Bayview at Santa Marina Beach party poster

Even high-end hotels like the Santa Marina Resort & Villas at Ornos beach know how to throw a good party. The Sushi Samba Night at the resort’s BayView Beach Restaurant & Bar featured DJ Mr V-Poz plus a live samba performance


Ornos beach

Santa Marina Resort: Parties at Ornos? No, I’m not kidding. Ornos is probably best known as one of the top family-oriented beaches on Mykonos, but that doesn’t mean the resort area is a dead zone after dark. This summer, the exclusive Santa Marina Resort & Villas is bringing in DJs to spin at four major events, starting with its Sushi Samba Night on July 19. That’s followed by the Full Moon White Party on July 22, with DJ Mitchlj from St Tropez taking charge of the tunes, by the 1000 +1 Nights event with live performances on July 26, and by Mykonos ♥ St Barth party on August 3, with DJ Jacques Dumas from St Barth. Then, on August 10, the Mykonos Mystique Beach Party will feature a special DJ set by Alexandros Christopoulos.


Santa Marina Resort Mykonos party event

This poster for the July 22 Full Moon White Party appears on the events calendar for the BayView Beach Restaurant & Bar at the Santa Marina Resort.


1000+1 Nights event promotional poster for BayView Beach Restaurant & Bar at the Santa Marina resort Mykonos

The promotional flyer for the July 26 1000 + 1 Nights event at the BayView


Santa Marina Resort Mykonos party event

Guest DJ Jacques Dumas from St Barth will headline the BayView’s Mykonos ♥ St Barth party on August 3


Santa Marina Resort Mykonos party event

Alexandros Christopoulos plays a set at the August 10 Mystique Beach Party at the BayView Beach Restaurant and Bar


 Kalo Livadi beach

Solymar: The trendy Solymar Restaurant and Beach Bar at Kalo Livadi beach hosts occasional evening events during peak tourist season. It got the ball rolling on June 22 with its Sun:Set Beach Party, featuring Alexandros Christopoulos, and has additional events set for July 19 with DJs The BB Girls, July 28 with Greek Laika and pop singer Yiorgos Mazonakis, and July 29 with pop singer Sakis Rouvas.


Solymar restaurant Mykonos

From the Solymar Restaurant and Beach Bar Facebook page, a promotional poster for its July 19 BB Girls event


Solymar beach bar Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Greek pop singer Yiorgos Mazanakis will rock Solymar on July 28


Solymar beach bar Kalo Livadi Mykonos

Also from the Solymar Facebook page, a promotional image for the July 29 beach party starring Greek pop singer Sakis Rouvas.


Promotional poster for Solymar restaurant's Black Coffee party August 2 2013

Poster for Solymar’s Black Coffee party August 2, featuring DJ Angelo


Solymar restaurant and beach bar Kalo Livadi beach Mykonos party poster

From the Solymar Facebook page, a promotional image for the August 11 afternoon beach party hosted by Doors and featuring DJ Andre


Panormos beach

 Adva: Summer parties kicked off at Panormos beach back on June 1 when Adva Bar Restaurant held its Chilling Cocktails party with Panos Gesoulis spinning the tunes.  He returned twice more that month, for Balearic Sounds by the Beach on June 22, plus another Chilling Cocktails on June 29. Adva hosted the Nikos Halkousis Non Stop Mix party on June 23, and brought Gesoulis back on July 6 for Mykonos Summer Calling. Gesoulis will be there again on July 20 for Sounds of Mykonos.

 Guilty Beach: The “new kid on the block” at Panormos, Guilty Beach is a sophisticated seafood restaurant, champagne bar and party venue with sun decks and a swimming pool. Its resident DJs spin lounge and chilled house music during the day, switching things up with disco edits and deep house when the sun starts going down. Guilty Beach also hosts weekly theme parties, poolside “Deep Sunset Parties” that start at 16:00 with house DJs Fuse and Alex Nude, and “alternative special Sundays” with music from 18:00 until the sun sets. The club holds special events with live musical acts, as well. On June 23, Manos Kagias and his band presented Greek Music in the Air, while on June 24 the High on Heels “all-female music collective” of DJs, vocalists and musicians took to the stage. The next main event is an afternoon special guest DJ appearance by Sharam Jey at 16:00 on July 20.

 Panormos Beach Bar: Also holding special events from time to time is Panormos Beach Bar & Restaurant. On June 23 it threw a Full Moon Party complete with BBQs and bonfires on the beach, while on June 28 it hosted its first summer Latin Dance Party. Another Latin Dance Party is scheduled for Friday July 16 from 16:00 to 20:00. It’s an event organized by the Mykonos Latin and Ballroom Group.


 This is Guilty Beach’s 2013 promotional video from YouTube


Adva beach bar Panormos Mykonos

From the Adva Bar Restaurant Facebook page, an advertisement for the July 20 Sounds of Mykonos party featuring music by Panos Gesoulis


Guilty Beach club Panormos beach Mykonos

From the Guilty Beach Facebook page, a promotional poster for the July 20 special DJ appearance by Sharam Jey 


Manos Kagias and his band at Guilty Beach Mykonos

Manos Kagias and his band presented their Greek Music in the Air party at Guilty Beach on June 23


Fashion Angels summer party at Guilty Beach

From the Guilty Beach Facebook page, a promotional poster for the August 4 Fashion Angels’ Summer Party


Latin Dance Party poster for Panormos beach bar & restaurant Mykonos

From the Panormos beach bar Facebook page, a promotional image for the July 26 Latin Dance Party, an event by the Mykonos Latin and Ballroom Group.


Panormos beach bar Latin Dance Party event

Panormos beach bar promotional poster for its June 28 Latin Dance Party

   Panormos Beach Bar  Mykonos

 On June 23, Panormos Beach Bar held a Full Moon Party with beach bonfires


Panormos beach bar restaurant Mykonos August 11 2013 beach party

From the Panormos beach bar & restaurant Facebook page, a promotional poster for the August 10 2013 afternoon Femme Fatale party


Paraga beach

 Kalua:  On the right-hand side of Paraga beach,  Kalua Bar-Restaurant has been living up to its motto — Every day is a beach party! — for a full decade. Kalua launched its 2013 lineup on June 23 bash with a big 10th anniversary celebration. Ionas Feenstra got the birthday party warmed up for star DJs Agent Greg and Dino MFU. A late afternoon party on June 28 featured Kalua’s resident DJ Nick Aggelidis followed by Australian DJ 15grams, while on July 5 Dino MFU and Ioanas Feenstra were back for another beach bash. Agent Greg headlined another afternoon event on July 12. Next up is Alumbra, starting at 17:00 on July 20.

 Sueño: Over on the left side of Paraga, Sueño Cocktail Pool Bar started its regular series of sizzling summer events with an opening party that started in the early afternoon on May 24. It followed that on June 9 with Mykonian Greek Nights, and on June 10 debuted the daily happy hours that will continue until September 30. The happy hours take place from 15:00 to 18:00 and feature beverage specials including €3 domestic beer and house wine, and €6 frozen cocktails.  Sueno celebrated its official opening with a June 22 party headlined by Micheli Manolaco and Kostis Christakis, threw House Pool Parties on June 16 and 24, and held a Wet ‘n Dry Pool Party on July 6 with back-to-back sets by George GK Apsis and Markos Kontizas (aka Mark Code). DJ Agent Greg appeared on July 12, while the big Alumbra party event on July 20 features DJs Simon Digby, Steve Bleas,  Denn Francisco and Henrique from the Alumbra club in Melbourne, Australia. DJ Kas will spin on July 28 and Tony Loreto will headline on July 31.

 Kalua Bar Restaurant Rovis Brothers party July 26

From the Kalua Facebook page, a promotional flyer for the July 26 appearance by the Rovis Brothers. The part starts at 17:00 with warm-up beats by resident DJs Nick Aggelidis and Kostas Kavalakis


July 20 Alumbra party poster for Kalua bar Paraga beach Mykonos

From the Kalua Bar-Restaurant Facebook page, a promotional image for the July 20 “Mykonos meets Melbourne” party headlined by four DJs from the Alumbra club in Melbourne, Australia


July 12 Agent Greg DJ event poster for Kalua Bar Mykonos

Promotional flyers for Kalua’s July 12 party featuring DJ Agent Greg in his second appearance at the beach bar so far this summer


 Above is the official 2013 promotional video for Sueño Pool Bar Click on the image to play the clip.


 Above is a promotional video showing the acts scheduled to make special appearances at Sueño Pool Bar this summer. Click the image to play the clip.


 Boot Slap party flyer for Sueno Pool Bar at Paraga beach Mykonos

Mark Code will warm up the crowd for the July 21 show by Boot Slap


 Christian Cambas promotional poster for July 27 party at Sueno Pool Bar Mykonos

From the Sueño Cocktail Pool Bar Facebook page, a promotional flyer for the July 27  appearance by Christian Cambas


 Sueno Pool Bar promotional poster for Manolaco appearance August 15

 Manolaco makes another appearance at Sueño on August 15


Sueno Pool Bar poster for July 20 appearance by Siopsis

 Siopsis headlined Sueño’s July 20 pool party


Promotional poster for Wet n Dry party at Sueno Pool Bar Mykonos

Paraga got wet ‘n wild with Sueño’s Wet n Dry Pool Party on July 6


Psarou beach

 Nammos: Even upscale Psarou beach turns into a party zone a few times each summer when the über-chic Nammos by the Sea restaurant and bar brings in some top-name live entertainment. The club’s first bash was back on June 23 with DJ Anthony Bassoulou from Skybar in Beirut. Next up is an appearance by Greek Laiko singer Antonis Remos on July 21, while on July 27 Nammos will host DJ Vassili Tsili Christos.  There’s a limited number of tables available for the Remos concert, and reservations are required. There will be free admission for the July 27 party headlined by Vassili Tsili Christos, with bars, tables and sofas set up on the beach to comfortably accommodate the crowds. Reservations are required for those who would prefer a table inside the restaurant during this event.

 Antonis Remos appearance at Nammos Mykonos July 21

From the Nammos Restaurant Facebook page, a promotional flyer for the July 21 live performance by Greek singer Antonis Remos.


Nammos restaurant Mykonos poster for July 27 annual summer party

DJ Vassili Tsili Christos will spin at Nammos on July 27


Anthony Bassoulou performed at Nammos Mykonos on June 23

DJ Anthony Bassoulou from Beirut’s Skybar headlined the first summer party at Nammos back on June 23


 Nammos Psarou beach Mykonos promotional poster for Goldsingers party August 10 2013

Promotional poster for Nammos’ August 10 party featuring the Goldsingers and pole dancers from Sydney


Amr Diab performance at Nammos restaurant at Psarou beach Mykonos

Eyptian pop singer/composer Amr Diab will appear at Nammos on August 17.  The limited-seating gala event features a meal including spicy crab tartar salad, mushroom salad and prawn tempura for appetizers and starters, and a main course of rib eye steak with red wine sauce & mirin sauce. A dessert will also be served. Tickets cost €220 per person (alcoholic beverages not included.)


Beachgoers don’t need a special event to have a good time at Nammos. This videoclip, from the Nammos Facebook page, shows a flashmob that erupted in front of the restaurant in midafternoon on June 17. Click on the image to play the video.


 Super Paradise beach

Jackie O’ Beach: There’s a new place to drink, dine and party at Super Paradise this summer — the Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant, which I profiled in a July 2 2013 post.  Situated on the hill at the far right end of Super Paradise, Jackie O’ Beach is a sophisticated “sister” to the original Jackie O’ gay bar on the Mykonos Town seafront. The beach property, which welcomes gay and gay-friendly visitors alike, boasts a restaurant, bar, oyster bar, swimming pool and jacuzzi, a Sotiris shop and even a church. The club features drag shows and live entertainment performances every day starting at 18:30, and on July 22 will host a Full Moon Jazz Night starring saxophonist Dimitri Vassilakis.

 Pinky Beach: The middle section of Super Paradise is where you’ll find Pinky Beach, a chic restaurant and bar that serves champagne and cocktails as well as Greek and Italian cuisine. This summer, Pinky Beach is also serving up sax on the beach, with daily performances by Greek saxophonist Sotiris Tatsis, commencing at 17:00.

 Super Paradise: Things get wildest at the left side of the beach where the Super Paradise beach club has been party central for years. The club kicked off the tourist season with its opening party on April 30, and has been packing the place with sun- and fun-seekers  every day since. On June 23 it held a big afternoon bash with DJ Vasilis Koutonias, and on July 18 held the Tommy Vee and Mauro Ferrucci Back2Back release party. Super Paradise also offers a new way to get to the club and beach this summer. Since no bus service is provided to the area, visitors had to use their own transportation, take a taxi or ride one of the shuttle boats from Platis Gialos or Ornos. This season there’s another option — a minibus transfer offered hourly from the Old Port, between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. each day.


Above is the official Super Paradise Beach promotional video for 2013. Click on the image to play and view the video.


Entertainer Gyzel performing at Jackie O' Beach at Super Paradise Mykonos

Entertainer Gyzel performs live on the Jackie O’ Beach Club pool terrace in this photo posted on the Jackie O’ Bar Facebook group page


Daily live entertainment at Jackie O' Beach Mykonos

Drag shows and live entertainment are offered daily on the swimming pool terrace at Jackie O’ Beach. This photo was posted on the Jackie O’ Bar Facebook group page by club co-owner Carsten Stehr.


 Jackie O' Beach Club Mykonos Full Moon Jazz Night July 22

Saxophone player Dimitri Vassilakis will entertain during the Jackie O’ Beach Club’s Full Moon Jazz Night on July 22


 Saxophonist Sotiris Tatsis performing at Pinky Beach Mykonos

This poster, from the Pinky Beach Facebook page,  promotes the daily live saxophone performances by Sotiris Tatsis


Sotiris Tatsis performing at Pinky Beach restaurant and bar Mykonos

This photo from Sotiris Tatsis’s Facebook page shows the popular saxophonist entertaining a group at Pinky Beach


 Super Paradise beach Mykonos minibus transfer service

New for 2013 is an hourly transfer service to Super Paradise beach from the Old Port area in Mykonos Town


Super Paradise Playmen Lick It Party poster

From the Super Paradise Facebook page, a promotional poster for the Playment Lick It Party that starts at 14:30



Super Paradise Beach Mykonos June 23 afternoon beach party poster

The June 23 afternoon beach party featured DJ Vasilis Koutonias



Super Paradise beach club party on July 18 2013

From the Super Paradise Facebook page, a promotional poster for the July 18 Back2Back release party starring Tommy Vee and Mauro Ferrucci


Paradise beach

 Tropicana: The premier daytime beach party venue on Mykonos is the Tropicana Beach Bar, where afternoon beach bashes complete with dancing on tables and bars have been a world-famous tradition for years. That tradition continues again in 2013, where truckloads of champagne ensure that the parties get wet and bubbly.

Guapaloca: You could catch a strong Latin fever if you drop by the Guapaloca dance bar and club between 15:00 and 19:00. That’s when host Jefferson Luiz presents a Latin and Brazilian dance show, complete with lessons teaching the basic steps of bachata, salsa, merengue, samba and funky Brazil. There’s also a daily happy hour from 15:00 to 18:00, with a 2-for-the-price-of-1 cocktail special, plus a body painting party every night.

Paradise Club: Back in 2004, two Germans — Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel — paid a visit to Mykonos and threw some successful parties at various venues on the island. When they learned that a beach shack and pool bar called the Paradise Club was up for sale at Paradise beach, they snapped it up and set about creating one of the world’s top beach party venues. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, Paradise Club is a mammoth facility that can hold 5,000, including 3,000 on outdoor terraces, 1,000 in a VIP beach bar and 1,000 on  VIP balcony areas. The dance floor alone can fit 600 people.  See the Paradise Club Facebook page for information on the long line of top DJs who will be performing at the club right up until the big closing party on September 15. Cavo Paradiso: Another massive and world-famous party venue is celebrating a big anniversary at Paradise beach this year. Cavo Paradiso, the cavernous party palace on the hill above the left side of Paradise beach, has turned 20. Club creator and owner Nikos Daktylides is marking the occasion by presenting big-name DJ events every night between June 21 and September 14.  The Cavo Paradiso Facebook page includes an events section with information about parties up to August 3; see below for a copy of the performance schedule to August 28 and continue checking the club’s website and Facebook page for updates. See the Be-At TV Facebook page to view a 30-minute segment of the July 18 Cavo Paradiso set by Nicky Romero.


Above is the official 2013 promotional video for Guapaloca Mykonos


Tropicana Club Mykonos afternoon party photo

Dancing on tables and bars is part of the daily beach party fun, as this photo from the Tropicana Mykonos Facebook page shows


Tropicana Club Mykonos party scene

This photo, also from the Tropicana Facebook page, shows the July 11 afternoon party crowd at the club


Guapaloca Mykonos Brazilian dance parties

Jefferson Luiz hosts Brazilian dance shows and lessons every day at Guapaloca, where beachgoers can also enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails during afternoon happy hours


Guapaloca Mykonos Brazilian dance party

This photo from the Guapaloca Facebook page shows Jefferson Luiz leading one of the club’s afternoon Brazilian dance parties


Paradise Club Mykonos July 21 party poster

From the Paradise Club Facebook page, a promotional flyer for the July 21 party featuring Above & Beyond, Stafford Brothers and Papa Smurf


Paradise Club Mykonos event calendar 2013

The Paradise Club 2013 special event calendar


Above is the official 2013 promotional video for Cavo Paradiso


Steven Angello promotional poster for Cavo Paradiso party July 21

From the Cavo Paradiso Facebook page, a promotional poster for the July 21 event starring Steve Angello


The 20th anniversary special event lineup for Cavo Paradiso Club on Mykonos

The 2013 special event schedule celebrating Cavo Paradiso‘s 20th anniversary. Click on the image to view a full-size version.


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