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Get outta Town! What follows is an account of restaurants located outside of Mykonos Town that I dined at, saw, or heard people talking about last month.


On the peripheral road around the town center

Gola, which was extremely popular the past several years, has closed. Word about town is that the Belvedere Hotel, which owns the property, will be opening an Asian restaurant in its place. Locals didn’t know if the new place will be as expensive as Gola (they’re hoping it will be more affordable) or when it will officially open.

Blue Ginger serves Thai and Chinese cuisine on a hilltop location with wonderful views of Mykonos Town and the sunset. Friends who dined there last year say the food is as good as the amazing views. (One of these friends used to live in Thailand, so if she recommends the food at Blue Ginger, then it has to be first-rate.)


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