April openings

Blu Blu Lounge Cafe and Bar on Mykonos

April 1 was opening day for Blu Blu Lounge, Cafe and Sports Bar, located above the Old Port at Mykonos Town


Sunset cocktails at Chillout Lounge Cafe on Mykonos

Sea- and sunset-view Chill Out Lounge Cafe Bar in Mykonos Town started its 2022 season on April 1. 


Galleraki Bar at Little Venice Mykonos

Galleraki bar, located on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town, started its 33rd season on April 2



180 Sunset Bar on Mykonos

April 12 is opening day for the most popular spot on Mykonos for evening cocktails — 180 Sunset Bar


Scarpa Bar on Mykonos

Thursday April 14 was opening day for Scarpa Bar on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town


Nosostros Lounge and Restaurant at Agios Stefanos beach on Mykonos

April 15 was opening day for Nosostros Lounge & Restaurant at Agios Stefanos beach


JackieO Mykonos Town Bar

JackieO’ Bar returns on Friday April 15. It’s located on the Mykonos Town seafront, just around the corner from the Mykonos Town Hall.


2022 opening day for TYCO Mykonos cocktail bar

Take-away cocktail bar TYCO Mykonos (Take Your Cocktail Out) returns for its third season on April 15


Semeli Bar at the Little Venice seafront on Mykonos

April 15 is opening day for Semeli Bar on the Little Venice seafront 


2022 season opening at Rhapsody Bar on Mykonos

Resident DJ Alexandros Vasilekas will be on the decks for the grand opening night at Rhapsody Bar in Mykonos Town on April 15


Cocktails at Lola Bar on Mykonos

A favourite cocktail bar destination for regular Mykonos visitors, friendly Lola Bar in Mykonos Town starts its season on April 15


April 15 is opening night for Astra nightclub



Interior of La Barran Bar on Mykonos

La Barran starts its summer season on Friday April 15. The bar is located on Enoplon Dinameon street in Mykonos Town.


2022 opening day for Baos Cocktail Bar on Mykonos

Saturday April 16 is opening day for Bao’s Cocktail Bar on the Little Venice seafront strip at Mykonos Town


April 19 is opening day for 54 Cocktail Lounge at The TownHouse boutique hotel overlooking Manto Square in Mykonos Town.  The bar will be celebrating the start of its 2022 season with music by DJ George Charalampidis and a live performance by singer Kelly Kaltsi.


Parthenis Cafe on Mykonos

April 20 is opening day for Parthenis Cafe, an outdoor summer lounge at the Parthenis fashion boutique at Alefkandra Square in Mykonos Town. It’s a casually-elegant spot to enjoy cocktails or wine with snacks, light meals, and an eclectic DJ playlist to suit the day’s mood.


Alley cocktail bar in Mykonos Town seen in an image from its social media pages

Alley Cocktail Bar on Mitropoleos Street opens on April 20



Queen of Mykonos, the island’s most famous street bar, returns on April 21 


Bonbonniere Mykonos nightclub in Mykonos Town

Bonbonniere Mykonos nightclub holds its Easter Season Opening Party on Thursday April 21


Negrita bar on Mykonos

April 23 is opening day for Negrita Bar, on the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town



Paraga Cafe at Paraga beach on Mykonos

Paraga Cafe at Paraga beach has announced it will start its season on April 29



Social media post announcing nightly DJ sets by Karr at Mosaic Mykonos

Starting April 28, DJ Karr will be playing nightly sets at Mosaic from 10 p.m. til 3 a.m.




May openings


Agrari beach bar at Agrari beach on Mykonos

May 1 is opening day for Agrari Beach Bar at Agrari beach


Skandinavian Bar Mykonos 2022 opening party

Skandinavian Bar holds its opening party on Thursday May 5


the entrance to Noema restaurant on Mykonos

Noema restaurant and bar in Mykonos Town will be celebrating its 2022 season opening on May 6, with live music entertainment by Valeron and a DJ set by Diass.



JackieO Yacht Club on Mykonos

A new arrival last year, JackieO’ Yacht Club returns for its second season on May 13. It’s situated right next door to JackieO’ Bar on the Mykonos Town seafront.


Aerial view photo of Cavo Paradiso club on Mykonos

Saturday May 14 was opening night for Cavo Paradiso, the most famous party club on Mykonos. It’s located atop the cliffs at the far left side of Paradise beach. The opening party featured DJs AnXid, Ioanas Feenstra  and Heavy G.


MYK Boat Party sunset party cruises on Mykonos

May 21 is season opening day MYK Boat Club, which holds 5-hour sunset boat parties with DJs, an open bar and secret swim stops.  See the MYK Boat Club website for full details and booking information.





Guzel Garden bar on Mykonos

Guzel Garden bar and lounge at Agias Kyriakis Square reopens May 25



The Lio Mykonos cabaret restaurant and bar returned for its second season starting Thursday May 26.  DJ/Producer Felix Da Housecat was the special guest for the opening party.



Toy Room Club nightclub on Mykonos

May 27 is  the season opening of Toy Room Club in Mykonos Town





Adelon Sunset Bar on Mykonos

 May 22 was opening day for Adelon Cocktail and Sunset Bar in the Dexamenes area, just off the peripheral road above Mykonos Town. The bar opens daily at 6 p.m.




June openings


Tabu Mykonos nightclub logo

June 1 was opening night for Tabu Mykonos, a new concept nightclub offering guests “a different kind of ambience inspired by Japanese culture.” A summer project of the Tabu London club in Mayfair, it is located on the Mykonos Town harbourside restaurant strip, at Promenade (which last year hosted a nightclub called Shiba in the same party space).  


June 2 3 4 5 opening weekend announcement for The Sanctuary Mykonos

Thursday June 2 through Sunday June 5 is opening weekend for the island’s new soul-soothing retreat and open-air entertainment center,  The Sanctuary Mykonos. It’s a restaurant, lounge, bar, rituals, music and events venue situated at an old fishing settlement near the eastern end of Ftelia beach.  (The site was home to Farma House DJ events last year, and to the former Farma farm to table restaurant before that.) Open daily from 6 p.m., The Sanctuary Mykonos offers a “social and soulful dining experience” at its restaurant, whose menu features Mediterranean, fusion and sushi dishes. Besides its curated music events, the sanctuary offers body- and soul-nurturing rituals including yoga kundalini, chanting and mindfulness meditation, shamanic drums, sound healing, fire rituals, moon rituals, tarot readings and more.


Sanctus club on Mykonos

Sanctus holds its season opening party on Saturday June 4 with music by DJs Marcus Worgull and Sammer 


A sketch of the building housing Moni nightclub on Mykonos

Moni nightclub at Agia Moni Square in Mykonos Town opened on the first weekend of June. The club’s roster of resident DJs will include:  Gregory, Nick Morgan, and Mimi Djo & Fackinyoma of the DJ/producer duo Mimi & FY



Guzel nightclub on Mykonos

June 10 is opening night for Guzel nightclub on the Mykonos Town harbourfront


June 10 2022 season opening announcement for Void club on Mykonos


June 10 was opening night for Void club


JackieO Yacht Club on Mykonos

On Sunday June 12, JackieO’ Yacht Club in Mykonos Town celebrates its season grand opening with a special DJ set by Melvo Baptiste


The Garden of Mykonos sea ans sunset view lounge seen in a photo from its social media pages

Thursday June 16 was opening day for The Garden of Mykonos sea- and sunset-view cocktail lounge


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