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Marathopoli location on Google map

Marathopoli’s location is pinpointed by the red marker on this Google map of the Peloponnese region of Greece


approaching Marathopoli

If you drive to Marathopoli from Pylos or the Costa Navarino area, this Google Streetview image shows how Proti Island, the coast and the main part of town will look as you approach the outskirts




Marathopoli street scene

A blue truck parked outside a house on the edge of town


Proti Island and Marathopoli harbour

Proti Island and Marathopoli harbour, seen from the balcony of our room at the Artina Hotel Nuovo


a house in Marathopoli

A house along the main road through Marathopoli


Argiris Fish Tavern in Marathopoli

You can’t miss the bold blue colours of Argiris Fish Tavern when you take a stroll down The Sidewalk restaurant strip along the seafront


a building in marathopoli

A contemporary-styled residential building along the main road


a house in Marathopoli

A house on a Marathopoli street corner


Marathopoli harbour

Harbour view toward a range of mountains in the distance


Church of the Metamorphosis Sotiros

Street view of the Church of the Metamorphosis Sotiros


Church of the Metamorphosis Sotiros

Side view of the Church of the Metamorphosis Sotiros


a house in Marathopoli

A small whitewashed house with a red-tiled roof and a blue door


a taverna in Marathopoli

Potted plants at the entrance to a taverna along The Sidewalk


Kittens Bar in Marathopoli

Exterior view of Bar Gatounes, which translates as Kittens Bar. It wasn’t open either of the two nights we walked past. 


Faros Luxury Suites hotel

Faros Luxury Suites hotel is situated right next to the seaside and harbour


seaside table at Panorama Taverna in Marathopoli

A table on the seaside below Panorama Taverna


a property in Marathopoli

An estate-sized property on the outskirts of town


a house in Marathopoli

A house with distinctive green shutters and balcony railings


Maistrali Taverna in Marathopoli

The entrance to Maistrali Taverna along The Sidewalk strip at the seafront


Faros Luxury Suites hotel in Marathopoli

Swan-shaped flower planters on the steps at Faros Luxury Suites hotel 


flower pots in Marathopoli

A row of flower and plant pots under a tree on the seaside 


Panorama Taverna in Marathopoli

Panorama Taverna’s seaview patio, where we had a delicious Greek food dinner our first night in Marathopoli


Marathopoli sunset

One of two beautiful sunsets we watched from our balcony at Artina Hotel Nuovo


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