Hit the beach! Sea, sun, sand, drinks and dining at Platis Gialos, the popular Mykonos “family” beach


Platis Gialos beach Mykonos

A hotel and resort area just a 15-minute bus ride from Mykonos Town, Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches on Mykonos island …


Platis Gialos beach Mykonos

… with hundreds of rental sunbeds and a good selection of bars and tavernas at the front of hotels stretching along the sandy beach


Family friendly: If you’re going to a Mykonos beach and don’t want to watch crowds of young (and not so young) adults getting plastered in raucous shot-drinking contests while writhing provocatively to the loud throbbing beat of dance music, but still want your family to be near a good selection of restaurants, bars and water sports facilities, you’ve got two excellent choices on the island’s south coast. You could visit Ornos beach, which I profiled in my July 24 2011 post, or you could go to Platis Gialos beach. They’re not the only family-friendly beaches on Mykonos, of course, but they are two of the easiest to reach from Mykonos Town — especially if you don’t plan to rent a vehicle during your island visit.


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  1. Amazing beach!!! Everyone should pay a visit!

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