Sea, sun, sand, drinks & dining at Platis Gialos, the popular Mykonos “family” beach


Platis Gialos beach Mykonos

A hotel and resort area just a 15-minute bus ride from Mykonos Town, Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches on Mykonos island …


Platis Gialos beach Mykonos

… with hundreds of rental sunbeds and a good selection of bars and tavernas at the front of hotels stretching along the sandy beach


Family friendly: If you want to spend time with your kids on a beautiful Mykonos beach that has  a good selection of restaurants, bars and water sports facilities, but none of the raucous and raunchy partying that some of the island’s beaches are famous for, then you’ve got two excellent choices on the island’s south coast.

You could visit Ornos beach, which I profiled in my July 24 2011 post, or you could go to Platis Gialos beach. They’re not the only family-friendly beaches on Mykonos, of course, but they are two of the easiest to reach from Mykonos Town — especially if you don’t plan to rent a vehicle during your island visit and will be relying solely on buses or taxis to get around.



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  1. Amazing beach!!! Everyone should pay a visit!

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