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Mykonos springs to life as more bars & restaurants open, first cruise ship of 2019 visits


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The beachfront of Tasos Taverna is seen in a photo posted on Facebook to announce its March 23 season opening.  Located on Paraga beach, Tasos has been serving customers since 1962.


Season starts: Spring has only just sprung, but the tourism season on Mykonos has kicked off with a spate of bar and restaurant openings, plus the arrival of the first cruise ship of 2019.

During the period of March 15 to 25, at least 10 establishments were set to officially open their doors, including two beach restaurants and, in Mykonos Town, several popular eateries and a bar.  March 15 also marked the start of cruise ship port calls into Mykonos, with a visit by the Celestyal Cruises ship, Olympia.

On most Greek islands, the annual tourist season is fairly short, and typically runs from the beginning of May until the end of September. With more than 10 places opening up during the third week of March, it might sound like Mykonos is getting things off to an unusually early start. But during the last four years, there has been a similar number of food and drink venues launching their seasons at this time, so I haven’t been surprised to hear of this month’s openings.


The cruise ship visits, on the other hand, have indeed commenced sooner than in previous years.  A March 18 news report by Greek Travel Pages notes that Celestyal launched its 3- and 4-night Aegean cruises two weeks earlier this year compared to last. It also is extending its season by two weeks in the fall, in response to what  Celestyal says is a rising demand for travel before and after the summer season.

I, too, have noticed a greater interest in off- or early-season travel to Greece this year, both in messages and inquiries sent to my blog, and from requests for advice posted on the TripAdvisor Greece travel forums.  This year I have fielded more questions than ever before from people who booked trips to Mykonos for dates in February, March and April. Many of those who wrote to me, or posted questions in online forums, were worried they wouldn’t have anywhere to eat or drink on Mykonos because they heard rumours that the island’s businesses are shut tight as a drum until May. That’s simply not true, since there are restaurants and bars that stay open all winter to serve the local population. The good news for people travelling to Mykonos between mid-March and May is that they will now have a much wider selection of places to enjoy a drink or meal, with more businesses opening each week until summer.


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Apaggio, located on the seaside at Ornos, is open every day of the year. In fact, it hasn’t closed since it opened in 2013. Apaggio specializes in fresh fish and seafood, but guests also can choose from salads, warm and cold appetizers, meat and pasta dishes, Greek dishes and more.  It has an extensive wine list, and a vast selection of ouzo and tsipouro.  During winter, Apaggio is open from 12 noon until 11 p.m. The restaurant has an indoor dining room as well as a large seaside patio, seen in the photo above from the Apaggio website.


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Raya, an all-day restaurant and bar positioned on the harbourside promenade in Mykonos Town, is one of the island businesses that doesn’t close up shop when the tourist season ends — it stays open all year. And it’s not just popular for food and drinks: Raya is known for its special Sunday parties, with music by DJs from Mykonos and Athens. This photo is from the Raya page on Facebook.


Please click on the link below to turn to page 2, where you can see which bars and restaurants have opened on Mykonos this month, along with places that opened even earlier, or have been open throughout the winter.


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Mykonos party events in 2019


Just announced


Promotional image for Alemagou Mykonos Oasis events during summer 2019

Alemagou has just released the lineups for special entertainment programs it will be hosting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays this summer.  See page 2 of this post for details.


2019 summer schedule for parties and DJ appearances at Void club in Mykonos

Void has just released its DJ schedule for the summer — with a few Sunday acts still to be announced


Upcoming live shows


Promotional image for Ace Hood live show at SantAnna Mykonos on July 2

Ace Hood performs at SantAnna on Tuesday July 2


Advertisement for the live show featuring Rich the Kid at SantAnna Mykonos on July 9

Rich the Kid appears at SantAnna on Tuesday July 9


Promo ad for Dionysis Sxoinas live concert at Solymar Beach Restaurant Mykonos

Dionysis Sxoinas and his band take their summer tour to Mykonos for a live performance at Solymar on Thursday July 18


Promotional image advertising the live show by the music group Melisses at Solymar on Mykonos July 24

Greek pop and rock band Melisses brings their summer tour to Mykonos with a live show at Solymar on Wednesday July 24


Promotional image for the Amr Diab and Antonis Remos live concert at Nammos Mykonos July 25

Singers Amr Diab and Antonis Remos return to Nammos for their annual summer performance on Thursday July 25



Events early this week


Promotional image showing the Scarpa Bar Mykonos DJ lineup June 17 to 23

Scarpa Bar’s DJ lineup for the week of June 17 to 23


Schedule of DJs appearing at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos from June 21 to June 30

This is the schedule of DJs appearing at Cavo Paradiso from June 21 to 30


Schedule of theme parties being held June 24 to 28 at Cirque club Mykonos

This is the schedule for theme parties at Cirque June 24 to 28


Promotional image for the June 24 Origins music event at Scorpios Mykonos

The Monday June 24 Origins event at Scorpios features a live performance by Ohxala along with Mom


Cavo Paradiso presents DJs Junior Rush and AnXid on Monday June 24


Promotional image for the Blue Marlin Ibiza Mykonos Matahari event with Serge Devant and Guti on June 25

June 25 is the season opening for the Matahari event at Blue Marlin Ibiza Mykonos. The music lineup includes Serge Devant, Guti and Nixxie.


Promotional image for the Scorpios Mykonos Horizon event with Sol Selectas on June 25

Sabo and Goldcap will host the June 25 Horizon event with Sol Selectas at Scorpios 


Heavy G and Mark Code are the headline DJ acts at Cavo Paradiso on Tuesday June 25


Promotional image for DJ Piem appearance at Queen of Mykonos on June 25

Barcelona-based DJ Piem (right) will join Freespirit on the decks at Queen of Mykonos on Tuesday June 25


Promotional image for the Scorpios Mykonos Metamorphosis event with Dengue Dengue Dengue on June 26, July 3 and July 31

Dengue Dengue Dengue will host the Metamorphosis music ritual at Scorpios on June 26


The DJ lineup at Cavo Paradiso on Wednesday June 26 includes Barcelona’s Piem along with Freespirit and Dest



~ More June events on page 2 of this post ~


What’s happening: Summer is fast approaching and the Mykonos party scene has gotten well under way, with most of the island’s bars and clubs now open for business. 

Parties both in Mykonos Town and at various beaches are happening daily, with many more on the way when the big tourist crowds arrive for peak season (July and August).

Page 2 of this post contains promotional flyers showing daily beach parties and regular weekly events, as well as official party announcements for June, July, August and September. 

Page 3 lists events that have taken place since March, in case you’re interested in seeing what has already happened.

I update this post whenever new announcements are released, often several times per day, so check back regularly to see what’s new.





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