Nicolas Taverna Agia Anna Beach Mykonos

The dining highlights of our Mykonos visit in May included a delicious home-cooked lunch on Agia Anna beach at the Nazos family’s Nicolas Taverna …


Oregano taverna on Mykonos

… a hearty and very satisfying dinner at Oregano Cook & Grill  …


Ithaki taverna at Ornos beach on Mykonos

… and a wonderful meal with a good friend at Ithaki on Ornos beach


Mmmm-mmm Mykonos: I hope you’ll pardon the pun, but one of my biggest “beefs” about Mykonos is that the island has so many dining spots, you smell food cooking and see people eating practically everywhere you go. That’s especially the case in the confusing maze of streets in Mykonos Town, where a half-hour stroll will take you past dozens of tavernas, cafés and snack bars with chairs and tables in the narrow streets or bougainvillea-shaded terraces and courtyards merely steps away. It literally seems like everywhere you look, restaurant staff are busy serving food and beverages, while tourists and locals alike are sitting down to enjoy their snacks, meals or drinks. Of course, everything always looks tantalizing and smells divine!


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