Springtime in Paros Part 2



Yria Hotel

Blooms burst from the side of a building at the Yria Hotel


Parasporos beach

Waves break ashore at Parasporos beach


Paros coastline

Looking toward Naxos from the coastline near Agii Anargyri beach


Naoussa street

A vine with salmon-coloured flowers clings to a wall in Naoussa


Piperi beach

A hotel on the rocks next to Piperi beach at Naoussa


a street in Parikia

A street in Parikia


A church in Naoussa

A blue-domed church in the center of Naoussa



Looking toward Naoussa from the coast near the mouth of Agii Anargyri bay


Matsas Windmill

Epi Studios and the Matsas Windmill in Naoussa


Naoussa harbour church

The fishermen’s church next to the Naoussa harbour


 a street in Naoussa

Looking down the street toward SoSo restaurant (left) in Naoussa


coastline near Piperi beach

The rugged coastline to the left side of Piperi beach


road to Parikia

The road to Parikia, viewed from the outskirts of Naoussa


a street in Naoussa

An angular building on a streetcorner in Naoussa



Bougainvillea outside a house in Naoussa


coastline near Naoussa

A cove on the bay near the outskirts of Naoussa


a street in Naoussa

Steps on a street in Naoussa


a street in Naoussa

The view from a hillside street in Naoussa


Parasporos beach

Parasporos beach


a quiet courtyard in Naoussa

A tranquil courtyard behind a church in Naoussa


west coast of Paros

The west coast of Paros near Parasporos


a house in Lefkes

Green doors on a house in Lefkes


a street in Lefkes

A street in Lefkes


Piso Livadi

Boats in the harbour at Piso Livadi



Bougainvillea on a building in Naoussa


buildings near Parasporos beach

Buildings on a hillside near Parasporos beach



A fence in front of a house  in Parikia glows in the evening sun


sailboat at Paros

At sail off the west coast of Paros


Yria Hotel

A small section of the lovely landscaped grounds at the Yria Hotel


Yria Hotel swimming pool

The swimming pool at the Yria Hotel near Parasporos beach


the beach at Piso Livadi

Families relax on the small beach at Piso Livadi


trees next to the bay near Naoussa

Trees next to the bay near Naoussa


Parasporos beach

An umbrella and a pair of sunbeds at Parasporos beach


tree on a beach

A tree on a beach near the Parikia harbour


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  1. Helene Poulakou

    April 24, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Springtime and fall on the Cyclades is magical, as nature is blooming.
    For those who visit the islands in summer — you wouldn’t believe how different those seemingly barren rocks may look!

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