Photo highlights from our trip to the Peloponnese and Hydra


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Greek salad

Aiolos taverna in Nafplio served the best Greek salad of our trip — a hearty portion of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, red onions, olives and capers topped with a thick slab of smooth, creamy feta


beach at Arcaia Epidauru

A beach at Arcaia Epidaurus in the Argolida region of the Peloponnese 


Tolo Greece

We spent four relaxing days and nights in Tolo, a picturesque beach resort area near Nafplio


a fishing boat in Nafplio bay

Mountains provide a scenic sunset backdrop for a fishing boat anchored in Nafplio bay


Corinth Canal

We got to see the 123-year-old Corinth Canal during our drive from Athens International Airport to Nafplio.  The cliffs flanking the canal rise to a vertigo-inducing 63-meter height.


coastline near Nafplio

Part of the scenic coastline between Nafplio and Karathona beach, which we walked numerous times


Mystras archaeological site

Buildings and ruins at the Mystras archaeological site near Sparta


Nafplio harbourside promenade

The beautiful palm tree promenade on the Nafplio waterfront


restaurants in Kosmas

Tall plane trees shade taverna terraces in Kosmas, a village on the upper slopes of Mount Parnon





Agios Nikolaos church Nafplio

Agios Nikolaos church is perched on a steep rocky slope above the sea, a short walk from Karathona beach near Nafplio


Karathona bay

Karathona bay near Nafplio


coast of Hydra

Expansive sea, island and mountain views from a footpath between Hydra Town and Vlychos beach on Hydra



Seafront hotels at the beach resort of Tolo


Leonidio village

Mountains tower behind Leonidio, a village in Arcadia


sailboat near Monemvasia

A sailboat passes the walled fortress town of Monemvasia


Taygetos mountains

Clouds sweep across the peaks of the Taygetos mountains near Sparta


sunset view from Kamini on Hydra

A dramatic sunset view from the Kamini area of Hydra


Spetses Town

Houses on a hillside above the coast in Spetses Town on Spetses island, which we passed on a tour boat ride from Tolo to Hydra


Palamidi Castle

The Palamidi Castle straddles a mountain peak next to Nafplio


Nafplio viewed from Palamidi Castle steps

A view of the Old Town area of Nafplio from the long staircase leading to the Palamidi Castle


bougainvillea in a lane in Nafplio

Bougainvillea creates a colourful canopy above a lane in the Old Town of Nafplio



Connected to the mainland by a causeway, Monemvasia is often called the “Gibraltar of Greece”


Monemvasia main street

Shop and restaurants along the main street of Monemvasia


Nafplio Old Town waterfront

One small section of the extensive waterfront at Nafplio



Larissa Castle at Argos

Larissa Castle occupies a mountain peak at Argos, a city 12 kilometers from Nafplio


a lane in Nafplio

Looking down steps in a lane in the upper part of Nafplio’s Old Town area


Agia Kyriaki church

The blue and white Agia Kyriaki church at Tolo


harbour at Karathona beach

A small harbour at Karathona beach near Nafplio


Ancient Sparta ruins

Thousands of olive trees surround the archaeological site of Ancient Sparta, located just a short walk from the central business district of Sparta


Akronafplia Castle

The Grimani Bastion was built from 1702 to 1706 to protect the Acronauplia Castle that sits atop the hill behind Nafplio’s Old Town


Bourtzi Castle

Restoration and repair work is underway on the Bourtzi Castle in Nafplio Bay, arguably the most famous landmark at Nafplio


Hydra Town and harbour

The harbour at Hydra Town on Hydra island


Hydra Town harbour

A panoramic view of the harbour at Hydra Town


Konstantinou Palaiologou street in Sparta

A row of tall palm trees extends along the center boulevard on Konstantinou Palaiologou street in Sparta


sea view of Tolo

A fishing boat crosses the bay at Tolo


Mystras archaeological site

Tourists explore the Mystras archaeological site near Sparta as stormclouds gather above the nearby Taygetos mountains


Nafplio harbour view to the Bourtzi Castle

An evening view of the Bourtzi Castle from the waterfront at Nafplio


Kamini village on Hydra

Approaching Kamini village and harbour on Hydra island


an old church in Nafplio

A rustic church in the Old Town area of Nafplio



Buildings in the fortress town of Monemvasia


a church in Monemvasia

The beautiful white Panagia Chrysafitissa church in Monemvasia


countryside near Tolo

Mountains and verdant valleys near Tolo village and beach resort


Spilia swimming area at Hydra

The popular Spilia coastal swimming spot at Hydra Town


a gate at the Akronauplia Castle

A vaulted entrance to the Grimani Bastion in Nafplio


Mystras Palaces of the Despots

The Palaces of the Despots at Mystras 


Arvanitia Promenade at Nafplio

View to the Bourtzi Castle from the Arvanitia Promenade at Nafplio


Arvanitia Promenade at Nafplio

The Arvanitia Promenade winds more than a kilometer along the coast from the Nafplio Old Town to Arvanitia beach


Arvanitia beach at Nafplio

Arvanitia beach at Nafplio


the Great Theatre at Epidaurus

The spectacular Great Theatre at Epidaurus


Epidaurus archaeological site I

Some of the extensive ruins and excavations at the Epidaurus archaeological site


Gefira village at Monemvasia

Mountains rise behind Gefira village at Monemvasia


Agioi Apostoli church

Agioi Apostoli church on Koronisi island at Tolo


stormclouds above Monemvasia

Dark stormclouds pass above Monemvasia and Gefira during an evening windstorm on June 7


rainbow at Monemvasia

It didn’t rain during the windstorm, but a rainbow appeared on the horizon when the stormclouds started to break up soon


Hinitsa Bay at Porto Heli

We had great views of Hinitsa Bay and the Porto Heli area while riding an excursion boat from Tolo to Hydra.  This is the AKS Hinitsa Bay Hotel.


landscape at Nafplio

Hills and mountains behind the New Town area of Nafplio


inside a church at Mystras

The domed ceiling of a Byzantine church at Mystras


beehives at Karathona

Just some of the many dozens of beehives we saw on a terraced hillside behind Karathona beach near Nafplio


Palamidi Castle at Nafplio

A landscaped courtyard inside the Palamidi Castle at Nafplio


Palamidi Castle view of Nafplio

A Palamidi Castle view of the Acronauplia Peninsula and part of the Nafplio Old Town area


Hydra Town on Hydra island

Sea view of Hydra Town on Hydra island


a church in Hydra Town

A church in Hydra Town





cave church at Monemvasia

The entrance to a cave church in the face of the steep cliffs above the Monemvasia castle town


Poseidonion Grand Hotel

We saw the Poseidonion Grand Hotel on Spetses when our boat passed the island en route to Hydra. The legendary hotel, which is one of the most famous in Greece, opened in 1914.


an orange tree in Nafplio

An orange tree in Nafplio. We saw scores of fruit-laden apricot, lemon and orange trees in Nafplio and throughout the Peloponnese.


sunshine on Tolo bay

Early morning sunshine sparkles on Tolo Bay


Peloponnese seen from Hydra

A view, from Hydra, of mountains along the Peloponnese coast

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  1. Nice shots, and they bring back lots of memories about my trip in the area. Glad you had a great time, and eager to read more!

  2. We too were in Sparta on that very hot Saturday driving from Elafonissos to Gialova. The air temperature felt like a hairdrier was blowing hot air through the car window. We are home today and cant wait to return.

  3. Georgia Lenahan

    October 27, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    My 78 yr old husband and I (67 yrs) will visit central Pelopponese in September 2019 – We have 6 days traveling by car in Peloponnese and 2 days in Athens at the end. The purpose of this trip is to visit my grandparent’s hometown of Chranoi, Arkadia near Megalopolis. We’ll meet a translator there to help with distant relative who still live there. Our first night in country will be in Rafina to meet with relatives. I’m thinking of driving to Ancient Olympia via Corinth the next day. The day after that maybe White Water Rafting or not.. or just drive to Chranoi… after that..go stay in Tolo for four days then do day trips. Another thought is to pass on Olympia and spend more time in Southeastern Peloponnese. We’d rather not move hotels every night so staying on one place at one time works best.. Where did you stay in Tolo? I’d love to visit Hydra and Spetses// spend a night in Spetses?? What would you suggest. My last visit was 45 years ago…

    • admin

      October 28, 2018 at 9:16 pm

      We stayed at Minoa Hotel in Tolo … it’s right on the beach (you actually have to walk across the sand to reach the entrance) and most rooms have excellent sea views. Daytrips from Tolo don’t allow for staying overnight in either Hydra or Spetses, since the excursion boats don’t operate every day. I assume you will be driving a rental vehicle during your trip? If not, Nafplio would be a better place to stay, since from there you have easy bus access to a wide variety of nearby sites, allowing for convenient day trips. Plus Nafplio has much more to see than Tolo, and much better restaurants. Tolo’s beach is much nicer and better than any of the beaches within walking distance of Nafplio, but you can’t beat Nafplio for its selection of excellent restaurants, the three castles, the historic Old Town, and the lovely seaside promenades.

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