Delos ferry prices & times unchanged for 2013


Delos ferry ticket booth

The Delos island ferry ticket booth at the Mykonos Old Port


[Editor’s Update: For information about extended opening hours and extra Delos ferry service in 2014, please see my April 2 2014 report Visiting Delos will be easier this summer with Sunday openings, longer hours and extra ferries.]



No change: Some good news for people travelling in the Cyclades on tight budgets this summer —  prices for visiting Delos island from Mykonos have not increased this year. It still costs €17 for a return ferry ticket (same as in 2012), while admission to the grounds remains €5 (a price that hasn’t changed in years).

According to Greek mythology, Delos is the sacred island on which the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis were born. Administered by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Delos is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top Greek island tour destinations for archaeology and history buffs. Day trips to Delos rank among the top “things to do” for visitors to Mykonos, which is the closest nearby island, and are popular excursions from Naxos and Paros as well.


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  1. We are arriving on the 2nd of september by Norwegian spirit cruise at 1 pm and leaving at 9 pm Could you let us know how we get to see the island of delos? The cruise line does not offer this trip

  2. We are in Mykonos on Sunday Nov 10. Our ship (Ruby Princess) arrives very early in the morning but leaves at 6:00 PM. What are the ferry timings to go to Delos and to return back to Mikonos?

    • admin

      October 18, 2013 at 4:56 pm

      You’ll have to check the schedule at the Delos ferry boat ticket booth when you get to Mykonos. There will probably be one ferry operating one return trip, but I have no idea if that will be the case, and don’t know what time schedule prevails in November. Regular ferry departures are 9, 10 and 11 a.m., though, with returns just past noon and at 1:30 and 3 pm. You shouldn’t have any difficult getting a trip over to Delos unless it’s an extremely windy day and the ferry isn’t running as a result.

  3. Our ship the Disney magic will be arriving Monday July 21, will be able to purchase tickets? It appears closed this day

    • admin

      April 20, 2014 at 1:25 pm

      Yes, Delos will be open on that day. The company forgot to update their online booking form to show that tickets can be purchased for Mondays this season.

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