Photo highlights from our trip to the Peloponnese and Hydra



The fascinating fortress town of Monemvasia, where we spent three days and nights in early June


Amazing experience: I only need one word to describe our first-ever visit to Greece’s Peloponnese region and  Hydra island this month: Wow!

We weren’t even halfway through our holiday when we noted that the trip was shaping up as one of our best vacation experiences ever in Greece. Now that we’re back home, recalling all the places and sights we encountered and sorting through our photos,  we’ve agreed that it was our favourite trip of all. 

The Argolida and Laconia districts of the Peloponnese far exceeded our high expectations, while a spur-of-the-moment trip to Hydra impressed us immensely as well. The sights and scenery everywhere we went were simply amazing.




We enjoyed exhilarating views of sparkling turquoise seas and mountains extending as far as the eye could see. We roamed around charming villages and towns, visited historic archaeological sites, and walked dozens of kilometers along scenic coastal paths. We saw vast groves of olive trees, thousands of citrus trees laden with fruit, and dozens of picturesque churches, chapels and monasteries. We explored ancient castles, even spending three nights in a fortress town and swimming in the sea below its formidable stone walls. And we drank good wine and dined on delicious traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine. 

I will tell you more about our trip in detailed posts to come, but will launch my 2016 trip report with a series of photos showing some highlight sights and scenes from our travels.

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the monastery of Elona

The Monastery of Elona, which clings to the face of a cliff on Mount Parnon, was a breathtaking sight during our drive from Nafplio to Monemvasia



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  1. Nice shots, and they bring back lots of memories about my trip in the area. Glad you had a great time, and eager to read more!

  2. We too were in Sparta on that very hot Saturday driving from Elafonissos to Gialova. The air temperature felt like a hairdrier was blowing hot air through the car window. We are home today and cant wait to return.

  3. Georgia Lenahan

    October 27, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    My 78 yr old husband and I (67 yrs) will visit central Pelopponese in September 2019 – We have 6 days traveling by car in Peloponnese and 2 days in Athens at the end. The purpose of this trip is to visit my grandparent’s hometown of Chranoi, Arkadia near Megalopolis. We’ll meet a translator there to help with distant relative who still live there. Our first night in country will be in Rafina to meet with relatives. I’m thinking of driving to Ancient Olympia via Corinth the next day. The day after that maybe White Water Rafting or not.. or just drive to Chranoi… after that..go stay in Tolo for four days then do day trips. Another thought is to pass on Olympia and spend more time in Southeastern Peloponnese. We’d rather not move hotels every night so staying on one place at one time works best.. Where did you stay in Tolo? I’d love to visit Hydra and Spetses// spend a night in Spetses?? What would you suggest. My last visit was 45 years ago…

    • admin

      October 28, 2018 at 9:16 pm

      We stayed at Minoa Hotel in Tolo … it’s right on the beach (you actually have to walk across the sand to reach the entrance) and most rooms have excellent sea views. Daytrips from Tolo don’t allow for staying overnight in either Hydra or Spetses, since the excursion boats don’t operate every day. I assume you will be driving a rental vehicle during your trip? If not, Nafplio would be a better place to stay, since from there you have easy bus access to a wide variety of nearby sites, allowing for convenient day trips. Plus Nafplio has much more to see than Tolo, and much better restaurants. Tolo’s beach is much nicer and better than any of the beaches within walking distance of Nafplio, but you can’t beat Nafplio for its selection of excellent restaurants, the three castles, the historic Old Town, and the lovely seaside promenades.

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