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Scenic Symi island port stars in 2022 Eurovision song video


Screen capture 1 from the offical music video for Die Together by Amanda Tenfjord

Screen capture 2 from the offical music video for Die Together by Amanda Tenfjord

The colourful neoclassical mansions of Gialos port on Symi island provide a  dramatic backdrop for singer Amanda Tenfjord and actor Nicolas Melachrinidis, seen in two screenshots from the music video for Die Together


Scenery to die for: The official music video for Die Together, Greece’s entry in the 2022  Eurovision Song Contest, has us wishing we could hop on a boat and sail to Symi.

The island’s port town, Gialos,  plays a supporting role in the video, which stars singer Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord and actor Nicolas Melachrinidis. But for us, the picturesque harbour and the Gialos hillsides lined with colourful neoclassical mansions were total scene-stealers, capturing our attention far more than the music and the video’s two performers. 

Don’t read us wrong — we do like Amanda Tenfjord’s song. But the video’s background scenery is what really wows us. Watching the 3-minute film, we can’t help but imagine how breathtaking it must be to sail into Gialos and see the impressive surroundings in person. We hope we get that opportunity sometime.



The Eurovision Song Contest gets underway May 10 in Turin, Italy.

You can view the Die Together video below. To see more of Symi, scroll past the video to find direct links to several articles and island travel guides we have collected, as well as to a few Instagram accounts that feature wonderful photos of Symi sights and scenery.



Symi travel guides and articles:

A travel guide to the Greek island of Symi by House & Garden;

Sparkling Symi is the best Greek island you’ve never heard of  by Jennifer McIver Brocious from the travel blog Around the World in 30 Days;

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♦ The Muncipality of Symi website has a Visitor section with information about tourism, sights and activities.

Instagram accounts that spotlight Symi sights, scenery, landscapes and attractions:








Mykonos bar and club openings and events in 2022


Photos of Mykonos bars and nightclubs

Some of the popular cocktail bars and party venues on Mykonos, from top left: Skandinavian Bar; Semeli Bar; Cavo Paradiso; Negrita; Void club; The Garden of Mykonos; 54 cocktail lounge and sunset bar; JackieO’ Town Bar; 180 Sunset Bar; Lio Mykonos cabaret; Queen of Mykonos.


— Updated on May 24 —


What’s open:  After two years of Covid lockdowns and restrictions, fun seekers from around the world will be flocking to Mykonos in 2022 to chill, dance and party — and put the pandemic behind them.

Although summer is still months away, the infamous Mykonos party scene is already warming up.

Island residents have been getting into the party mood all this month (March), starting with DJ and live music events during the Carnival weekend of March 4 to 6, and really revving up during the March 24 to 27 holiday weekend celebrating Greece’s Independence Day.

Promenade, Paloma, Mosaic, Velanos, El Burro, Wild Cafe-Bar and Vegera have been among the party hotspots during winter and early spring, hosting weekend bashes with DJs and live music entertainment. Cosi Bar and La Barran followed suit the last weekend in March.



With tourists arriving on the island much earlier than in pre-pandemic travel years, other Mykonos bars, lounges and nightclubs have begun announcing their opening dates,  also much sooner than usual. 180 Sunset Bar,  JackieO’ Town Bar, Semeli, Bao’s, Rhapsody, Lola, Galleraki, 54, Chill Out Lounge and Astra nightclub all will be opening in April, followed in May by JackieO’ Yacht Club, Lio and Cavo Paradiso (which has already revealed the DJ lineups for its three opening week parties in May, as well as the dates for international DJ appearances in July and August — as you’ll see by scrolling through this post). Sanctus club will open June 1. 

In this post, we’ll spotlight the cocktail and nightlife spots that have already opened, along with places that have indicated when they will be launching their seasons.

We’re expecting more opening day announcements to come soon, so check back for updates — we will add other bars and clubs once they reveal their plans.

For opening date information for bars and clubs located at beaches, see our separate blog post Mykonos beach club openings in 2022.


Bars and party spots open since winter and early spring


Street view photo showing Mosaic restaurant in Mykonos Town

Mosaic restaurant and bar, situated next to Manto Square on the Mykonos Town harbourfront, is open all year and has been hosting parties and special events throughout the winter and early spring. On April 28, it announced on its social media pages that DJ Karr will be playing nightly sets from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m.


Velanos restaurant on Mykonos

Velanos restaurant was a new arrival on Mykonos during the 2021 season. It has stayed open throughout the winter and has hosted numerous parties and special events, including a weekly Sunday Greek Vibes party. It will be holding its last party of the winter on April 10.


Street view of Paloma Bar on Mykonos

Paloma Bar on Kouzi Georgouli Street was open Friday and Saturday nights during winter, and for the summer season will be opening every day from 7 p.m. until 3 a.m., starting on April 21


Petrino Cafe Bar on Mykonos

Petrino Cafe Bar, located in the Klouvas area, opened in January has hosted regular karaoke nights and parties through the winter


El Burro restaurant on Mykonos

During winter,  El Burro Mykonos cafe / bar / restaurant has been open Tuesday through Sundays from 6 to 11 p.m., and has hosted occasional weekend party events with DJ entertainment 


Lovemeze restaurant on Mykonos

Lovemeze restaurant has kept its doors open throughout the off-season, and has hosted regular events featuring live Greek music entertainment


Mykonos Brewing Company

Since March 1, the Mykonos Brewing Company taproom has been open for tours and tastings of its locally-brewed Mikonu craft beers. Located in the Argyraina area (on the road from Mykonos Town to Ano Mera), the taproom is open Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Interior of Promenade Mykonos restaurant and bar

Promenade restaurant and bar, located on the Mykonos Town harbourfront promenade, opened March 4 and has been hosting regular parties with DJs plus special live performances by popular Greek singers and entertainers including Tilemachos Zeis


Street view of Vegera restaurant and bar on Mykonos

Vegera restaurant and bar, located on the Mykonos Town harbour promenade, opened on March 4 and has been hosting weekend parties with live DJ music entertainment





Street view photo of Cosi Bar in Mykonos Town

Cosi Bar opened during the the March 25 to 27 Greek Independence Day holiday weekend. It’s located on Ματθαίου Ανδρόνικου street in the Matogianni shopping and restaurant district. 



Toro loco my bar myconos

During winter, Toro loco my bar myconos on K. Georgouli Street in Mykonos Town has been open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8 p.m.


Wild Cafe Bar on Mykonos

Wild Cafe Bar in Ano Mera was open through the winter, hosting special DJ and live music party events on weekends



April openings and events


Blu Blu Lounge Cafe and Bar on Mykonos

April 1 was opening day for Blu Blu Lounge, Cafe and Sports Bar, located above the Old Port at Mykonos Town


Sunset cocktails at Chillout Lounge Cafe on Mykonos

Sea- and sunset-view Chill Out Lounge Cafe Bar in Mykonos Town started its 2022 season on April 1. 


Galleraki Bar at Little Venice Mykonos

Galleraki bar, located on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town, started its 33rd season on April 2



live Greek music events at Rizes Folklore Farmstead on Mykonos

Every Sunday afternoon, Rizes Folklore Farmstead will present live music entertainment featuring John Grymplas and Babis Amoiridis


180 Sunset Bar on Mykonos

April 12 is opening day for the most popular spot on Mykonos for evening cocktails — 180 Sunset Bar


Scarpa Bar on Mykonos

Thursday April 14 was opening day for Scarpa Bar on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town


Nosostros Lounge and Restaurant at Agios Stefanos beach on Mykonos

April 15 was opening day for Nosostros Lounge & Restaurant at Agios Stefanos beach


JackieO Mykonos Town Bar

JackieO’ Bar returns on Friday April 15. It’s located on the Mykonos Town seafront, just around the corner from the Mykonos Town Hall.


2022 opening day for TYCO Mykonos cocktail bar

Take-away cocktail bar TYCO Mykonos (Take Your Cocktail Out) returns for its third season on April 15


Semeli Bar at the Little Venice seafront on Mykonos

April 15 is opening day for Semeli Bar on the Little Venice seafront 


2022 season opening at Rhapsody Bar on Mykonos

Resident DJ Alexandros Vasilekas will be on the decks for the grand opening night at Rhapsody Bar in Mykonos Town on April 15


Cocktails at Lola Bar on Mykonos

A favourite cocktail bar destination for regular Mykonos visitors, friendly Lola Bar in Mykonos Town starts its season on April 15


April 15 is opening night for Astra nightclub


La Barran Bar on Mykonos summer 2022 opening party

La Barran starts its summer season on Friday April 15. The bar is located on Enoplon Dinameon street in Mykonos Town.



2022 opening day for Baos Cocktail Bar on Mykonos

Saturday April 16 is opening day for Bao’s Cocktail Bar on the Little Venice seafront strip at Mykonos Town


April 19 is opening day for 54 Cocktail Lounge at The TownHouse boutique hotel overlooking Manto Square in Mykonos Town.  The bar will be celebrating the start of its 2022 season with music by DJ George Charalampidis and a live performance by singer Kelly Kaltsi.


Parthenis Cafe on Mykonos

April 20 is opening day for Parthenis Cafe, an outdoor summer lounge at the Parthenis fashion boutique at Alefkandra Square in Mykonos Town. It’s a casually-elegant spot to enjoy cocktails or wine with snacks, light meals, and an eclectic DJ playlist to suit the day’s mood.


Alley cocktail bar in Mykonos Town seen in an image from its social media pages

Alley Cocktail Bar on Mitropoleos Street opens on April 20



Queen of Mykonos, the island’s most famous street bar, returns on April 21 


Bonbonniere Mykonos nightclub in Mykonos Town

Bonbonniere Mykonos nightclub holds its Easter Season Opening Party on Thursday April 21



Negrita bar on Mykonos

April 23 is opening day for Negrita Bar, on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town



Paraga Cafe at Paraga beach on Mykonos

Paraga Cafe at Paraga beach has announced it will start its season on April 29



Social media post announcing nightly DJ sets by Karr at Mosaic Mykonos

Starting April 28, DJ Karr will be playing nightly sets at Mosaic from 10 p.m. til 3 a.m.




May openings and events


DJ Diass schedule of sets on Mykonos in May 2022

DJ Diass will be playing at two Mykonos venues — Noema restaurant and bar in Mykonos Town, and Scorpios beach club at Paraga — during May.


Agrari beach bar at Agrari beach on Mykonos

May 1 is opening day for Agrari Beach Bar at Agrari beach


Skandinavian Bar Mykonos 2022 opening party

Skandinavian Bar holds its opening party on Thursday May 5


the entrance to Noema restaurant on Mykonos

Noema restaurant and bar in Mykonos Town will be celebrating its 2022 season opening on May 6, with live music entertainment by Valeron and a DJ set by Diass.


Omar Dahl music group

Electronic music group Omar Dahl will be playing three shows in Mykonos in May — two at Nōema restaurant (May 25 & 26) and one at Scorpios beach club (May 27). 


JackieO Yacht Club on Mykonos

A new arrival last year, JackieO’ Yacht Club returns for its second season on May 13. It’s situated right next door to JackieO’ Bar on the Mykonos Town seafront.


Aerial view photo of Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Saturday May 14 is opening night for Cavo Paradiso, the most famous party club on Mykonos. It’s located atop the cliffs at the far left side of Paradise beach.


May 14 2022 Cavo Paradiso Mykonos club opening party

Cavo Paradiso holds its 2022 opening party on Saturday May 14 with DJs AnXid, Ioanas Feenstra  and Heavy G on the decks


MYK Boat Party sunset party cruises on Mykonos

May 21 is season opening day MYK Boat Club, which holds 5-hour sunset boat parties with DJs, an open bar and secret swim stops.  See the MYK Boat Club website for full details and booking information.


May 21 2022 Cavo Paradiso Mykonos club party event

DJs Terry and MaPet will play for the second party of the 2022 season at Cavo Paradiso — on Saturday May 21


Scorpios beach club on Mykonos

This is the schedule of music entertainment at Scorpios from May 23 to 29


On Tuesday May 24, Amazon Mykonos Resort & Spa at Agios Ioannis is holding a sunset party at its Splash Pool Bar


The Lio Mykonos cabaret restaurant and bar  is back for its second season starting Thursday May 26 


Felix da Housecat at Lio Mykonos

DJ/Producer Felix Da Housecat will be the special guest for the Lio Mykonos opening party on May 26


Toy Room Club nightclub on Mykonos

May 27 is  the season opening of Toy Room Club in Mykonos Town


May 28 2022 Cavo Paradiso Mykonos club party event

DJs Junior Pappa and Freespirit will be playing for Cavo Paradiso’s third party of 2022 — on Saturday May 28


Adelon Sunset Bar on Mykonos

It has been open since May 22, but Adelon Cocktail and Sunset Bar will hold its grand opening for the season on Saturday May 28.  You’ll find it in the Dexamenes area, just off the perpheral road above Mykonos Town


G Siras and Mark Code at CAvo Paradiso club Mykonos

DJs Argie and Mark Code will be playing at Cavo Paradiso on Tuesday May 31




June openings and events


Tabu Mykonos nightclub logo

June 1 is the anticipated opening night for Tabu Mykonos, a new concept nightclub that will offer guests “a different kind of ambience inspired by Japanese culture.” A summer project of the Tabu London club in Mayfair, it will be located on the Mykonos Town harbourside restaurant strip, at Promenade (which last year hosted a nightclub called Shiba).  Tabu Mykonos is scheduled to open on June 1.


Sanctus club on Mykonos 2022 opening announcement

June 1 is opening night for Sanctus club in Mykonos Town


Heavy G and Marianna at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

DJs Heavy G and Marianna appear at Cavo on June 2


June 4 2022 DJ lineup at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

DJs G. Siras and MaPet will be on the decks at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday June 4


A sketch of the building housing Moni nightclub on Mykonos

Moni nightclub at Agia Moni Square in Mykonos Town will be opening on the first weekend of June



Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos presents Fused

On Tuesday June 7, DJs Ionas Feenstra and AnXid bring their FUSED show to Cavo Paradiso


DJs Freespirit and Terry at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

DJs Freespirit and Terry play at Cavo on June 9


DJ Liva K schedule of appearances at Void club in Mykonos during June 2022

DJ Liva K will be playing at Void club on June 10 — his first of six appearances there during the month of June


DJs Junior Pappa and Agent Greg at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Junior Pappa and Agent Greg are the featured DJ acts appearing at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday June 11


Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos full moon party

On June 14, DJs Argie and Heavy G will play for the Full Moon Party at Cavo Paradiso



DJ event at June 15 2022 Cavo Paradiso Club on Mykonos

MaPet and Mark Code are the featured DJs at Cavo on June 16


June 17 DJs at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

DJs Freespirit and Argie play at Cavo Paradiso on June 17


June 18 DJs at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

FUSED (Djs Ionas Feenstra and AnXid) perform at Cavo on June 18


June 19 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

DJs Terry and Antony PL take over the decks at Cavo on June 19


June 20 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Heavy G and Marianna take over the decks at Cavo Paradiso on Monday June 20


DJs at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos June 21

Cavo Paradiso presents DJs Argie & Terry on June 21


June 22 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

DJs CJ Jeff and Freespirit perform at Cavo on June 22


DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos June 23

Ace2Ace is the headline act at Cavo on June 23


June 24 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Manolaco and Eliios are the headline acts at Cavo on June 24



June 25 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

DJs G Siras and MaPet play at Cavo on June 25


June 26 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Reign of Time and Salin are the headline DJ acts performing at Cavo Paradiso on Sunday June 26


June 27 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Agent Greg and Junior Rush are the featured DJs at Cavo Paradiso on June 27


June 28 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Cavo presents FUSED (DJs Ionas Feenstra and AnXid) on June 28


June 29 DJ show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Ace2Ace returns for another show at Cavo on June 29


June 30 DJ acts at CAvo Paradiso Mykonos

On June 30, Cavo Paradiso presents DJs Dino MFU and Antonis Dimitriadis




July events

DJ Mochakk at Destino Pacha Mykonos

DJ Mochakk will be performing at Destino Pacha Mykonos three times this summer — on July 14 and 21, and on August 23


Bazar by Sasson parties at Destno Pacha Mykonos

Destino Pacha Mykonos presents Bâzâr by Sasson on July 20 and August 9


DJ Benny Benassi at Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos

Benny Benassi plays Cavo Paradiso on Friday July 1. Rivaz also will perform at this event.


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos presents Will Sparks

Will Sparks is the headline act playing at Cavo on July 4


DJ Miss Monique at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

DJ Miss Monique from Ukraine will be the headline act at Cavo Paradiso on Tuesday July 5


DJ Marlo show at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos July 6

MaRLo is the feature act at Cavo Paradiso on July 6


July 7 2022 Vintage Culture party at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Vintage Culture is the headline act at Cavo Paradiso on Thursday July 7


Purple Disco Machine appearance at Cavo Paradiso on Mykonos

Purple Disco Machine is the headline act at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday July 9


Meduza at Cavo Paradiso on Mykonos

Meduza is the featured act at Cavo Paradiso on Sunday July 10


DJ Mamacita at Cavo Paradiso Club on Mykonos

Mamacita will be playing at Cavo on Monday July 11 and will be returning for another gig on Monday August 22



Mathame at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Mathame perform at Cavo on July 12


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos presents Boris Brejcha and Ann Clue

Boris Brejcha will perform at Cavo Paradiso on Thursday July 14. Ann Clue also will be playing for this event.


DJ ACRAZE at Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos

ACRAZE performs at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday July 16


DJ Alesso at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Alesso is feature act at Cavo on Sunday July 17


ARTBAT at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

On Monday July 18, ARTBAT make their first of four summer appearances at Cavo Paradiso. Also in the DJ lineup that night is Patrice Bäumel.


Afrojack at Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos

On Tuesday July 19, Afrojack makes his first of two appearances this summer at Cavo Paradiso. He’ll play the club again on August 5.




NIna Kraviz show at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Nina Kraviz will be the headline act at Cavo on Wednesday July 20


Camelphat at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Camelphat plays at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday July 23


DJ Alesso at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Alesso plays his second gig of the month at Cavo Paradiso on Monday July 25


ARTBAT at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

ARTBAT make their second headline appearance of the summer at Cavo Paradiso on Friday July 29. Also in the DJ lineup for this event are Shall Ocin and Dino Lenny.


DJ Benny Benassi at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Benny Benassi and Rivaz return to Cavo on Saturday July 30


DJ Deborah De Luca at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Deborah De Luca takes over the decks at Cavo on July 31



August events


Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos presents DJ Robin Schulz

Robin Schulz performs at Cavo on August 1


DJ Claptone performs at Destino Pacha Mykonos

Claptone will perform at Destino Pacha Mykonos on August 2


Afrojack at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Afrojack returns to Cavo Paradiso on Friday August 5


ARTBAT at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

On Saturday August 65, ARTBAT headlines at Cavo Paradiso for the third time this summer. Also in the DJ lineup for this event are Magdalena and Argy.


Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos presents DJ Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte De Witte is headline act at Cavo on August 9


Meduza at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

On Thursday August 11, Meduza returns to Cavo Paradiso for the second time this summer


ARTBAT at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

ARTBAT returns to Cavo Paradiso on Sunday August 14. Colyn also will be playing that night.


XLSIOR Mykonos Festival 2022

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid restrictions, the annual XLSIOR Festival returns to Mykonos. The week-long event is set for August 17 to 24 with night and day parties at major venues around the island. Acts and events have not yet been announced.




Cavo Paradiso Mykonos presents David Morales and Hector Romero

David Morales returns to Cavo Paradiso on Saturday August 20 for his birthday celebration. Hector Romero also will be on the decks for this event.



Mamacita at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Mamacita makes a second appearance of the summer at Cavo on Monday August 22


Vintage Culture at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Vintage Culture makes a repeat appearance at Cavo Paradiso on Tuesday August 23


Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos presents DJ Claptone

Claptone performs at Cavo on August 26


DJs Gioli and Assia at Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Gioli and Assia are the featured DJ act at Cavo Paradiso on Saturday August 27


Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos presents DJ Korolova

Korolova is the featured act at Cavo on August 28


Mykonos parties, DJ shows and events in July 2021


Updated  on Saturday July 31




July 31 DJ Agoria at SAnctus club on Mykonos

Agoria will be on the decks at Sanctus on Saturday July 31


DJ Marco Carola at Destino Pacha Mykonos

Marco Carola turns the music on at Destino Pacha Mykonos on Saturday July 31, starting at 4 p.m.


July 31 2021 Void club Mykonos presents Marco Carola

Marco Carola performs his second show of the day on July 31, with an appearance at Void


Valeron & Band at Scorpios club Mykonos

Valeron & Band perform for the Sunset Ritual at Scorpios on Saturday July 31


July 31 2021 Mykonos Art Festival presents Savina Yannatou and Primavera En Salonico

On Saturday July 31, Mykonos Art Festival presents July 31 2021 Mykonos Art Festival presents Savina Yannatou and Primavera En Salonico in concert. The event promises an evening of “songs from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Greece are woven together into a varied musical carpet, combining east and west, contemporary and traditional as well as free improvisation.” The concert takes place at Lakka Theatre, and admission is free.


July 31 2021 Cavo Paradiso club Mykonos show featuring Benny Benassi Rivaz and Terry

Benny Benassi is featured performer at Cavo on Saturday July 31. DJs Rivaz and Terry also will be playing sets for this event.


Tropicana Mykonos presents rudeejay

rudeejay returns to Tropicana on Saturday July 31


July 31 2021 Bordello Mykonos midsummer party

DJ Ludo Erre will play a set during the Bordello Mykonos midsummer party being held Saturday July 31 at Pinky Beach Club


What’s on: Planning to visit Mykonos during July, and wondering what sorts of parties and cultural events will be taking place on the island while you’re there?

Check out page 2 for a list of daily, weekly and regular events.

Page 3 shows events that took place from July 1 to 30, including bar and beach club parties, DJ sets, special dinner party events, live singer performances, art shows, and more.



IT Mykonos DJ schedule July 26 to August 1 2021

This is the calendar of DJ appearances scheduled for July 26 to August 1 at IT Mykonos restaurant and bar



July 26 to August 1 2021 DJ lineup at Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

This is the schedule of DJ acts appearing at Cavo Paradiso club from Monday July 26 to Sunday August 1


July 26 to 31 2021 DJ schedule for Sanctus club on Mykonos

Sanctus club reopens on July 26, and has released this DJ lineup for the week of July 26 to 31

Mykonos Art Festival 2021 program of events for July

This is the program of concerts and theatrical performances being held in July as part of the Mykonos Art Festival 2021.   All the events are free to attend at the locations specified for each event.



Click on the link below to see the day-to-day list of events happening on Mykonos during July.


Pages: 1 2 3

Mykonos events from August to December 2021



Final update on Wednesday December 29


What was on: The 2021 tourist season ended in October for most hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants and shops on Mykonos, but that didn’t mean the island shut down completely for the winter.

More than two dozen restaurants and bars that serve local residents year-round kept their doors open, as usual, while numerous places that normally close by mid-October extended their seasons into November as business from late-season island visitors remained steady.  A few brand-new hangouts even opened up in the post-season to offer fresh options for drinking and dining after the tourist-oriented venues shuttered for the winter. Newcomers Elaion, La Barran, Mosaic, Paloma, Promenade and Velanos were among the bars and restaurants that stayed open into December.

Gala New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day celebrations had been scheduled for several bars and restaurants, but those events were cancelled when the Greek government imposed operating hour restrictions and banned the playing of music — a year-end attempt to control the skyrocketing number of Covid cases caused by the Omicron variant.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 turned out to be a surprisingly good year for Mykonos tourism, producing a huge bump in visitor traffic compared to 2020.  Traffic jams, sold-out hotels, and crowded bars and restaurants during August and September, in particular, gave the impression things were almost back to normal, while October and November saw more tourist arrivals than usual for those months.

Although Omicron put a damper on year-end festivities, tourist-related businesses on Mykonos are optimistic about 2022, since advance bookings for hotels have been strong, as has interest in the island on social media.

What will happen tourism-wise  in 2022 is anybody’s guess, but if infections caused by Omicron peak in winter, and the pandemic begins to burn out by spring, you can expect a robust travel season on Mykonos. The island will be ready for it. Dozens of exciting new hotels, restaurants and bars opened  in 2021 (see our post Mykonos restaurants, bars, clubs & more: What’s new for 2021  for details), while more are in the works for 2022.

Unfortunately for many repeat visitors, however, several popular restaurants and bars won’t be returning in 2022, including Avra, Babylon, Central and Joanna’s Nikos Place (see more on that below).

If you have never been to Mykonos before, but think you might finally make it there in 2022, this post will show you the types of events that take place on the island each summer. Our listing of parties, DJ appearances and cultural events held  from August to December 2021 will give you an idea of what you can expect if you visit during any of those same months in 2022.


Major autumn closing and opening announcements


Closing announcement for Joanna's Niko's Place on Mykonos

Joanna’s Nikos Place, the much-beloved beach taverna at Megali Ammos, is closing its doors permanently. In an announcement shared on social media December 9, owner Joanna Daktilidi broke the news that she is ceasing operations of the taverna after a 30-year run.


Madoupas Meats in Argyraina area of Mykonos

On Saturday December 4, Madoupas Meats opened a new shop in Argyraina — their third outlet on Mykonos — giving visitors another place to stock up on food for their villas, Airbnbs orself-catering holiday accommodation rentals


Babylon Bar on Mykonos

2021 has been the final season of operations for Babylon Bar. In a social media post on November 29, club owners Jose & Stratos announced that, “after 13 years full of happiness, pride, and entertainment, the time has come for Babylon Mykonos to put an end to a ride that will always be in our hearts for years to come.”


Avara Restaurant on Mykonos

It’s the end of an era: The elegant fine dining Avra Restaurant is closing permanently after 22 years of operations. Owners Nikos Iliopoulos and Sarah Pearson announced the news in a November 23 post on Facebook, stating: “we have felt blessed to be part of an incredible magical Mykonos era that many of us feel is unfortunately now fading fast. We hope we have made everlasting memories for your times in Mykonos and… well… perhaps … we may be back to make more.”


5x5 Multiplex restaurant at Ornos Mykonos

5×5 Multiplex is a new restaurant that opened in Ornos in mid-November. Open every day except Monday from 7 a.m. until midnight, it’s a casual go-to spot for coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch, crepes, waffles, burgers, souvlaki and more. You’ll find it across from the athletic stadium along the road from Korfos to Agios Ioannis


The interior of Elaion Mykonos restaurant on Mykonos

Mykonos residents and visitors have a new place to dine out during the winter — the Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar Elaion Mykonos has just opened in the Vougli district of the island (in the premises formerly occupied by Taverna Kandavlos).  If the name Elaion sounds familiar, that’s because the restaurant is owned by the same people who operate the Elaion restaurant on nearby Syros island. According to the Elaion Mykonos page on Facebook, the restaurant is open daily from 2 p.m. until midnight.


La Taverna Greka seen in an image shared on social media by Maria Kavalari

There’s a new place to enjoy a good Greek food meal in the heart of Mykonos Town this winter. La Taverna Greka moved into the Mother Earth restaurant space in late summer, and will be offering traditional Greek dishes at reasonable prices from 12:30 in the afternoon until 10:30 at night. You’ll find the taverna tucked into a lane beside the ALIS fashion boutique on Mitropoleos street.


Rizes Folklore Farmstead on Mykonos seen in an image from its social media pages

Rizes Folklore Farmstead originally had announced its end of season closure on October 31, but subsequently decided to open its restaurant on weekends throughout the winter “to keep you company with Mykonian flavors.” Rizes will operate on Fridays from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturdays from noon to 9 p.m., and Sundays also from noon to 9 p.m.


Mykonos Brewing Company taproom

 Mykonos Brewing Company, makers of the island’s Mikonu craft beers,  will be open on weekdays during the winter. From November through March, the brewery will be open to visitors on Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Bistrot de Nicolas Mykonos seen in a photo from the restaurants social media pages

Bistrot De Nicolas, located on the highway to Ano Mera, will be open throughout the winter. Its days and hours of operation will be Thursday to Saturday from 6 p.m. until midnight, and Sundays from 1.30 p..m. to 8.30 p.m. The restaurant recommends booking reservations by telephone at: +30 22890 71361


Interior of Mosaic MSC Mykonos seen in an image from the restaurants social media pages

 Mosaic MSC restaurant at Manto Square in Mykonos Town launched its winter season on Friday October 15


The logo for Central cafe on Mykonos

 Central cafe has announced that, after 8 years of operations, it will soon be closing permanently. The news — posted on social media on November 16 — said the restaurant will remain open “until the holidays and somewhere there before Christmas to say goodbye.”


Autumn Cultural Events


Robert McCabe photo exhibition on Mykonos autumn 2021

Exhibition of Mykonos photos from the 1950s by Robert McCabe

“The Island that seduced the world — Mykonos in the 50s” is an exhibition of images by noted American photographer Robert McCabe, who first visited Greece in the 1950s and captured portraits of local residents and scenery on subsequent multiple trips to the island and elsewhere in the Aegean.  Exhibits of McCabe’s fascinating photos are on display in two places: from August 1 to October 31 at the archaeological site in the Mykonos Kastro (next to the iconic Paraportiani Church), and from August 4 to December 31 at the Mykonos Archaeological Museum above the Old Port.   



Please click on a link below to see events that took place during specific months of 2021.

Page 2 lists events, openings and season closings during November and December.

Page 3 shows events and season closings during September and October.

Page 4 lists parties and cultural events that happened in August.


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Lesvos island stars in Dutch singer’s music video


Danielle van Doorn filmed the video to her inspirational song Fly at Molyvos, Petra and other places on Lesvos island


Scenic backup: Lesvos island plays a co-starring role in Fly, a pop music video released this month (April 2020) by talented young Dutch singer/songwriter Danielle van Doorn.

The beautiful town of Molyvos, the historic Molyvos Castle, Petra village and numerous inland and coastal locations on Lesvos provide scenic backdrops for the 3.5-minute video which van Doorn made as a posthumous birthday gift for Justin G. Valk, who produced the studio recording of the song prior to his death two years ago from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Known professionally as JRedsun, Valk also produced van Doorn’s 2017 single, Leave Me Alone.

We recognized several of the video filming locations since we stayed in Molyvos and visited Petra and other places  during our first-ever trip to Lesvos in spring 2019, but I’m sure many more sites shown in the clip will be familiar to regular island visitors.

If you haven’t been to Lesvos before, the video will give you glimpses of some of the pretty town, coast and landscape scenery that await your discovery on this truly wonderful East Aegean isle.

Mykonos parties and special events during winter 2018



La Rosticceria restaurant Mykonos

Saxophonist Giuseppe Fabris will be performing live jazz, chill, blues and other music styles during five evening appearances at La Rosticceria in March 


~ Updated on Wednesday March 28 ~


Off-season entertainment: Judging from questions posted to online travel sites, as well as messages I’ve been receiving in recent weeks, there is increasing interest in wintertime travel to Mykonos. 

Although most travellers accept that the weather won’t be favourable for beach activities and swimming, and realize that very few tourist-related shops, bars, restaurants and hotels will be open in winter, they seem more concerned about whether there will be any kind of nightlife to keep them occupied after a day of exploring Mykonos Town or taking hikes or drives around the island.



Contrary to what many people believe, there are parties on Mykonos in winter — after all, people who live on the island year-round do like to get out for a good time on occasion, too.  Unlike in summer, however, the winter nightlife is quite low-key, with parties taking place at only a few restaurants, cafes and bars that feature evenings with live Greek singers and bands or music provided by local DJs (many of whom also play at the island’s most popular clubs during the main “party months”of July and August). Events generally take place on weekends, typically between Thursday evening and Sunday night.

If you might be dropping by Mykonos this winter, check the party listing on page 2 of this post to see if anything special is happening during your travel dates.


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Major music and party events in Greece during summer 2018


Matala music festival 2018

The Matala Beach Festival has been drawing tens of thousands of music enthusiasts to Crete each summer, and this year’s event takes place June 22 to 24 at Matala — the legendary beach where hippies lived in caves during the 1960s and 70s. Follow the Matala Beach Festival page on Facebook to receive information about this year’s event when details are announced.


Parties in paradise: Music lovers looking to combine fun in the sun and sea with live music and DJ events can choose from several high-profile festivals being held at various locations in Greece again this summer.

So far, dates have been announced for four major events that will draw thousands of music fans to some of the most popular islands in Greece this summer — Crete, Ios, Mykonos and Rhodes.

They include the annual Matala Beach Festival on Crete, the Swedish Midsummer Festival on Ios, the Lindos Rock event on Rhodes, and the XLSIOR Festival on Mykonos.

I will update this post when the dates and locations of additional major music and party events are announced.

Check the links provided under each promotional image for further information and updates about those specific events.


Lindos Rock music event

The Lindos Rock live music event will be held from June 20 to 30 in Lindos village on Rhodes. Check the Rockers Reunited webpage for further details about participating acts and ticket sales.





Swedish Midsummer Festival 2018

One of the most popular party events on Ios island every year is the Swedish Midsummer Festival, which in 2018 will take place on Friday June 22.  Check the Life is a Beach Party website for further details and announcements.


XLSIOR Mykonos Festival

Attracting more than 30,000 gay and gay-friendly participants, XLSIOR Festival is the biggest annual party on Mykonos, and will take place from August 22 to 29 in 2018. Exclusive themed DJ events will be held every afternoon and night of the festival at venues in Mykonos Town and at the island’s top party beaches. See the XLSIOR Festival website for information about tickets and events.

Mykonos parties and events from September to December 2017


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos September DJ lineup

Cavo Paradiso’s DJ roster for September, including its closing week parties September 20, 22 and 23


~ Updated on Tuesday December 26 ~


While September’s arrival is a sign that summer is winding down, that doesn’t mean the party scene is finished on Mykonos. Although Madon ended its season during the last week of August, many bars and clubs are still going strong. It’s also a great time for major cultural events, including the Mykonos Biennale and the Mykonos Multimedia Festival, both taking place the first week of the month.

Although some venues will start to close up shop over the course of September, many bars in Mykonos Town will remain open throughout the month and into the first half of October, while some of the beach clubs will also stay in operation until at least early October.

You’ll find a day-by-day list of September and October parties below and continuing on page 2 of this post. Please note that most events for October entertainment events will not be released until closer to that month. This post will be updated whenever party details are released.

If you want to see what the party scene was like on Mykonos during earlier months this year, click here.


Nammos Mykonos concert for Adha Eid September 1

On Friday September 1, singers Antonis Remos, Ragheb Alama and Mustafa Sandal will perform in concert at Nammos in celebration of the Kurban Bayrami feast for Eid el-Adha. Also in the entertainment lineup for the evening is world-renowned belly dancer Oryantal Didem .


Mykonos biennale 2017

The 2017 Mykonos Biennale — a festival celebrating art, dance, music and short film — takes place September 1 to 5 at locations around the island. 


Mykonos Multimedia Festival 2017

Another major cultural event on the island this month is the Mykonos Multimedia Festival 2017, featuring multimedia performances, interactive installations and Internet art. It’s being held at the Sefanos Syrioti Hall on Meletopoulou Street each evening from September 1 to 3.


180 Sunset Bar Mykonos party event

180 Sunset Bar hosts the Mykonos White Party on Friday September 1


Tropicana club Mykonos party event

On Friday September 1 and Saturday September 2, Tropicana beach club is holding special parties to welcome the arrival of September and to celebrate Eid al-Adha


Cavo Paradiso Mykonos presents Claptone

Claptone and Valeron play Cavo Paradiso on Friday September 1. See page 2 for a list of other events being held at the club this month


VOID club Mykonos hip hop party

VOID‘s Hip Hop Nights continue on Friday September 1 with DJ Robbin Jefferson and DJ Hulk on the decks





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