Joanna's Niko's Place Mykonos

Joanna’s Niko’s Place at Megali Ammos Beach was the taverna getting the most buzz amongst travellers to Mykonos this past spring


Rave reviews: Mykonos has such a wide variety of restaurants — serving virtually everything from traditional Greek cooking to Italian food to contemporary international cuisine — that it can be difficult deciding where to eat, or what to recommend to other travellers. It’s also tough keeping track from one tourist season to the next of what’s hot and what’s not, what’s new and what’s gone. A favourite from one visit can be a big let-down next time around, or it could disappear altogether. There are tavernas in remote beach areas that can’t be reached without private transportation because the local buses don’t serve every corner of the island. Some restaurants don’t even open until June, so regular May travellers like us never get a chance to try them. And, of course, personal taste has to be factored into the equation. Some people prefer expensive haute cuisine, while others want cheap ‘n’ cheerful Greek comfort food. Some abhor obvious tourist traps, yet others can’t get enough of them.

Each year, there’s a handful of restaurants that attract a lot of attention in travel magazines and websites, and in conversations between visitors, hotel staff and local residents. This year was no exception.


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