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Where we could have cooled off during this week’s heat wave

Tolo beach IMG_3496

The beautiful golden sand seafront at Tolo stretches for approximately one kilometer from Psili Ammos beach (seen here) to a harbour barely visible in the center-top area of this photo


Extreme temps: We’re never happy after we return home from one of our Greek holidays, as we did three days ago — we always wish we were still in Greece. But this time we’re actually a bit relieved that we’re not there — we simply could not have handled the heat wave currently sweeping across the country.

Sunshine and temperatures hitting the low 30s (Celsius) hindered some of our walking and sightseeing in Nafplio, Monemvasia, Tolo and Hydra on several days of our vacation from May 30 to June 16, but since we left Greece on Thursday temperatures have soared even higher, approaching and even exceeding an absolutely sweltering 40 degrees in many places, particularly on the mainland.



On Saturday, for instance, the temperature reached 43.4 at Sparta, which we had found hot when it was in the low 30s during the day we spent there. As I write this post today, it’s 37 in Nafplio, where a few 30-degree days forced us to limit our activities during the first week of June. And temperatures are forecast to remain scorching hot for several more days. If we were still in Greece, we would either be hiding inside our air-conditioned hotel rooms, or swimming as much as possible.

Fortunately there were plenty of excellent places to take a dip in the sea at most of the destinations we visited. Click on the link below to turn to page 2 and see photos of the great swimming spots we discovered near Epidaurus, Hydra, Monemvasia, Nafplio and Tolo.


Hydronetta swimming spot on Hydra

Bathers cool off in the gorgeous turquoise waters at Hydronetta, a popular coastal swimming spot on Hydra island



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Cool pools: Santa Maria Village hotel on Milos

Santa Maria village hotel

A quiet moment at the Santa Maria Village hotel swimming pool


September swims: For our fourth trip to Greece, in 2007, we decided to travel during the second half of September instead of taking our holiday in late May or early June as we usually do. We figured that, after a long hot summer, the sea would be comfortably warm and so would hotel swimming pools. At least, that’s what seasoned travellers had told us to expect, and that’s what I kept reading in the TripAdvisor.com forums.

But when we got to the first hotel of our island-hopping trip that September — the Santa Maria Village at the port town of Adamas, on Milos — we were shocked to discover that the swimming pool water was ice cold. Other guests who said they had been expecting to do a lot of swimming were also taken aback by the water temperature.


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Top 6 memories of my Mykonos holiday in 2012 #1: A fabulous fourth stay at Hotel Tagoo

Hotel Tagoo Mykonos

A rainbow arcs above the Hotel Tagoo swimming pool and bar on May 18 2012


Holiday home away from home: In my five previous “Mykonos memories” posts, I  have recounted how the scenery, weather, beaches, restaurants and the charming labyrinthine streets of Mykonos Town were highlights of my 2012 visit to the island in May. However, I know this would not have been my best-ever trip to Mykonos if I had not stayed at Hotel Tagoo.

This was not just the fourth consecutive time I stayed there but also my longest visit so far — 8 days. And it was an amazing experience.

I was travelling by myself (my partner couldn’t come along because of work commitments), and before going I had some worries that I might get bored or lonely being on my own. But there was no chance of boredom or loneliness at Hotel Tagoo, thanks to the exceptional friendliness of the hotel management and staff as well as many of the guests staying there — interesting, fun and personable people from England, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia, Sweden, France, Spain, Brazil, Singapore and several other countries in southeast Asia.


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Swimming laps & lounging at the Yria Hotel pool

Yria Hotel Paros

Paros’s Yria Hotel has a beautiful big pool that’s perfect for swimming laps …


Yria Hotel Paros

… plus a comfy poolside terrace that’s perfect for lounging and relaxing


Dreamy setting: Our only visit to Paros, so far, was back in June 2005, but I still recall how relaxed I got chilling out on the beautiful swimming pool terrace at the Yria Hotel near Parasporos beach.

I remember getting a drink from the bar and plunking myself down in a big wicker armchair near the pool, where I quickly drifted off into daydreams while watching the thin beige drapes in the sheltered poolside lounge billow in the soft breeze blowing off the nearby sea.


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Cool pools: Fab views of three Mykonos beaches from the pools at Petasos Beach Resort & Spa

Petasos Beach Resort & Spa Mykonos

The hotel restaurant building, plus rows of seaview lounge chairs and umbrellas, reflect in the almost-smooth-as-glass water of the main swimming pool at the Petasos Beach Resort and Spa at Platis Gialos beach on Mykonos


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