An afternoon at the Old Town and castle in Kyparissia


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Kyparissia location on Google map

Kyparissia’s location is pinpointed on this Google map of the Peloponnese


Eleni Chameri Street in Kyparissia

Looking down Eleni Chameri Street on our way to Kyparissia castle


Kyparissia Old Town

One of the tavernas along the Old Town’s commercial strip


a house in Kyparissia

A container plant display outside a house in the Old Town


Kyparissia Castle

This imposing stone wall looms above the Kyparissia Castle entrance


Kyparissia Castle

Approaching the entrance gate to the Kyparissia Castle



Kyparissia Castle

From just inside the gate, visitors must climb a long flight of stone steps …


Kyparissia Castle

… then follow dirt footpaths the rest of the way to the castle ruins


Kyparissia Castle

Part of the dirt trail leading up to the castle


Kyparissia Castle

Gaps between the trees offer glimpses of the houses on the adjacent hills


Kyparissia Castle

A peek at Kyparissia’s harbour from an opening in the castle wall


Kyparissia Castle

A small amphitheatre in the castle yard


Kyparissia Castle

Rising behind the amphitheatre is one of the few somewhat intact structures still standing inside the castle


Kyparissia Castle

Tall grasses surround the ruins of the ancient stone building


 Kyparissia Castle

A view to the sea from an opening in the castle wall


Kyparissia church and cemetery

A view of a church and cemetery on the lowlands to the northwest of the castle 


Kyparissia Castle

Another building inside the castle


mountains at Kyparissia

From a vantage point inside the castle, we got this view of the mountains rising behind Kyparissia. Fortunately for us, the clouds stayed over the mountains while we were visiting the town.


Kyparissia Castle view

Another castle view of nearby mountains and houses on the hills




Kyparissia church

I. N. Agias Triadas church, near the Kyparissia Castle


Kyparissia Old Town

A medieval-themed street lamp hanging from a wall near the castle


a house in Kyparissia

A rustic house with a view to the sea


lemon tree in Kyparissia

A tree laden with lemons in the front yard of a house in the Old Town


Kyparissia Old Town

A stone wall and houses along a lane in the Old Town


a house in Kyparissia

Houses on the hillside directly below the castle wall


a lane in Kyparissia

A peek at the sea from a hillside lane


Kyparissia Castle

Houses clinging to the steep hillside below the castle


Kyparissia Castle

The Castle’s Greek flag flutters in the light breeze


hillside buildings in Kyparissia

Two of the many interesting buildings in and around the Old Town


a house in Kyparissia

An orange tree in the front yard of a hillside house


a house in Kyparissia

A cute little house with faded blue shutters and doors


a building in Kyparissia

An old stone building that’s ripe for renewal and renovation


steps on a Kyparissia hillside

A hillside lane paved with wide stone steps 


a building in Kyparissia

Another old building oozing charm and character


entrance gate in Kyparissia

An elegant entrance gate for what appears to be a school (my guess, based on the basketball hoop and playground equipment on the grounds)


dogs in Kyparissia

Siesta time at one of the tavernas on the Old Town’s main street


a store in Kyparissia

An old pantopoleion on the main street


shop sign in Kyparissia

The reference to Old Arcadia on the shop sign is a nod to the town’s historic past — Kyparissia was called Arcadia in the Middle Ages


a hillside path in Kyparissia

Stone walls line both sides of a path that climbs the hillside behind the commercial buildings on the main street


Kyparissia Old Town view

A view of the lower town and sea from an open spot in the Old Town


Messinia G shop

Street view of the Messinia Gi shop


an old building in Kyparissia

Another “handyman’s special” — one of many “fixer-uppers” we came across during our walks in and near the Old Town


Kyparissia Castle

A parting view of Kyparissia Castle


This 3.5-minute video by Daria Gerus takes you on a tour of the Kyparissia Castle, and shows the wonderful views  visitors can enjoy from various vantage points around the fortress



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  1. Martin Piernikarczyk

    October 30, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    What a lovely website. Kyparissia is one of my favorite towns also. I lived on the small beach in the early seventies as a hippy in 1973 and 1976. I was last there 4 years ago and many times before.
    Just down the road southwards is Methoni with its romantic fortress by the sea and if you go north you come to Kalo Nero with an amazing beach and thermal springs.
    Lord Byron loved Greece and many other people also.
    Martin Piernikarczyk

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