. We’ll see. I post photos to the blog’s Facebook page and Instagram, and that’s all I plan to do for the foreseeable future.

  2. Hi! Do you have the dates that’s club closed? I’m going the first week of October.

    • admin

      August 29, 2023 at 5:41 pm

      I add closing date information to this post whenever clubs announce they are ending their season. Most clubs don’t give much advance notice of their closing dates. Toy Room is closing on September 2, VOID on September 9, and Cavo Paradiso on September 23. Alemagou and Scorpios are supposed to be open until at least September 30 but have not yet announced if they will be open into October. Tropicana and Paradise Club will be open the first week of October, though, and a few other beach clubs will also be open or else holding their season closing parties around the time you are on Mykonos.

  3. I will go at 25 sep i want some place i can go at this time for 3 days .

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      August 31, 2023 at 4:55 pm

      I don’t understand what you’re asking about … can you please clarify what advice you are looking for?

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