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This video by Elias Pergantis shows the Sparta area on January 10




This video, by Konstantinos Mil. Anagnostou, was published by


This film, by Chios Island Aerial Videos, captured snow scenes on the island following flurries at the end of December 2016




Κωστας Αναστασιου shot this drone video of Volos following snowfalls at the city in early January 


Another drone view of snowy Volos, shared by Evi Rapti





Magos Aerial Productions filmed the snowy city with a drone on January 11 


 More stunning views of Thessaloniki, this time in a film by Air Videos 


Lake Plastiras


Beautiful aerial views of wintry Lake Plastiras near the city of Karditsa, filmed by Vassilis  Kostoulas




Ορεινές Περιπλανήσεις made this video during a January 7 drive near Steni during one of the storms that thrashed the island over a 6-day period


Here’s another video shot during a drive on Evia. This one, by ΡΟΥΜΠΗΣ ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ, was filmed on a sunny January 2 while roads near Stropones were still being cleared after one of the snowfalls.




Beautiful views of “Alonissos under the snow” filmed by Βασιλης Δροσακης


This mix of video and photos by Alonissos TV shows scenes on the island following a  January blizzard that was so devastating, municipal leaders declared a state of emergency


Also from Alonissos TV, a slideshow of winter scenes published January 14




This video of winds and snow lashing the Skiathos Town waterfront was shot by Nikos Nikolakis outside Mythos Cafe Cocktail Bar


Here’s another video of a snowstorm striking Skiathos, this time filmed by Nick Stavridis.




This film by Θεσσαλία Τηλεόραση shows snow scenes from Alonissos and Skopelos on January 10


This January 8 clip by skopelos tv includes a photo slideshow followed by a short video segment


This is a fun videoclip posted to YouTube by Lauren Winslow,  She said that, after four days of snowfalls on Skopelos, “we had a big blizzard and lost power and water. So…we decided to make the most of the snow and spent the morning diving into it. We were surprised to see snow in Greece, let alone 1 meter of it, it was hard to remember that we were on an island in the Mediterranean and not in the Arctic. ” Looks like they had a great time!





Here’s an aerial film by videographer Sokratis Damoulakis, showing snow-dusted countryside near Heraklion on a brilliant sunny day


This is a cretedoc news report showing snow at Rethymno and Chania  


YouTube channel Chania Crete published this video of a drive to the Askifou Plateau 50 kilometers south of Chania on January 1


Another video from the Chania Crete channel, this time showing scenes from Chania during a snowfall on January 8


This film by skrafnakis shows the scenic Lassithi Plateau and Valley area 70 kilometers east of Heraklion


Here’s an aerial video by Nikos Sarantos, showing impressive scenery at Anogeia, a mountain lake, and the PsilorEvitis mountains





ΑΡΓΟΛΙΚΕΣ ΕΙΔΗΣΕΙΣ published this film of snowy Nafplio on January 10




This is an almost haunting aerial film of winter scenery on Naxos. It was produced by Above Productions for




This aerial film by Photo Kontos captured Sifnos “in its white winter dress” after a snowfall on January 9




 This video, shared on Facebook by ReelDrone, features film that Nikos Chatziiakovou shot during snowfalls on Samos in December 2016

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