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What’s cooking in Kokkari?


 Buildings along the harbourfront at Kokkari village on Samos

Mountains provide an impressive backdrop to the scenic town of Kokkari on Samos …



Harbour view of Kokkari village on Samos

… situated about 11 kilometers from Vathi on the north side of the island  …



Harbour view of Kokkari village on Samos

 … next to a sheltered harbour where dozens of bars & restaurants along the water’s edge …



Signs along a row of restaurants in Kokkari

… all engage in eye-catching competition to attract the attention — and business — of the throngs of thirsty and hungry tourists who visit the village each day



Sunbathe, swim, eat & repeat:  Two impressions have stuck in my mind since we visited colourful Kokkari village on Samos three years ago.

The first is the picturesque beaches that bookend the village: Long Beach on one side, and two back-to-back beaches called Small Lemonakia on the other.

The second is the rows of restaurants lining the town’s sheltered harbour as well as much of the length of Long Beach. It’s almost impossible to walk more than a few steps without passing a waterfront café, bar or taverna, or signs pointing the way to dozens of different places to eat and drink. There are myriad restaurant ads and menus attached to posts and walls, and dozens of sandwich board-style signs scattered along the narrow lanes and footpaths.


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Pic of the day: Kokkari’s Long Beach


Long Beach at Kokkari village on Samos

The long pebbly arc of the aptly named Long Beach is one of three separate beaches at Kokkari village on Samos



Greece holiday pic of the day


a building in Kokkari Samos

Blue shutters on a waterfront building in Kokkari village on Samos



Greece holiday pic of the day


Kokkari village on Samos

Houses on the hillside above Kokkari village harbour on Samos


Greece holiday 2010: Beaches at Kokkari, Samos


Long Beach at Kokkari on Samos

A hillside view overlooking the aptly-named Long Beach at Kokkari on Samos


One village, three beaches: The picturesque seaside village of Kokkari on Samos boasts something few other towns in the Greek Islands can brag about: three beaches. On one side of the village is Long Beach, a very long (of course) pebbly beach lined with shops, bars and tavernas and offering rental lounge chairs and umbrellas. On the other side are two crescent-shaped beaches, also pebbly, that sit back-to-back, separated by a small strip of land. Oddly enough, they’ve both got the same name: Small Lemonakia. Below are pics of the two Lemonaki beaches, along with brief videoclips of them.


Small Lemonakia beach

The Small Lemonakia beach closest to Kokkari (just a two-minute walk away)


Small Lemonakia beach

The second Small Lemonakia beach is literally a stone’s throw away from the first




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