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Snow on the Acropolis in Athens

This is from a series of aerial photos that the Eurokinissi news agency took after snow fell on the Acropolis in Athens. More of the agency’s aerial photos of the Acropolis, as well as the Plaka district of Athens, can be seen in the photo feature Μοναδικές εικόνες: Η χιονισμένη Ακρόπολη και η Πλάκα στα λευκά, published by news247.


Snow in the National Gardens in Athens Greece

Snow covers the ground of the National Gardens in central Athens. It is one of several photos by Maria Theofanopoulou that were published in the Greek Travel Pages article A Day of Sudden Snowfall in Athens on January 11.


George Nkournélou photo of snow in Central Athens

George Nkournélou captured this twilight scene in snowy Central Athens


Giannis Vamvakouris photo of snow in Athens

A Giannis Vamvakouris photo of snow in Central Athens 


Snow in Central Athens Greece

 From the Greece in Photos Facebook page, a view of snow-dusted hillsides in Athens


Snow in Central Athens Greece

A view of the Acropolis in a photo from the Greece in Photos Facebook page.


Snow at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in Athens

Snow covers the ground surrounding the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. The image is from the center’s Facebook page.


Snow at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in Athens

Another snow photo from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center page on Facebook


Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens Greece

Light snow blankets the ground at the Temple of Olympian Zeus in the historic center of Athens. The photo appears on the This is Athens Facebook page.


Snow at Zonars cafe in Athens Greece

Snow falls on the courtyard terrace at the legendary Zonars restaurant and bar. This photo was posted on the Zonars Facebook page.





Snow at the Elafos Hotel on Rhodes island Greece

This photo of Elafos Hotel at Profitis Ilias was shared on the Rhodes Ρόδος Rhodos Rhodes Rodos page on Facebook


Atavyros mountain on Rhodes

Giannis Farmakidis captured this photo while driving toward Atavyros mountain on Rhodes


Atavyros mountain on Rhodes

Another Giannis Farmakidis photo of snowy Atavyros mountain




 the Medieval Village Augṓnyma on Chios island

 The Facebook page posted this aerial view of the medieval village Augṓnyma


medieval village of Αυγώνυμα  on Chios

Another view of snowy Augṓnyma village, this time in a shot shared on Facebook by Chios photographer Vikh Nikolaoy 



the medieval tower of Pityous on Chios island

Another photo posted on Facebook by Vikh Nikolaoy. This is a view of the medieval tower of Pityoús.


Volissos village on Chios island

The Facebook page Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Βολισσού “Ο Όμηρος” shared this photo of Volissos village 


Glari beach on Chios island

Snow on Glari beach is seen in this photo from the news website Politischios


a snowy road on Chios island

The Εφημερίδα Πολίτης page on Facebook posted this December 29 picture of a road on Chios


snow on Chios island

Vikh Nikolaoy captured this beautiful view from a snow-dusted mountainside on Chios 


Mount Pelinnaiou on Chios island

This striking photo of the cobalt-blue Holy Trinity church atop Mount Pelinaion was shared on Facebook by Chios Vertical Life. If you’re on Facebook you can view more photos in this album from the hikers’ New Year’s Day climb to the mountain peak after three days of snowfalls on Chios.




Snow at Kymi on Evia island

Stavros Bafaloukas snapped this photo while the harbour town of Kymi was being pummelled by a vicious snowstorm …


Snow at Kymi on Evia island

… and he took this photo when the sun finally came out, six days after the snowstorm struck


Anatoli Tsa photo of snow in Kymi on Evia island

On Facebook, Anatoli Tsa shared several startling videos of the waist-deep snow that clogged the streets in Kymi.  This is a screen capture from one of the videos. If you’re on Facebook, you can view Anatoli’s album of videos here.


Snow on a street in Kymi on Evia island

Δημήτρης Καράμπελας shot this photo of a snowbound street in Kymi


Snow in Kymi on Evia island

A Babis Marinákē photograph of the heavy snow in Kymi


Snow in Kymi on Evia island

A snowed-in Kymi street, photographed by Nick Maroulis


Snow on Evia island

Katerina Vlachou captured this image of people wading through deep snow 


Snow on Evia island

Vagias Katsos photographed snow on a boat and beach


Katerina Mouriki‎ captured this view of Limniōnas



 Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros


Snow on Skiathos island

Snowy taverna tables on the Skiathos waterfront, seen in an image shared on the Facebook page for Skiathos Salt and Pepper restaurant


Snow on Skiathos island

This photo of Papadiamanti Street in Skiathos was shared on the Foodie Cafe Facebook page


Snow on trees at Koukounaries beach Skiathos

 Agustera Bar posted to Facebook this photo of snow-laden trees behind a sign for Koukounaries beach on Skiathos …


Snow on Koukounaries beach Skiathos

… along with this photo showing fresh snow on the golden sands of Koukounaries beach itself


Snow on Skiathos town

Agustera Bar also shared this photo of Skiathos Town after a light snowfall


Snow on Skiathos photo by Victoria Sandels

Snow dusted rooftops on Skiathos are seen in an image from the Facebook page for Victoria Sandels Photography Skiathos


Snow on Skiathos island

Another image by Victoria Sandels Photography Skiathos, this time showing snow along the Skiathos Town waterfront


Snow on Skiathos

Foto Film Παλιούγκας Σκιάθος shared this Skiathos Town streetscene image on its Facebook page …


Snow in Skiathos Town

… along with this picture of a snow-laden gate and trees


Snow on the Skiathos Town waterfront

This photo of the snowy Skiathos Town waterfront was posted on the Facebook page for La Piscine Art Hotel


Snow at Skopelos Town

This photo of Skopelos Town, seen following a snowfall, has been shared extensively on social media. The image was one of several snow photos of Skopelos that the Keep Talking Greece website posted in its January 9 article “Life in snowed in village” — Report & pictures from Skopelos.


Snow on Skopelos island

Another widely shared photo of snowy Skopelos. I found this image on the Greek Islands Facebook page, which credited the photo to Babis Stivachtis.


Snow on Skopelos

On Facebook, ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΜΙΧΑΗΛ shared this aerial view of Skopelos …


Snow on Skopelos

… as well as this photo, showing more of the town from a slightly different perspective. 


Snow on Skopelos

The news agency Εφημερίδα Βόρειες Σποράδες shared this photo of Skopelos Town in an album on its Facebook page  …


Snow on Skopelos

… together with this photo of the town’s waterfront


Snow on Slopelos

This Skopelos Town waterfront shot was shared on Facebook by Singing Workshops on Skopelos


Snow on Skopelos

A car is buried under deep snow on a Skopelos Town street, seen in this photo shared on Facebook by the Εφημερίδα Βόρειες Σποράδες news agency


Snow on a Skopelos Town street

The Εφημερίδα Βόρειες Σποράδες news agency also posted this photo of a man walking down a Skopelos Town street inundated with snow. According to media reports, the January snowfalls were the heaviest to hit Skopelos in more than 30 years.


Snow on a street in Chora on Skyros island

Niko Sikkes took this photo of a snowy street in Chora on Skyros island


snow at Kalamitsa beach on Skyros

An Eleni Gavrili photo of snow at Kalatmitsa beach on Skyros



 Sparta, Mystras & Lakonia region


Snow as the Mystras historic site near Sparta

Light snow dusts the mountainside where the historic Mystras heritage site is located (foreground), while some of the Taygetos mountains provide a dramatic backdrop. The photo is from a Mystras collection on the Evrotas blog of landscape photography.


Snow at Mystras historic site

Another Evrotas blog photo of snow at  Mystras.  You can view dozens more beautiful winter scenes from this world heritage site in a special Mystras photo collection on the Evrotas blog.


Snow at Sparta Greece

Trees are draped with freshly fallen snow as far as the eye can see in this photo of Sparta that was posted on the Facebook page for Notospress 


Snow at Sparta

Another Notospress photo of snow in Sparta.  If you’re on Facebook, you can see an album of Sparta snow photos that Notospress pubished on January 10.


Vordonia village near Sparta

A view of Vordonia, a mountain village near Sparta. The photo, taken by the locally-published website Bordonia Blogspot, was posted on the Bordonia Blogspot Facebook page on January 10.


Vordonia village near Sparta Greece

Another winter scene from Vordonia. This was one of several photos posted to the Bordonia Blogspot Facebook page.


Karyes village in Lakonia Greece

This was among a group of photos of Karyes village in Lakonia that Eva Chikara-Drt shared to the Καρυές Λακωνίας / Karyes Lakonias page on Facebook


Karyes village in Lakonia Greece

Another scene that Eva Chikara-Drt photographed in Karyes


A mountain lake near Sparta

Photographer Alexandros Bougadis captured this image of a lake in the Taygetos mountains near Sparta. The photo was originally published by the Sparta Voice website.




Snow at the Corinth Canal in Greece

A Panagiotis Andrikopoulos photo of mist and snow at the mouth of the Corinth Canal


Snow at the Corinth Canal in Greece

Ελένη Καρανοπούλου shared this view of the canal on Facebook


Snow at the Corinth Canal in Greece

This photo, which was shot from one of the bridges above the canal, was posted on Facebook by ΘΥΜΙΟΣ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΔΟΥΛΟΥ


Snow at Ancient Corinth Greece

Daria Timofte posted this photo of Ancient Corinth on Facebook




Snow in Ioannina Greece

Manos Stinis shot this photo of snowy trees lining a road in Ioannina 


Snow in Ioannina Greece

A beautiful view of snowy Ioannina, captured by Akis Liots 


Snow in Ioannina Greece

Another photo by Mano Stinis, this time showing a waterfront scene


Snow in Ioannina

Snowy street in Ioannina photo from the Πάμε Ιωάννινα – Pame Ioannina Travel Page on Facebook

Snow in Ioannina Greece

Ioannina streets at night, pictured in a post from the Πάμε Ιωάννινα – Pame Ioannina Travel Page on Facebook


Snow in Ioannina Greece

Another Πάμε Ιωάννινα – Pame Ioannina Travel Page photo of a winter night scene in Ioannina


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