Hotel Tagoo Mykonos

A rainbow arcs above the Hotel Tagoo swimming pool and bar on May 18 2012


Holiday home away from home: In my five previous “Mykonos memories” posts, I  have recounted how the scenery, weather, beaches, restaurants and the charming labyrinthine streets of Mykonos Town were highlights of my 2012 visit to the island in May. However, I know this would not have been my best-ever trip to Mykonos if I had not stayed at Hotel Tagoo.

This was not just the fourth consecutive time I stayed there but also my longest visit so far — 8 days. And it was an amazing experience.

I was travelling by myself (my partner couldn’t come along because of work commitments), and before going I had some worries that I might get bored or lonely being on my own. But there was no chance of boredom or loneliness at Hotel Tagoo, thanks to the exceptional friendliness of the hotel management and staff as well as many of the guests staying there — interesting, fun and personable people from England, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Australia, Sweden, France, Spain, Brazil, Singapore and several other countries in southeast Asia.


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