Bumpy rides to blissful bays and beaches on Karpathos


 Click on the arrow to take a ride to Kato Lako on Karpathos


My fascination with Karpathos continues — I keep spending some of my spare time viewing photos and watching videos of the island. I won’t get to see Karpathos on my trip to Greece this spring, but it never hurts to research places to visit on future vacations, right?

I thought I’d share several Karpathos videoclips that I enjoyed watching today. All four were posted online by YouTube member 365Roman, and I found them interesting because they show what it’s like to drive to some of the island’s sights and attractions, including gorgeous bays and beaches as well as charming mountain and seaside villages.

As all the clips confirm, some of the most breathtaking views and scenery in the Greek Islands are off the main tourist path and take some effort to reach. But it’s worth it — and it’s all part of the fun of exploring Greece.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your tours on Karpathos while someone else does the driving!


The ride to Forokli beach


Driving around the northern part of Karpathos


Touring the island’s southern regions



  1. Karpathos is one of those idyllic Greek islands that is an ideal holiday destination. Highlights include visiting one of the island’s top beaches, such as Forokoli beach and taking in some of the historical sites, such as the Arkasa Mosaics. It’s the perfect island to relax and enjoy all aspects of the Greek culture!

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