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Mykonos parties, DJ shows and events in July 2021


Kalua Mykonos July 23 social media post about the return of music to the island

Kalua restaurant and beach bar shared this post on social media July 22 to remind people that the temporary ban of music in bars, restaurants and clubs on Mykonos will end soon — so music and live entertainment from its resident songstress, Shaya Hansen, will resume in just a few days. The music ban and an overnight curfew are Covid control measures the Greek government is scheduled to lift on Monday July 26.


Velanos Mykonos restaurant on Mykonos

Velanos Mykonos is a brand-new restaurant that has just opened today (Tuesday July 20). It’s situated next to the National Bank near the airport, and is a great spot for breakfast and brunch, as well as sunset cocktails. The restaurant is open from 7 a.m.  until 1 a.m.


July 20 2021 grand opening announcement for Drunk Monkey Mykonos

Tuesday July 20 is grand opening for Drunk Monkey, a takeaway cocktail bar in Mykonos Town returning for its second summer on the island


Mykonos Brewing Company taproom

Mykonos Brewing Company is once again welcoming visitors to its taproom to taste its selection of locally-produced craft brews. The taproom is open Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



live music by Elyz at Pinky Beach Club on Mykonos

Singer Elyz will entertain at Pinky Beach Club on Monday July 26 …


live music by Drue Williams at Pinky Beach Club on Mykonos

… followed by Drue Williams an hour later


Void club Mykonos reopening announcement

July 26 is reopening night for Void club


Toy Room Mykonos club reopening announcement

Toy Room Club returns on Monday July 26


Joker Mykonos opening party 2021

The opening dinner, show and party event by Joker Mykonos takes place July 26 at Alesta restaurant. For information and reservations, contact Joker Mykonos through direct message on their Instagram.


July 26 to 31 2021 DJ schedule for Sanctus club on Mykonos

Sanctus club reopens on July 26, and has released this DJ lineup for the week of July 26 to 31


Sold out notice for the Bordello Mykonos opening party

Italian hip hop & rap star Geolier will perform at the sold-out opening party for Bordello Mykonos — The Italian Dinner Show on Wednesday July 28.


July 29 2021 Crete olive oil tasting session at Savvas Greek Deli on Mykonos

On July 29, Savvas Greek Deli will host a special tasting event spotlighting the best olive oils from Crete.


Azul Condesa restaurant presents DJ Vaggelis Fotinos

Vaggelis Fotinos will be special guest DJ at Azul Condesa restaurant on Thursday July 29


Updated  on Sunday July 25


UPDATE: In an effort to stem a surge in Covid cases on Mykonos, the Greek government has imposed special restrictive measures on the island with a curfew and music ban that take effect Saturday July 17 at 6 p.m., and continue until July 26.  During this period, Mykonos bars, clubs and restaurants may not play any music, and there is an island-wide curfew from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. We will post further information when available, including club and bar announcements about DJ shows and other music events that were scheduled for the July 17 – 26 period. Cavo Paradiso, Skandinavian Bar and Hippie Fish have already issued notices about their operations during the lockdown — scroll down to see their social media announcements.


Wondering what’s happening today? Tomorrow? The day after that? Later this month? See page 2 for a day-by-day list of events taking place on Mykonos.

Keep scrolling on this page to see club DJ calendars for this month, along with important news updates about Covid restrictions applying to the Mykonos party scene and announcements of event cancellations and rescheduling resulting from those restrictions.


Instagram post clarifying the July 2021 situation on Mykonos

This Instagram post by a Mykonos resident, which explains the reasons for the island’s current restrictions,  is being widely shared on social media by local businesses to counter rumours that bars, clubs, restaurants and shops on Mykonos have been shut down.  Businesses are in fact open, and the music ban and curfew are expected to be lifted on July 26, if not sooner.


July 17 2021 announcement by Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos concerning Mykonos lockdown measures

This announcement by Cavo Paradiso club explains the Covid control measures imposed on Mykonos by the Greek government, and their impact on Cavo’s schedule of DJ shows for the next nine days.


July 17 2021 announcement by Skandinavian Bar Mykonos concerning government Covid restrictions

Skandinavian Bar posted this notice on social media to announce its hours of operation, with no music, from Saturday July 17 through to Monday July 26


Admission policy for 180 Sunset Bar on Mykonos

180 Sunset Bar posted this notice on social media to outline its admission policy for guests beginning Friday July 16, in accordance with Greek government regulations


Mykonos Art Festival 2021 program of events for July

Update: This is the program of concerts and theatrical performances being held in July as part of the Mykonos Art Festival 2021.  As a result of the Greek government’s partial lockdown measures on Mykonos, the events scheduled for July 18, 20 and 24 have been cancelled and will be rescheduled. New dates for those performances will be announced in the near future. All the events are free to attend at the locations specified for each event.


Oyster Bar Evenings at Themis Z shop in Mykonos

Aw, shucks! Starting July 15, the THEMIS • Z shop in Mykonos Town will be hosting Oyster Bar Evenings in the store’s private garden every Thursday. This “unique THEMIS • Z experience” will offer “hand picked oysters and freshly caught shellfish from Mykonos or neighbouring islands served with our selection of Greek wines, champagne and unique cocktails.” There is limited availability for table reservations, so anyone interested in attending should direct message shop founder Themis Zouganeli through her Instagram.


Destino Pacha Mykonos Sun Souls opening party July 17 2021

Starting on Saturday July 17, the new Destino Pacha Mykonos hotel kicks off its Sun Souls daytime music events with an opening party featuring music by Huaira, Zace and Tsirekas.  The “poolside musical experience” events will take place every day from Friday to Wednesday, and continue until September 10.



What’s on: Planning to visit Mykonos during July, and wondering what sorts of parties and cultural events will be taking place on the island while you’re there?

Check out page 2 of this post, where we have compiled a day-to-day list events that have been officially announced to the public — including bar and beach club parties, DJ sets, special dinner party events, live singer performances, art shows, and more.

We’ve posted a few club party calendars and event highlights below, but you’ll find many more parties on page 2.

Events that have already taken place are listed on page 3, in case you’d like to see what you may have missed.

Events are continually being announced, so check back for updates.



SantAnna beach club Mykonos presents Utopia with George K during summer 2021

Starting on July 8, SantAnna beach club will present Utopia — “the ultimate summer party” — featuring “a breathtaking live DJ & drums set” with drummer / producer/ DJ George K. The event will take place every Thursday and Sunday this summer.


DJ and musician Valeron

One of the most popular DJs on Mykonos, Valeron will be making weekly appearances for live shows at Noema restaurant and Scorpios beach club this month. You can catch his show at Noema on Fridays (July 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30), and see him at Scorpios on Saturdays (July 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31).


SantAnna Mykonos presents Sven Vath

Just announced: German DJ & electronic music producer Sven Väth will play for the Phos parties at SantAnna beach club on Fridays, from July 16 to August 13. The parties will begin in late afternoon and continue until midnight.


Hippie Fish beach club Mykonos

Every Wednesday and Saturday night, starting at 7 p.m., Hippie Fish restaurant and beach club at Agios Ioannis holds a Sunset Party. On Sundays, also starting at 7 p.m., the club throws a Greek Night party.


Tropicana Mykonos daily beach parties during 2021

There’s a beach party every day of the week at Tropicana club on Paradise beach, starting at 4.30 p.m.


Kensho Psarou Hotel Mykonos presents Constantin Nasiri & The Band

Constantin Nasiri & The Band will perform every Friday starting at 3 p.m. at the Kensho Psarou Hotel


Click on the link below to see the day-to-day list of events happening on Mykonos during July.


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Mykonos parties, DJ shows and events during August 2021


Updated on Wednesday July 14


Mykonos XLSIOR Festival 2021 cancellation announcement 01

Mykonos XLSIOR Festival 2021 cancellation announcement

Today (Tuesday July 13), the Mykonos XLSIOR Festival posted this notice on social media to announce the cancellation of this year’s event — scheduled for late August — and to explain the reasons for its decision. This is the result of new restrictions the Greek government has imposed on bars, nightclubs, cinemas and other entertainment venues to control the sharp increase in the number of Covid cases the country has experienced during the past two weeks. The restrictions require that all patrons in indoor bars, clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues must remain seated (no dancing allowed), and stipulate that only people who are fully vaccinated may be allowed into these indoor spaces.  The rule regarding indoor venue entry only for the fully vaccinated takes effect from Friday July 16 and continues until the end of August. Outdoor businesses have the option to decide if they will allow entry only for vaccinated guests. Further details are provided in the Greek Travel Pages news article Greece’s indoor restaurants, venues only for the vaccinated.


Joker Mykonos August 2 dinner show and party event

DJ Ciccio Merola will play for the August 2 dinner show being held by Joker Mykonos at the Alesta restaurant in Glastros


What’s on: Wondering what’s happening on Mykonos during August?

Have a scroll through page 2 of this post, where you will see promotional information for events that have been officially announced to the public — bar and beach club parties, DJ sets, special dinner party events, art shows, and more.

Mykonos venues are continually arranging events, so check back for updates — many August parties have not yet been announced.




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A look back at our fabulous Greek Easter feast on Lesvos


Roasting lamb on the spit at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Lamb roasting on the spit at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Staff at Delfinia Hotel in Molyvos roast lamb on the spit — the main course for the hotel’s special Greek Easter holiday meal in 2019


Memorable meal: Today — Sunday, April 19, 2020 — is Easter in Greece, the country’s biggest and most important holiday event of the year. Last year, we got to celebrate Greek Easter for our first time ever while vacationing on Lesvos island. Although it was only 12 months ago, it feels much, much longer, since time seems to have slowed to a crawl during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

We were staying at Delfinia Hotel & Bungalows in Molyvos at the time, and jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Greek Easter meal that the hotel was hosting on its open-air, seaview breakfast patio. 

It cost us €25 each, an absolute bargain for the excellent quality and splendid variety of delicious food that was served. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of the afternoon feast, we managed to snap a few photos of some of the delightful dishes we enjoyed, and have posted them below. 

Delfinia Hotel Lesvos Greek Easter menu 2019

The menu for the Delfinia Hotel’s Greek Easter meal


Greek Easter dinner salad buffet at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Greek Easter salads and cheeses at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Two views of the wonderful salad and cheese selections on the buffet


Greek Easter dinner side dishes at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Rice and baked pasta side dishes on the buffet 


Greek Easter dinner side dishes at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Three of the side dishes:  mushrooms (top), zucchini fritters (center) and cheese pies


Greek salad at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

We started the meal with a Greek salad, olives and tzatziki


Greek Easter side dishes at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

Next up was a plate of yummy baked pasta, cheese, rice, cheese pie, zucchini fritter and mushrooms (all so delicious, we went back to the buffet for seconds)


Greek Easter kokoretsi dish at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

The first main course was a large serving of kokoretsi. If you love organ meats, you would love this spit-roasted traditional dish.


Greek Easter lamb and potatoes at Delfinia Hotel on Lesvos

The centerpiece of the meal: spit-roasted lamb with roasted potatoes


Red dyed eggs for Greek Easter

Baskets of red-dyed eggs for the Easter game of tsougrisma 


The buffet  included an array of mouth-watering Greek sweets and pastries, which we unfortunately forgot to photograph before devouring them.

The afternoon feast lasted a few hours, following which we took a long walk through Molyvos to get some exercise and work off some of the gazillion calories we had just consumed. [Click here for links to previous blog posts in which we have published photos from our walkabouts in the beautiful town of Molyvos.]  

Greek Easter won’t be the same this year because of social distancing rules and lockdown restrictions in Greece during the Covid-19 pandemic, so there won’t be any group festivities like the one we enjoyed at Delfinia Hotel. With luck, though, things will return to normal for next year and, with even more luck, we might get an opportunity to experience another wonderful Easter meal in Greece. 

Mykonos parties, live music events & DJ shows during 2019


Mykonos is the prominent supporting star in  the new music video Χωρις Εσενα, released July 23 by Greek singer Giorgos Tsalikis. During the summer, Giorgos and his band performed live at 4711 club for 65 nights. 


Looking for a list of party events in 2020? Check out my article Mykonos party and event calendar 2020.


Events during December


Live music events at The Dublin Mykonos on November 29 and 30 and December 1

The Dublin presents live music entertainment by Dimitris Drosinis on the evenings of November 29 and 30, and on the afternoon of Sunday December 1


Announcement for the Sunday Party at El Burro Mykonos on December 1

Apostolis G. will DJ the Sunday Party at El Burro on December 1


Promotional ad for the Wednesday night Karaoke Party at Rustic Grill Mykonos

Rustic Grill hosts its weekly Karaoke Party on Wednesday December 4 starting at 9 p.m.


Vegera Mykonos promotional ad for its parties with DJ Jerry on December 6 and 7

Vegera gets into the Christmas spirit with parties on Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7. The parties start at 10 p.m. and DJ Jerry will be playing the music.


Promotional ad for the Stand Up Comedy Night at Central Mykonos on December 7

Central hosts a live Stand Up Comedy show on Saturday December 7, featuring comedians Giannis Roussos, Alexandros Paspardanis and Konstantinos Bouras Bai’makos. Entry fee is €15 per person, and includes a drink.


Promotional ad for the Sunday Party at El Burro Mykonos on December 8

DJ Jerry will be on the decks for the Sunday Party at El Burro on December 8


Promotional image for the Tuesday Quiz Night events at Notorious Bar Mykonos

Notorious holds its Quiz Night on Tuesday December 10 


Promotional ad for the Wednesday night Karaoke Party at Rustic Grill Mykonos

The weekly Karaoke Party takes place at Rustic Grill on Wednesday December 11


Taverna Kandavlos presents live music on Friday evening December 13, and on the afternoon of Sunday December 15


Promotional image for a Latin Christmas party at Rustic Grill Mykonos on December 13

Rustic Grill hosts a Latin Christmas Party on Friday December 13


Wild Cafe Bar Mykonos presents Giannis Barbaris on December 14

Wild Cafe Bar presents a live performance by Γιάννης Μπαρμπαρής (Giannis Barbaris) on Saturday December 14


Promotional announcement for the December 14 Closing Party at Vegera Mykonos

Vegera is throwing its final party of 2019 on December 14


Promotional ad for Sunday DJ parties at Rustic Grill Mykonos

Every Sunday, DJ Nassia T. will play for the “artistic folk evenings” at Rustic Grill


Promotional ad for the V Bros rock music show at Central Mykonos on December 14

The V Bros perform at Central on Saturday December 14


Promotional image for the December 15 Sunday Party at El Burro Mykonos

DJ Apostolis G. will play for the December 15 Sunday Party at El Burro


Mokka Brunch Mykonos presents Tilemachos Zeis on Friday December 20

Singer Τηλέμαχος Ζέης (Tilemachos Zeis) performs at Mokka Brunch on Friday December 20


Promotional image for the DJ party at Rustic Grill Mykonos on December 20

DJ Nassia T plays for the party at Rustic Grill on Friday December 20


Taverna Kandavlos Mykonos live music events on December 20 and 22

Taverna Kandavlos once again presents live music twice in one weekend — on Friday December 20 at 9 p.m., and on Sunday December 22 at 3 p.m.


Rustic Grill Mykonos presents DJ Stathis on Saturday December 21

Rustic Grill presents DJ Stathis on Saturday December 21


Promotional ad for the Xmas Music Nights at El Burro Mykonos

El Burro launches its Xmas Music Nights on Saturday December 21


Central Mykonos presents Petros Veronis on December 12

Petros Veronis, Daniel Kousathanas and Marianna Sanguita A Roe will perform live at Central on Saturday December 21


Promotional image for El Burro Mykonos Christmas Parties December 24 and 25

DJ Jerry plays for the Xmas Parties at El Burro on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Promotional announcement for the Raya Mykonos Christmas Party on December 29

Festive season celebrations continue at Raya on Sunday December 29 when it hosts a Christmas Party with music by DJ Giannis Oikonomou 


New Years party at Toro Loco My Bar Mykonos

Toro Loco will celebrate the arrival of 2020 with a New Year’s party on December 31


El Burro Mykonos New Years Eve Party announcement

El Burrow welcomes the arrival of 2020 with a New Year’s party on Tuesday December 31. 


~ See a listing of past events on page 2 ~


What’s happening: Mykonos is in end-of-season mode, with bars, clubs and restaurants either closing up shop or preparing to wind down operations.

As usual, the last weekend of September is closing party time for numerous establishments, including Scorpios, Moni, The Garden, JackieO’ Beach, and Elysium Hotel’s popular Sunset Cabaret.

Parties are continuing at many bars in Mykonos Town, however, and beach parties are still going strong at Paradise beach, where Tropicana will be open until October 20.Page 2 of this post contains promotional flyers showing daily beach parties, regular weekly events and special event series. 

Page 3 lists events that have taken place since March, in case you’re interested in seeing what has already happened.

I update this post whenever new announcements are released, often several times per day, so check back regularly to see what’s new.




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