Even in severe winter weather, Greece’s scenic beauty shines through


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Glyfada beach view of Saronic Gulf

The sun is brilliant as strong winds and waves pummel a beach in the Glyfada area of Athens. This image by Jacqueline St. John-Jones shows a view toward some of the Saronic Gulf islands and mountains in the eastern Peloponnese.


Rhodes Town waterfront during January storm

The roiling surf surges onto Psaropoula beach at Rhodes Town in this image shared on the Rhodes Rodos Ροδος page on Facebook


Waves at Rhodes Town

Photographer Betty Xidi captured this shot of a wave breaking against the pier at Psaropoula beach at Rhodes Town. She posted additional photos and several videos on her Facebook page Rhodes Through My Eyes.


Stormclouds at Lesvos

An Eleonora Pouwels photo of imposing stormclouds advancing toward the coast on Lesvos


Waves at Poseidonio seafront on Samos

Waves inundate the seaside at Poseidonio on Samos. Dimitris Korakis shared this image on the Samos island Facebook page


Stormy sky above Paroikia

A view of the moody sky above Paroikia on Paros. This and more storm photos, plus a video, were posted to the Meltemi Café Paros page on Facebook.


Toppled tree in Rhodes Town

The severe winds toppled a number of trees in Rhodes Town, one of which crushed a parked car. This and other photos by Yiorgos Kataxenos, plus a few videos, were posted on the Rhodes Rodos Ροδος page on Facebook.




Galissas beach during a winter storm

Dark clouds threaten while large waves roll ashore at Galissas beach on Syros. This and several more photos, plus two videos, were shared on the Γαλησσάς – Galissas page on Facebook.


Kini beach Syros storm damage

Winds that nearly reached hurricane strength slammed Syros island, downing trees and damaging some waterfront areas including this section of Kini beach. The photo appeared in a January 18 storm report on the news website Cyclades.gr. 


Little Venice Mykonos

While winds thrashed the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos, strong waves washed rocks and stones off the shore and scattered them across walkways and patios, as seen in this Facebook photo by Xrysoula Gripari.


Little Venice cocktail bar strip under water

The entire strip of Little Venice cocktail bar verandas is completely submerged as waves breach the seawall at Mykonos Town. This scene is from a short video shared on Facebook by Kostanthnos Markaris.


Little Venice storm damage

A photo by Xrysoula Gripari showing debris left on one of the Little Venice bar terraces after the winds subsided and the seawater receded. 


Mykonos Old Port jetty

Punishing waves took their toll on sections of the Mykonos Old Port mole used by the Delos excursion boats. This image is one of several that the Cyclades24 website published in a January 20 news report about the damaged jetty.


Agia Anna beach during storm at Mykonos

Dark clouds menace as waves swamp Agia Anna, the small beach near the Old Port at Mykonos Town. The photo was posted on Facebook by Kostanthnos Markaris.


Mykonos windmill damaged by windstorm

One of the landmark windmills near the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town sustained damage to its sail structure, as shown in this image shared on Facebook by Dimitris Koutsoukos


From the Explore Ithaca page on Facebook, a short but fast-moving clip of waves stirred by winds blasting the picturesque harbour at Vathy


Windstorm scenes from Mykonos Town, in a video shared on Facebook by Athanasios Kousathanas


Vini Chanioti Photography posted this startling video of waves inundating the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town


Karel Shut compiled this video of windstorm scenes at picturesque Kokkari village on Samos


Even during extreme winds, Skopelos island still looks inviting and beautiful, as this short video by Daphne Jaeggi Gliverou demonstrates


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your information on this site.

    I am actually living in Rhodes (although I am from the UK) and have been here for 13 years. I absolutely love it here.

    I agree with you too, even in the winter time, this island is amazing to see. Although it has its cold days, there is still some beautiful weather to enjoy.

    I will be coming back to you for another visit for sure 🙂



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