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Stenies and Menites locations on Google Maps

On this image from Google Maps, I have circled  the location of Stenies (upper right) and Menites (bottom left) to show the proximity of the two villages to Andros Town (center right)


Gialia bay Andros

After a short drive over the mountain behind Andros Town, we were treated to this view of Gialia bay. You can’t see them from this spot, but there’s two beaches along the coast, as well as a seaview restaurant. 


Gialia beach on Andros

The right-hand side of Gialia beach is called Piso Gialia


Gialia beach Andros

View of the left side of the beach and the coast along Gialia bay


road to Stenies on Andros

Valley view from the mountaintop highway leading to Stenies


Stenies area of Andros

Red-roofed houses hug the hillsides at Stenies


a house at Stenies on Andros

Full trees and lush vegetation surround a large yellow house on the hill


footpath in Stenies village

A stone-paved footpath leads between tall walls that enclose some of the homes and private estates  on the mountainside


footpath in Stenies village

Many of the hills are lush with flowering plants, thick bushes and trees


a footpath in Stenies

Visitors will encounter lots of steps while walking through Stenies — be sure to wear sturdy shoes!


entrance to a house in Stenies

An elegant entrance gate at a house in Stenies


houses in Stenies village on Andros

You can expect to do a lot of uphill climbing if you want to see all the different levels of “streets” in Stenies


a monument on a street in Stenies

A white monument built into a stone wall at a streetcorner in Stenies


houses and a church in Stenies

Red roofs and a blue-domed church rise above bushy trees on the hillside


footpath in Stenies

We practically had the village all to ourselves — we saw fewer a dozen tourists and locals during the several hours we walked around 


a cat in Stenies

We did see a few cats, as well as a couple of friendly dogs. The cats all kept their distance or fled if we approached.


a house in Stenies

Potted plants on the front veranda of a house in Stenies


a villa in Stenies

Stenies is a popular enclave for the affluent, some of whom own palatial private estates, like the one that stretches across almost the entire lower part of this photo. There’s a chapel and swimming pool at the far left of the property, and a tennis court below the tall stone walls in the middle section.


villa under construction in Stenies

An enormous villa under construction on one of the hills


a villa in Stenies

The sheer size of this residence was breathtaking


a villa in Stenies

It’s possible that this might be a multi-unit residential or holiday home complex, but it’s still big — and definitely not budget accommodations!


a trail in Stenies

Some of the walking routes in Stenies follow dirt trails, like this one, that meander along the countryside


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

The ruins of the Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House dominate a hillside


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

Visitors can walk right up to the tower house 


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

Roof sections and parts of the tower’s stone walls have collapsed


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

Looking up the front of the tower house


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

Despite the tower’s crumbling condition, visitors can get up close to take a peek — the building isn’t cordoned off, so I was able to walk up the front steps to take a look through the open doorway


Bistis-Mouvelas Tower House

Part of the tower interior, which has been ravaged by years of exposure to the elements from the open roof and walls


Stenies village on Andros

Houses on a hillside high above Gialia Bay


houses on a hill in Stenies

More hillside houses at Stenies


houses in Stenies

A multi-unit complex of holiday homes under construction


a courtyard in Stenies

A courtyard near the post office in Stenies


a stone house in Stenies

A stone house with dovecoats and traditional Cycladic design elements


a church belltower in Stenies

A tall bell and clocktower at a church in Stenies


 water fountains at Menites

The two things I most remember about Menites village are the lush vegetation and the sound of flowing water. These fountains were located on the roadside near Drosia restaurant.


 water fountains at Menites

One of the lion-faced water fountains at Menites


a water stream at Menites

There are fountains, streams and water channels all around Menites. You can see many of the watercourses, while you can only hear others that are hidden by the thick vegetation. 


the patio at Drosia restaurant

Part of the patio at Drosia restaurant


canopy of trees at Menites

There is a rich and lush canopy of trees above Drosia restaurant and much of the surrounding area in Menites


a walking trail sign at Menites

Although we reached Menites by car, it’s possible to hike there from Chora on one of the island’s walking paths


View toward Andros Town

A view of Andros Town from the highway that leads to Stenies


This short videoclip shows the Bistis Tower and views from its front steps


I shot this video of Andros Town from a lookout point along the mountain highway that leads from Chora to Stenies


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