May openings


Maison Ostria Sunset Restaurant & Bar on Mykonos

If you find yourself  in the mood for delicious sushi and cocktails accompanied by a magnificent view, you’ll find that Maison Ostria Sunset Restaurant & Bar ticks all the boxes. Located in the new Ocean Inn hotel overlooking Chora (Mykonos Town), Ostria restaurant serves sushi and fusion dishes with “authentic Japanese and Mediterranean flavours.” Situated next to the hotel’s infinity pool, the restaurant’s open-air dining patio boasts stunning views of Mykonos, nearby islands, and of course the mesmerizing Cycladic sunsets. The restaurant is open daily from 8 a.m. until midnight, serving breakfast and brunch items in the morning followed by an all-day menu that includes a selection of salads and main dishes. There is a shisha menu as well. Customers also can visit Ostria to enjoy the swimming pool from morning until 6 p.m. (with €50 per person minimum food & drink consumption). The restaurant opened in May.


Spilia Seaside Restaurant and Bar Mykonos

On May 25, Spilia Seaside Restaurant & Cocktail Bar at Agia Anna Kalafatis announced that it has opened for the season


Beefbar Mykonos

May 21 was opening day for beachfront  Beefbar Mykonos restaurant and bar at Agios Ioannis 


Cine Manto Restaurant on Mykonos

May 19 was season opening for Cine Manto Restaurant, the all-day dining spot situated in the lush garden setting at the Cine Manto outdoor cinema in Mykonos Town.  The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily, serving breakfast, lunch and barbecue dinners.


Cantera Mykonos

Friday May 19 was season opening for Cantera Mykonos, the meat fusion restaurant at the Little Venice seafront in Mykonos Town 


Byblos Mykonos

New to the Mykonos fine dining scene last year, the Peruvian-Japanese restaurant Byblos Mykonos started its second season on May 19


Noema Mykonos

Noema started its “summer of Dionysian pleasures” on May 19.  Located in the Panachra area of Mykonos Town, Noema is a contemporary Greek restaurant and bar that hosts nightly live music entertainment. 


Tuya Mykonos restaurant

A popular new arrival last year, TUYA Mykonos reopened May 19 with its menu of Mediterranean cuisine, exquisite cocktails, and live music entertainment


The dining patio at Coya restaurant on Mykonos

May 19 was opening day for the fourth season of COYA Mykonos, the Peruvian fine dining fusion restaurant, Pisco Bar and lounge. 




Krama restaurant on Mykonos

May 18 was season opening day for Krama restaurant at the Semeli Hotel in Mykonos Town


Azul Condesa Mexican restaurant on Mykonos

The popular Mexican restaurant Azul Condesa returned on May 18


Agrari Beach Restaurant on Mykonos

Agrari Beach Restaurant on Agrari beach opened on May 15


La Cantine du Faubourg Mykonos

May 15 was opening day for La Cantine du Faubourg Mykonos, the elegant open-air French restaurant, bar and DJ lounge at Ornos


Zuma Mykonos

Zuma Mykonos, the opulent Japanese fine dining restaurant and infinity swimming pool bar on the edge of Mykonos Town, started its season on Monday May 15. 


Kalosta taverna on Mykonos

Kalosta Tavern at Panormos beach reopened for the season on May 14


Stasi Diethnes tavern on Mykono

Stasi Diethnes tavern on the road to Paradise beach opened on Saturday May 13, but this season is offering its traditional Greek cuisine selections only for take-away. However, customers will be able to enjoy their take-out meals in the restaurant’s cheery garden. Hours of operation will be 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Ferries in Greece


I Frati Mykonos restaurant

May 12 was opening day for the all-day, sunset-view Italian restaurant I Frati Mykonos


Interni restaurant on Mykonos

Interni restaurant and bar opened on Thursday May 11


Remezzo Mykonos

May 10 was season opening for Remezzo restaurant and bar overlooking the Old Port in Mykonos Town


Aglio e Olio Mykonos photo 02 from the restaurant's Facebook page

May 9 was opening day for the Italian & Mediterranean cuisine restaurant Aglio e Olio in Mykonos Town


Phoebus Mykonos restaurant

A new addition to charming Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town, Phoebus is a pescatarian wine restaurant that developed from an idea two friends from Mykonos conceived in 2015, and brought to reality this spring. “Dive into a sea of flavor, where our dry-aged fish and seafood creations will redefine your seafood experience. Taste the essence of the ocean, elevated to perfection,” says a post on the restaurant’s Intagram page. Phoebus opened its doors on May 8. Only three weeks later, Athinorama restaurant critic Dimitris Antonopoulos paid it an anonymous visit, and in an impressive review published on June 9, said Phoebus “has aesthetics, character and renews the culinary scene of Mykonos.” (You can click here to read the full review, and see photos of several of the restaurant’s exquisite dishes.)


Fokos Taverna on Mykonos

Fokos Taverna at Fokos beach opened on Monday May 8


Busulas Mykonos

Busulas restaurant in Mykonos Town opened on May 8


Catari restaurant on Mykonos

Catari restaurant in Mykonos Town opened for the season on May 5

Mykonos Social restaurant
May 5 was opening day for Mykonos Social, celebrity chef Jason Atherton’s chic Mediterranean restaurant at Santa Marina Resort in Ornos


Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos

May 5 was season opening for Buddha-Bar Beach Mykonos, situated at the Santa Marina Resort in Ornos



Kounelas Fish Tavern on Mykonos

Kounelas Fish Tavern opened its doors on May 4


NOA Greek Restaurant on Mykonos

May 1 was opening day for NOA Greek Restaurant at the Mykonian Kyma hotel


Vasilikos restaurant on Mykonos

May 1 was opening day for Vasilikos Bar-Restaurant at Agios Ioannis


Bistrot de Nicolas on Mykonos

Bistrot de Nicolas will debut a new menu when it opens for the season on May 1


Mantri Mykonos restaurant

Mantri Mykonos restaurant, situated steps from the  Panagia Tourliani monastery in Ano Mera, returned May 1 for its second season



April openings


Nosostros Lounge & Restaurant at Agios Stefanos beach on Mykonos

April 30 was opening day for Nosostros, the all-day restaurant and lounge at Agios Stefanos beach


Lefteris Grill House on Mykonos

Lefteris Grill House at Ornos started its season on April 29


Kiki's Taverna

The inimitable Kiki’s Tavern at Agios Sostis opened April 28


L'aragosta Mykonos Italian restaurant

L’aragosta Mykonos restaurant near Kalafatis beach opened on April 28


Elia Beach Resort beachfront restaurant

On April 28, Elia Mykonos Resort announced that its beachfront restaurant— on Elia beach — has opened for the season 


Bambao Mykonos Noodles & Bao Buns

April 28 was opening day for Bambao Noodles & Bao Buns in the Fabrika Square area of Mykonos Town 


Kostantis beach restaurant on Mykonos

April 28 was opening day for Kostantis restaurant on Ornos beach



Bakalo Greek Eatery in Mykonos Town

April 27 was season opening for Bakalo Greek Eatery at Lakka Square in Mykonos Town 


lalala Mykonos

lalala Mykonos champagne & wine bar and restaurant started its season just before Catholic Easter  and Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations in April


Matsuhisa Mykonos restaurant

The Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos celebrates its 20th anniversary this summer. Situated in the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos Town, the open-air Japanese fine dining and sushi bar launched its season on April 27.


To Apomero restaurant on Mykonos

The Greek restaurant To Apomero at Ornos opened on Tuesday April 25


Mediterraneo Mykonos restaurant

April 20 was opening day for Mediterraneo Mykonos restaurant and cocktail bar. Located at Lakka Square in Mykonos Town, Mediterraneo has been a popular go-to spot since 1998, offering a menu of Italian food, pizza, sushi and Asian fusion cuisine.


Sinners Pizza on Mykonos

On April 15, Sinners Pizza returned for its second season on Mykonos 


Karavaki restaurant on Mykonos

April 14 was opening day for Karavaki restaurant and lounge bar in the Vencia Hotel overlooking Mykonos Town


Yummy Mykonos restaurant on Mykonos

April 13 was opening day for Yummy Mykonos, the street food / crepes / sandwiches / waffles restaurant near Lakka Square



Baboulas Ouzeri on Mykonos

Baboulas Ouzeri started its season on April 13


Kuzina restaurant on Ornos beach on Mykonos

April 13 was opening day for Kuzina restaurant and bar on Ornos beach


Parthenis Cafe on Mykonos

April 13 was opening day for Parthenis Cafe at Alefkandra Square in Little Venice


Aperanto Galazio restaurant on Mykonos

April 12 is opening day for Aperanto Galazio restaurant on Ornos beach


Kavos Fish Tavern on Mykonos

April 12 was opening day for Kavos Fish Taverna, situated at the north end of the small beach along the Mykonos Town harbourfront


Katrin Mykonos

La Maison de Katrin, an iconic fine dining restaurant in operation since 1971, held its season grand opening on Wednesday April 12. Repeat visitors take note — for 2023, you’ll find Katrin in a completely new location, at 23 Panachrantou Street in Mykonos Town.


Niko's Taverna in Mykonos Town

Sunday April 8 was season opening day for Niko’s Taverna in Mykonos Town


Pepper Grill Gastronomy Mykonos

Pepper Grill Gastronomy commenced the 2023 season during the second weekend in April


Ferries in Greece


Nikolas Taverna on Mykonos

Saturday April 8 was season opening day at Nikolas Taverna, our favourite beach dining spot on Mykonos. It’s located right on Agia Anna Paraga beach, mere steps from Paraga beach and a short walk along the coast from Platis Gialos beach.


Rustic Grill Mykonos

April 7 was opening day for Rustic Grill, located in the Vougli area. Its menu features a mix of American and Mediterranean cuisine.


Nautilus restaurant on Mykonos

April 7 was opening day for Nautilus restaurant, located in the Lakka area of Mykonos Town


Cocco Mykonos

On April 7, Cocco Mykonos opened for its second season. The cozy Italian bistro made a big splash on the island’s dining scene last year when it made its debut at the Little Venice seafront of Mykonos Town.


Rhino Mykonos Vegan Street Food

April 7 was opening day for Rhino Mykonos Vegan Street Food in the Matogianni area of Mykonos Town


Garden patio at Mamalouka restaurant on Mykonos

April 6 was opening day for Mamalouka restaurant on Kouzi Georgouli street in Mykonos Town


Street view of Sakis Grill House in Mykonos Town

Sakis Grill House started its season on Monday April 3


Stairs Cafe Bar on Mykonos

April 1 was opening day for Stairs Cafe Bar at Manto Square 


Mykonos Town view from Oniro Bar

April 1 was opening day for Oniro Sunset Bar & Restaurant at the Mykonos View Hotel



Blue Myth Restaurant on Mykonos

Blue Myth restaurant at Platis Gialos beach opened on April 1


Nice n easy Mykonos

April 1 was opening day for Nice n Easy restaurant at Alefkandra Square on the Little Venice seafront 


JackieO Cantina on Mykonos

Saturday April 1 was season opening for JackieO’ Cantina in Mykonos Town


Souvlaki Mykonos Cantina Street Food

April 1 was season opening day for Cantina Mykonos Street Food near the New Port in Tourlos



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