2012 Greek holiday trip report: Mykonos Part 1


Air Transat logo

Air Transat logo on a winglet of the Airbus jet that flew me from Toronto to Athens


My Mykonos, Paros and Attica/Glyfada trip report


What follows is an edited and significantly expanded version of a trip report I posted on TripAdvisor.com shortly after returning from my holiday in Greece this past spring. I have added more extensive details to the text, and have included dozens of photographs to illustrate the report.


Sunday May 13: Flight from Toronto to Athens

I flew Air Transat, the Canadian charter airline I have flown on all of my trips to Greece. The flight was about two-thirds full when it left Toronto just past lunchtime on Sunday May 13. It stopped in Montreal for 90 minutes to collect more passengers and load the food and beverage carts for our 9-hour overnight flight to Athens. During the stopover, a flight attendant told a passenger sitting behind me that, with the additional passengers from Montreal, the flight was nearly full. (On all of my previous flights to Greece, except one, we flew direct to Athens; this year, Air Transat’s May flights stopped in Montreal because fewer people were travelling to Greece at the time and there wasn’t enough passenger demand to justify direct flights from both cities.)


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  1. Audrey Allaway

    May 13, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    My son e-mailed me your Mykonos [Pictures and text.We have visited several times also most of the other Islands, last time was about 6 years ago. Also he sent me your Fologandos site, that brought back good memories,we were Island hopping and left there on the 3.30a.m. ferry in a big storm. We have had many happy family holidays on the Greek Islands, there is nothing to compare. Unfortunately the last couple of years our health has not been up to travelling that far – we are both the wrong side of 80, nevertheless, if all goes well this year we hope to get over there again. Thank you again, we did enjoy your site, my son knows the Greek Islands better than we do and he sent it to me saying – read this Mum you will enjoy it ! Best wishes.

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