Good eats on Andros island


Agia Marina Taverna Andros

 Mastrozannes Restaurant at Agia Marina beach — where we enjoyed fabulous views with the two best dinners of our Andros visit


Memorable meals: We ate exceptionally well during our first-ever trip to Andros last spring, feasting on delicious Greek cuisine at every restaurant where we dined. At almost all of the establishments, either the settings and ambience, or the views, were as impressive and memorable as the meals. As a lucky bonus, we were treated to excellent food as well as particularly remarkable locations, views and atmosphere at two of the restaurants.

This was the case with our favourite place to eat on Andros —  Mastrozannes Restaurant near Batsi — where we ate dinner two nights in a row on the taverna’s spacious open-air terrace beside Agia Marina beach. On both evenings (one of which was my birthday dinner celebration), our wonderful meals of tantalizing home-cooked Greek cuisine were topped off with complimentary side servings of superb sea and sunset views, shown in the photos below.


view from Agia Marina Taverna Andros


view from Agia Marina Taverna Andros

Above are just two of the splendid scenery and sunset views we enjoyed from our table at Mastrozannes Restaurant


Another standout eating spot was Drosia mezedopoleio in the leafy mountain village of Menites near Andros Town. There, we lunched on a variety of savory selections, including a local Andros specialty, frutalia, in a truly sublime and unforgettable setting — a sun-dappled terrace encircled by tall trees, lush vegetation and the sound of streams coursing through the gully below.

I Parea in the heart of Andros Town proved to be a good choice for lunch and dinner, while  Archipelagos and O Nonas (both in Chora) and Stamatis taverna in Batsi also served up tasty dinners.

Drosia restaurant terrace in Menites

Shade trees and thick vegetation surround the outdoor dining terrace at Drosia mezedopoleio in Menites village, seen  here in a photo that appears on the restaurant’s Facebook page


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  1. deBrasso Magazin

    June 14, 2016 at 6:28 am

    i just read through your blog about Andros, very nicely written and so well described as if we would be there on location. Thank you for sharing

  2. I loved your blog. I’ve been visiting Andros for over 40 years but haven’t explored much beyond Gavrion, Batsi and Choral. Will enjoy visiting some of the other villages you mentioned. I strongly agree with your choices of Stamatis in Batsi and the tavernas in Choral and Gavrion. Looking forward to trying Mastrozannis next week when we visit for first week in May.

    • admin

      April 24, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      I hope it’s open when you’re there …. our visit was at the end of May and it just opened for the season at that time.

  3. Really enjoyed your write up, thanks. We’re regular visitors to Andros and have written up some of the same places. You might be interested

    We’re back in September and counting the days!


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