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Noema restaurant on Mykonos

Open since May 21 in the Panachra district in the heart of Mykonos Town, Nōema Mykonos describes itself as a “contemporary Greek restaurant and bar,” serving “a new Cycladic cuisine that spotlights indigenous ingredients and cooking methods, sharpened with an experimental attitude to satisfy the modern palate.”  Besides being a place to gather with friends and family for delicious food and drink, Nōema will be a destination for music entertainment. DJs and musicians will perform in Its courtyard patio, exploring “musical horizons that defy categorization.” Uji, Kaz James and Valeron are among the musicians and DJs scheduled to perform live at Nōema in June.  The restaurant premises include a retail boutique offering a “conscious collection of timeless fashion, hand-made objects and ethereal jewellery that embody effortless Greek island attitude.”

Facebook: @NoemaMykonos

Instagram:  @noemamykonos



IT Mykonos

IT Mykonos restaurant and lounge on Mykonos

The first IT restaurant in Greece has opened in Mykonos this summer.  Founded in Ibiza six years ago, IT Restaurants has locations in Milan, London and Tulum, along with a pop-up in Porto Servo, Sardinia.  According to the company website, each of the IT restaurants represents “the founders’ unique vision of combining carefully curated music, best-in-class Mediterranean cuisine and contemporary interiors in cosmopolitan destinations.”  IT Mykonos  brings the company’s trademark “Italian Soul” to its new restaurant and lounge premises on the peripheral road in the Drafaki area above Mykonos Town. Guests come for a gourmet meal of Mediterranean cuisine on the open-air, sunset-view patio, then join in the party and dancing that follows when the guest DJ takes over the decks. Camilo Franco, Pan, Arodes, Ageless, Airrica and Sean Doron are among the DJ acts who have performed at IT Mykonos so far this season. IT Mykonos opened on June 24. 

Facebook: @ITMykonos

Instagram: @it_mykonos

Web: itrestaurants


Lio Mykonos

Lio cabaret restaurant and lounge on Mykonos

Billed as “the world’s most glamorous cabaret,” the Lío club in Ibiza is not only celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer, it’s also bringing its “electric interactive entertainment, Mediterranean cuisine and late night lounging” to Mykonos. The Lío Mykonos club opened on July 9 at 6 Enoplon Dinameon Street in the Tria Pigadia area of Mykonos Town — just steps from Astra and Bonbonniere nightclubs.  Doors open at 8.30 p.m. and guests choose from 4 dining experiences and “bespoke luxuries” while being dazzled by the sensational cabaret show La Fête Sauvage. At 12:30 a.m. the entertainment spectacle smoothly transitions into La Fête, “a dynamic lounge musical experience where the DJ takes center stage, performers interact with the crowd, and the guest becomes the protagonist.”

Facebook: @liomykonos

Instagram: @liomykonos

Web: Lio Pacha Mykonos



Mosaic Mykonos MSC restaurant on Mykonos

Meat, sushi, cocktails — or MSC, for short — is what Mosaic Mykonos MSC is all about.  Featuring creative dishes that mix and match flavours from all around the globe, Mosaic invites its guests to “discover the world on your plate!” The restaurant opened in early June, and boasts “an eclectic, but thoughtfully curated menu of prime cuts and authentic Japanese sushi, Greek and Mediterranean staples, brunch favourites, world inspired cocktails, international wine gems and fine shisha blends.” Mosaic aims to be the island’s go-to spot for “meeting, food, fun and flirting” from morning to late night, and it couldn’t have picked a better location — it’s atthe busiest pedestrian crossroad on the Mykonos Town harbourfront, right next to Manto Mavrogenous Square (in the premises previously occupied by My Plate Mykonos).

Facebook: @mosaicmykonosmsc

Instagram: @mosaicmykonosmsc

Web: Mosaic of Mykonos



Cantera restaurant on Mykonos

Named after the Spanish word for “quarry,” Cantera was conceived from its founders’ “eclectic idea” to fuse “the tradition of Japanese cuisine and the unmistakable flavor of meat” — essentially creating a meat sushi restaurant. (On its Facebook page, Cantera describes its focus as: “Asian fusion cuisine, where Sushi meets the meat cult.”) Cantera is situated on second-floor premises above Bao’s cocktail bar at the scenic Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town. Its dining room and balcony offer fabulous views of the sea, sunset and Little Venice area. The restaurant opened on June 21.

Facebook: @cantera.mykonos

Instagram: @cantera.mykonos

Web: Cantera Mykonos



Zuma restaurant at the Cavo Tagoo Hotel on Mykonos

Zuma, the global group of trendy restaurants known for their sophisticated, contemporary twist to traditional Japanese izakaya, is back on Mykonos this summer with a seasonal pop-up at the ultra-luxe Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos Town.  Zuma made its first appearance last year, during the pandemic-shortened tourist season, and returned on May 28 this year for its first full summer on the Island of the Winds. It’s been one of the busiest restaurants on Mykonos  since opening day, drawing legions of sushi and Japanese food afficionados to its chic sea- and sunset-view  dining patio beside Cavo Tagoo’s world-famous infinity pool. With its stunning plating and food presentation, Zuma’s cuisine is as spectacular and tantalizing as the surrounding scenery.

Facebook: @zumamykonosofficial

Instagram: @zumamykonosofficial

Web: Zuma Restaurant


Pasta Boss

Pasta Boss takeout pasta restaurant on Mykonos

The take-away fast food restaurant Pasta Boss is another new business venture by the owners of La Barran Bar and Drunk Monkey. It’s a simple concept: freshly-cooked, tasty handmade pasta “made for walking.” Customers choose their desired pasta — rigatoni, penne or casarecce — then select from a variety of sauces, including napoli, arrabiatta, bolognese, pesto, carbonata, 4 cheeses, and more. Toppings like muschrooms, parmesan, crispy bacon, chicken or salmon can be added as extras, while salads, desserts and drinks are available. Pasta Boss is located in the Lakka area of Mykonos Town.

Facebook: @pastabossmykonos

Instagram: @pasta_boss_mykonos



Bonita Street Food restaurant on Mykonos

Open since late June, Bonita Mexican Street Food is a sit down and take-away eatery serving popular Tex-Mex items such as nachos, tacos and burritos. It’s also a take-out bar, offering a selection of “cocktails on the move,” like their cucumber Pepino.  Bonita is located in the Lakka area, near the Fabrica bus station.

Facebook: Bonita Mykonos

Instagram: @bonitamykonos



Namah Mykonos restaurant at the Kivotos Hotel on Mykonos

The 5-star Kivotos luxury hotel at Ornos unveiled a new restaurant next to its main swimming pool this summer. Namah opened June 23, featuring a creative menu of “cosmopolitan fusion cuisine … inspired by flavours from all over the world and the rich seafood heritage of the Mediterranean.” Signature dishes include  carpaccios, veiches and tartare dishes, grilled octopus with Santorini fava, Big Eye Tuna Sashimi, Black Angus fillet, and a lightly fried eggplant and zucchini tower with tzatziki and kefalograviera cheese. In mid-July, Namah introduced a unique overwater dining experience — romantic tables for two positioned on glass platforms directly above the pool, with great views across Ornos Bay.

Instagram: @namahmykonos

Web: Kivotos Mykonos (note: as of July 22, the hotel website has not yet been updated with information about Namah).




Vento restaurant on Mykonos

Vento arrived on the Mykonos culinary scene at the end of the 2020 travel season — October 28, to be precise — so it was mainly island residents who got to enjoy its “sophisticated surroundings” and its “comfort food with a touch of Mykonian glamour and artistic flair.” Now, it’s the tourists’ turn to experience Vento’s “breeze taste of Italy” and Mediterranean cuisine.” As the restaurant’s website explains, Vento’s “aim was to unite our passion for good food with the elevated gastronomic standards of Mykonos, to marry the Italian, the Mediterranean and the Mykonian gusto in a journey into taste.” That journey can last all day long — Vento is an all-day restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast choices include egg dishes, pancakes, smoothies, fruit and yogurt bowls adn beverages, while the lunch and dinner options range from antipasti, appetizers and salads to handmade fresh pasta dishes, risotto, pizza, meat and fish main courses, desserts and more. Full menus and wine lists can be viewed on the Vento website. A photo gallery on the website showcases the restaurant’s elegant decor and some of the stunning dishes created by Chef Alsi Sinanaj, while Vento’s social media pages feature additional photos of the impressive premises and mouth-watering food.


Facebook: @ventomykonos

Instagram: @ventomykonos

Web: Vento Mykonos



Promenade restaurant on Mykonos

Taking its name from the harbourside pedestrian avenue where it is located in Mykonos Town , Promenade was conceived to provide a “sophisticated space exuding elegance,” where guests will enjoy “elevated flavours and party in style.” ““Un style à la française” reflects the spirit of Promenade in Mykonos,” a post on the restaurant’s Facebook page says. 

Facebook: Promenade Mykonos

Instagram: @promenademykonos



Paloma cocktail bar on Mykonos

Paloma is an elegant and cozy cocktail lounge that invites visitors to “Come for the cocktails, stay for the good vibes.” In a description on its website, Paloma says “Eccentric ambience, tasty cocktails and vivid music are what makes it the go-to place for a true adventure in the Mykonian nightlife. With a new menu featuring 10 cocktails, Paloma presents fresh interpretations of classic cocktails, with its signature warm and convivial hospitality. Grab the chance to discover multi-dimensional cocktails … shaped by tastemakers with unbounded creativity.” The bar takes pride in its “a friendly, energetic staff” and its “super knowledgeable and engaging bartenders.” Paloma opened its door on May 21 at 16 Kouzi Georgouli Street in the heart of Mykonos Town. Hours of operation are 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Facebook: @palomamykonos

Instagram: @paloma.mykonos

Web: Paloma Mykonos


Tiki Mykonos

Tiki Mykonos bar and restaurant on Mykonos

Visitors to Elia beach have a new place to enjoy a drink and bite to eat this summer —  Tiki Mykonos bar and restaurant at Greco Philia Boutique Hotel. Tiki is perched above the seaside, just a short walk from the far east end of Elia beach, and offers wonderful views of the beautiful bay and the popular beach area.

Facebook: TikiMykonos

Instagram: @tikimykonos


Drupes Summerhouse

Drupes Summerhouse on Mykkonos

Drupes Summerhouse is an open-air lounge that invites visitors to “come as you are” to start their evening with  wine or cocktails while listening to good music and enjoying the scenic sunset views. A summer offshoot of the Drupes Spritzeria in Athens, the casual, laid-back bar promises cool vibes and “sunsets with plenty of music and laughter.” Besides wine and Spritz, the bar offers nibblies like cheese and prosciutti.  Drupes Summerhouse operates from 7 p.m. until midnight, and is situated in the yard at The Liberty Breakfast Room (on the peripheral highway above Mykonos Town).

Editor’s Note: After the Greek government imposed a temporary music ban and an overnight curfew on Mykonos in mid July to stem a surge in Covid cases on the island, Drupes announced that it was postponing its operations “for some other time. For when things change. For sooner or later. You know, Drupes is all about a fine balance of positive vibes and happy faces, cocktails based on mixing energy with wines and cool sounds….Campari and dances, bubbles under the sun, laughter sounds and love …. It’s all about coming all together to ‘seize the day.” It is the genius for rendering simplicity exquisite. When one or two ingredients are missing, the outcome of the equation is different. Druges cannot be different. Drupes is a way of living in the moment.”

Although the music ban and curfew are set to end on July 26, Drupes has not indicated if it will re-open for the rest of this summer. If you’re planning to check it out, phone first to ensure they’re open. Contact information is on their social media pages.

Facebook: @drupesmykonos

Instagram: @drupes.summerhouse


Cookie Smart Bakery

Cookie Smart Bakery on Mykonos

Cookie Smart Bakery opened its doors early this year, offering a mouth-watering selection of cookies, pastries and other sweet treats, along with breads, sandwiches and beverages. The shop is located at 8 Agiou Louka street in Mykonos Town, close to the Fabrica Square bus station.




Pelican restaurant in Mykonos Town on Mykonos island

Pelican was among several restaurants that made their debut on Mykonos last year. Like the others, it opened to a severely shortened travel season and a precipitous plunge in tourist traffic, thanks to the first wave of the Covid pandemic.  With travellers flocking back to the island in droves this summer, Pelican is getting the chance to introduce itself to the repeat visitors and first-timers who couldn’t make it to Mykonos in 2020. Situated on the busy Gialos harbourside promenade in Mykonos Town, Pelican is an all-day restaurant and bar serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The restaurant aims to take its customers on “a culinary ride … to every corner of Greece,” guiding them along “different Greek and Mesogean taste trails through simplicity and respect for tradition.” The breakfast / brunch menu offers the expected choices of egg dishes, omelets, pancakes yogurt bowls, juices and more, while the all-day menu includes an extensive selection of hot and cold appetizers, salads, sea food dishes, pastas and risottos, meat, traditional Greek dishes, vegetarian items, desserts, and beverages. The Pelican website contains full food and beverages menus, and a gallery packed with dozens of photos of its culinary creations and its eye-catching premises.

Facebook: Pelican Mykonos

Instagram: @pelicanmykonos

Web:  Pelican Mykonos



Pierre boulangerie & patisserie on Mykonos

If you think life is sinfully sweet on Mykonos, a trip to Pierre boulangerie & patisserie will make it even sweeter. A new arrival in June of 2020, Pierre takes living the sweet life up a few notches with its delightful array of snacks, sweets and desserts . The Greece-based company  strives to create unique flavours and high-quality products, and deliver them withtop-notch service. Pierre regularly posts on its social media accounts, where its professionally-photographed images of its baked goods and other food products  are guaranteed to instantly induce intense cravings for any viewers who have a sweet tooth. Besides cakes, muffins, croissants and cookies, Pierre’s offerings include breakfast, brunch and lunch fare. The shop is also a great spot to take a coffee break. You’ll find Pierre at 29 Mitropoleos Street in Mykonos Town.

Facebook: @PierreMykonos

Instagram: @pierre_mykonos


Nama restaurant

Nama Restaurant at the Mykonos Grand Resort on Mykonos

Long one of the island’s premier 5-star hotels, the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort at Agios Ioannis beach introduced its new Nama restaurant and pool bar this season.  Located beside the hotel’s main swimming pool, Nama has indoor and outdoor dining areas that boast unrivalled views of the sea, Delos island, and the spectacular sunsets.  The menu takes “a contemporary approach towards making classic Greek dishes more sophisticated.”  The restaurant will serve an à la carte and buffet breakfast, as well as à la carte lunches and dinners.

Facebook: @mykonosgrand

Instagram: @mykonosgrandresort

Web: Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort


The Wine Cellar

Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort wine cellar

Another new-for-2021 feature at the Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort is The Wine Cellar, designed to “become the ultimate private venue for wine aficionados.”  The Wine Cellar offers “bespoke wine classes, tastings, food and wine pairings, as well as private events.”

Facebook: @mykonosgrand

Instagram: @mykonosgrandresort

Web: Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort


Bistrot de Nicolas

Bistrot de Nicolas on Mykonos

Regular Mykonos visitors will remember La Cucina di Daniele, an Italian restaurant that was a longtime favourite of locals and tourists alike, acclaimed for both its fine cuisine and its well-curated wine cellar. After it closed a couple of years ago and its premises in the Glyfada area of Mykonos became available (along the highway from Mykonos Town to Ano Mera), a chef named Nicolas acquired the space and established a bistrot that combines “modern French cuisine with the finest ingredients from Mykonian land.” Bistrot de Nicolas — Vins et Gourmadises à partager (Wines and delicacies to share) was just opening its doors, and preparing to host a Vins et Mets tasting event in mid-March of 2020, when the Covid pandemic began wreaking havoc on the world economy. Acting out of a sense of responsibility towards its customers and staff, the restaurant closed its doors and waited out the pandemic’s first wave, ultimately reopening  on July 2 2020 and holding its anxiously-awaited Vins et Mets event two weeks later.  For a short time last summer, and this year since June 9, Mykonos visitors have had an opportunity to enjoy the cozy restaurant atmosphere and taste Nicolas’s creations, which reflect “a strong French-Mediterranean influence,” yet remain “faithful to the chef’s Greek roots.”  (You can see dozens of the chef’s amazing dishes in photos on the restaurant’s social media pages.) Starting July 21, Bistrot de Nicolas is open from 6 p.m. to midnight every day except Monday.

Facebook: @bistrotdenicolas

Instagram: @bistrotdenicolas

Web: Bistrot de Nicolas


Hug Espresso Bar

HUG Espressor Bar on Mykonos

HUG Espresso Bar opened on March 6 near the Mykonos airport. It offers a selection of espresso, capuccino and other coffee drinks,  juices, Bradley’s Tea, and other beverages, as well as muffins, pastries, sandwiches, and snacks. 

Instagram: hug_espresso_bar



Bouboulo restaurant on Mykonos

The fine Mykonian dining restaurant Bouboulo was another new arrival to the Mykonos Town harbourfront’s pedestrian promenade during the shortened tourist season of 2020. A project of Greece’s nice n easy hospitality group, which operates four other venues on the island (Nice n Easy restaurant, Spala, Nesaea and the SantAnna beach club) as well as several restaurant in Athens. Bouboulo opened in late July.  Like most of the eateries on the heavily-trafficked Gialos waterfront, Bouboulo is an all-day restaurant, opening for breakfast service around 9 a.m. and offering its full menu from lunchtime until late night closing. Diners on the open-air patio sit only a few meters from the harbour, enjoying views of the Old Port area. Bouboulo follows the nice n easy group’s core philosophy, which can be summed up in just three words: Local, fresh, delicious.  The menu emphasizes “Mediterranean, fresh, local raw materials with high nutritional value, always supporting small producers and their products,” the Bouboulo website explains.  The breakfast/brunch and all-day menus can be viewed on the Bouboulo website, along with a gallery chock full of photos of the kitchen’s superbly-presented creations.

Facebook: @bouboulo.mykonos

Instagram: @bouboulo.mykonos

Web: Bouboulo Fine Mykonian Cuisine


Joker Mykonos

Joker Mykonos weekly dinner show and DJ party events on Mykonos

Advertised and promoted primarily, but not exclusively, to the huge market of Italian travellers who head to Mykonos for holidays every summer, Joker Mykonos is a series of exclusive dinner and party events that will be held on Monday nights during July and August at Alesta restaurant, which is situated along the road from Mykonos Town to Platis Gialos beach.  Limited to only 200 people, the soirees will feature a private dinner feast with live musical entertainment, followed by dancing to music by top Italian DJs. The first Joker event is set for July 26.

Instagram: @joker.mykonos


Bordello Mykonos

Promotional images for the new Bordello restaurant on Mykonos

Bordello Mykonos is another series of gala dinner party events geared to Italian tourists visiting Mykonos.  The images shown above were shared on social media as a “coming soon” promotional campaign for Bordello Mykonos — The Italian Dinner Show being held during July and August at the Pinky Beach restaurant and beach club at Agia Anna/Paraga. The Bordello opening party originally had been scheduled for July 24, but had to be cancelled when the Greek government imposed temporary restrictions — including a music ban and overnight curfew — to bring a rise in Covid cases on the island under control. Those restrictions end on July 26, so the grand opening party now will take place on July 28 with a  live DJ set by Italian singer/rapper Geolier

Instagram: @bordellomykonos


Coya Mykonos

Coya Mykonos restaurant on Mykonos

When Coya Mykonos opened in spring 2020, bringing the Coya restaurant chain’s signature Peruvian tastes and spirit to the Island of the Winds, the place quickly became the most talked-about and recommended new arrival of the season. Visitors flocked for the flavourful Peruvian fusion cuisine and festive atmosphere, and to enjoy the ambience and conviviality of the Coya Pisco bars and lounge. Coya Mykonos is the first location in Greece for the London-based Coya Restaurant group, which also operates Coya restaurants in Paris, Monte Carlo, Gstaad, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Coya Mykonos follows the restaurant chain’s passion for innovative food and drink.  As the Coya website explains, “There’s nothing we love more than experimenting with traditional Peruvian dishes and using Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cooking techniques to surprise and excite even the most seasoned foodie. We apply the same attitude to our award-winning cocktail list, infusing our own pisco with unexpected flavours and shaking up classic recipes with our own twists. Our menus change seasonally but you will always find ceviche, plates to share, fish and meat cooked over our charcoal grill and delicious cazuelas. Our food is naturally healthy, with plenty of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Our wine and drinks list is chosen specially to complement the unique flavours of our dishes and includes organic wines and seasonal recommendations.” Sample menus for Coya Mykonos can be viewed on its website, along with contact and location details.

Facebook:  @coyamykonos

Instagram: @coyamykonos

Web: Coya Restaurant Mykonos


Toro D’Oro – Karelas Finest Meat

Toro Doro Karelas Finest Meats shop in Mykonos

If you’re planning to host BBQs or dinner parties while staying in a villa or rental home on Mykonos, Toro D’ Oro Karelas Finest Meat has a selection of premium meats for your grill, as well as a selection of innovative products ready for you to pop in the oven, cook and serve. The shop, which opened on February 13,  is part of a family-owned butcher business that has been operating in the Thessaly region of mainland Greece since 1993. The company started in the city of Larissa and subsequently opened locations in Karditsa and Volos. The Mykonos shop is its first retail outlet on a Greek island. Toro D’ Oro is located in the island’s Vothonas district, near Veneti bakery on the road from Mykonos Town to Ano Mera. Have a look at the Toro D’Oro Instagram profile to see photos of their amazing Hawaiian beef burgers, chicken flower pocket pies, beef meatballs with crispy crust, crunchy chicken lollipops, and many more high-quality meat products. 

Facebook: Toro D’Oro Karelas finest meat

Instagram: @karelas_finest_meat


Bistro dei Cavalieri

Bistro dei Cavalieri at Mykonos International Airport

The fully-renovated Mykonos International Airport terminal now has a hip new restaurant where flyers can enjoy quality Italian cuisine before a flight — or immediately after arrival on the island. Bistro dei Cavalieri is a traditional Italian bistro decked out in a stylish contemporary decor with modern furnishings designed by ENKA Moisiadis of Thessaloniki (click on the link to see more photos of the restaurant).  The bistro’s Mediterranean menu includes handmade pizza cooked in a wood burning oven; panini; and fresh pasta. The restaurant also has a coffee and wine bar where travellers can select from a variety of Italian and Greek wines as well as premium specialty coffee drinks.


Γρηγόρης (Gregorys)

Grigorys cafe in Ano Mera Mykonos

The Γρηγόρης (Gregorys) cafe chain has opened its first outlet on Mykonos. The store sells coffees, smoothies and other beverages, as well as sandwiches, salads, snacks and desserts. The Mykonos Gegorys cafe opened in March in Ano Mera. 



Promotional image for new Starbucks outlets at airports in Greece

Good news for Starbucks fans: The coffee chain has opened a service counter in the new terminal building at Mykonos International Airport. It’s the second Starbucks outlet to open on Mykonos. The first, a full-service location with an outdoor patio, is situated along the peripheral road in the Drafaki district above Mykonos Town and has been operating for about 15 years. 



Bagatelle Mykonos

Teaser Instagram post promoting the new Bagatelle Mykonos restaurant

Bistrot Bagatelle is bringing its contemporary French Mediterranean cuisine and ambience — and its signature joie de vivre — to Mykonos. Self-described as “the quintessential host for foodies, jet-setters, celebrities and tastemakers, ” Bagatelle operates “blissful and sexy” restaurants in 10 A-List locations — including Miami, New York City, Dubai, St. Tropez, St. Barth, Monte Carlo and Ibiza. Bagatelle Mykonos will be the chain’s newest member, and its first foray in Greece. It was supposed to open last summer, but its launch was delayed because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bagatelle Mykonos is situated on the coast, just a short walk from Fabrica Square and the iconic row of windmills in Mykonos Town. Designed by Paris-based architect Fabrizio Casiraghi,  the venue is still under construction, but is expected to open by the end of June.

In a progress update issued on May 19, the company said Bagatelle Mykonos  will feature “500 sq.m. of terrace on the sea, an outstanding restaurant, a beautiful lounge, a boutique, and a sunset beach.”

“We spared no efforts in bringing the best of Bagatelle to Mykonos: a brand new menu featuring fresh and seasonal products from the French Riviera and Mediterranean coast, a selection of fresh cocktails and mocktails curated by our mixologists, a stunning lineup of international and Europeans DJs, flamboyant entertainment and of course the Bagatelle spirit conveyed by all our staff,” the company update stated.


Artistic renderings of Bagatelle Mykonos




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