Glimpses of Gavrio, and a ferry ride from Andros to Tinos


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Satellite view of Gavrio village on Andros

A Google satellite view of Gavrio village on the right-hand side of Gavrio Bay.  The port facility occupies more than half of Gavrio’s waterfront, while the long habourfront street is lined with restaurants and shops.


Outskirts of Gavrio

The outskirts of Gavrio, close to Liopessi beach


Outskirts of Gavrio village

A tree-shaded walkway on the outskirts of Gavrio, near Liopessi beach.  The sidewalk ends abruptly and doesn’t continue all the way into town.


road leading into Gavrio

The highway passes through this rock cut as it approaches the town center


Gavrio village on Andros

Several short blocks before the waterfront, the road narrows into a lane barely wide enough for two vehicles to pass


Google Street View of Gavrio port and waterfront strip

The road ends near the port entrance, seen on the left side of this image from Google Street View. Dozens of shops and restaurants line the harbourfront street (right) which extends halfway up Gavrio Bay.


Gavrio waterfront on Andros

Mountains and low, rolling hillsides encircle Gavrio Bay


Gavrio harbourfront

The Gavrio harbourfront and village extend along one side of the bay


Gavrio harbourfront

Motorboats moored at the pedestrian walkway


Gavrio harbourfront

View toward a blue-domed church on a hill overlooking the port


Gavrio waterfront

Another view from the pedestrian promenade


Gavrio harbourfront

Fishing boats moored near the commercial street


Gavrio waterfront

The pedestrian pathway extends along most of the harbourside


Gavrio harbour on Andros

View toward a long strip of sand at the top of Gavrio Bay, a short walk past the commercial harbourfront area


Gavrio waterfront

A path to the beach crosses this footbridge above a creek


Sandy shore on Gavrio Bay

Though sandy, the beachfront didn’t look suitable for swimming … it appeared to be chiefly an anchorage area for smaller motorboats


Archondiko restaurant at Gavrio

Harbour and bay view from our table at Archondiko restaurant


View from Archondiko restaurant in Gavrio

The Golden Star Ferries ship Superferry II called into Gavrio port while we were having lunch at Archondiko


Hotel Galaxy in Gavrio

Rooms on the street side of the Galaxy Hotel have balconies overlooking the port and views of the entire bay


Departure day: Our final views of Andros

After six days and nights that seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, our first-ever Andros holiday was drawing to a close. It was May 31, and we would be taking a morning ferry to Tinos, where we would have several hours of free time before catching an afternoon ship to Syros, where we would be spending the next 10 nights.

We got to Gavrio port shortly after 9:30 a.m., and had to cool our heels for nearly half an hour before our ship, the Superferry II, was scheduled to arrive. The wait passed quickly, and we got to watch the Fast Ferries ship Ekaterini P call into port on its regular run from Rafina to Andros, Tinos and Mykonos.


Gavrio ferry port

I catch up on some reading in the waiting area at the Gavrio ferry port


waiting at the Gavrio port

Other ferry passengers wait for their ship to arrive


Ekaterini P ferry at Gavrio

The Ekaterini P ferry prepares to dock at Gavrio port


Ekaterini P ferry at Gavrio

Passengers gather on the rear decks of the Ekaterini P ferry to get a look at Gavrio during the ship’s brief stop in port


Ekaterini P ferry at Gavrio

Passengers disembark from the Ekaterini P, which will next call at Tinos island on its way to Mykonos



Mere minutes after the Ekaterini P sailed out of the bay, the Superferry II arrived and tied up at the pier. Although several dozen passengers were still disembarking, port officials told us to begin boarding the ship. As we wound through the throngs of people stepping ashore, we were taken aback to see a tour company representative standing near the exit gate, holding a “Welcome to Tinos” sign in the air.  Several passengers coming off the Superferry II saw it, too, and stopped in their tracks, obviously wondering if they were getting off at the wrong island. One fellow approached us and asked: “Is this Andros or Tinos? I’m supposed to be going to Andros!” He breathed a big sigh of relief when I told him he was at the right island. A woman behind him seemed relieved, too, but was still clearly irritated. “Why the hell is that guy waving a ‘Welcome to Tinos’ sign when this is Andros? I nearly turned around and got back on the ferry!” I wondered if anybody had done just that.

Within minutes we had stashed our luggage in the hold and climbed up to the passenger decks, just in time to get some final views of Gavrio as the Superferry II left the pier and sailed out of Gavrio Bay.


Superferry II at Gavrio port

The Superferry II steams toward the Gavrio ferry pier


Gavrio port

A view of Gavrio port as Superferry II sails out of Gavrio Bay


Gavrio port

Another view of the port and village with mountains as a backdrop


Gavrio port

A final glimpse of the port area … 


Gavrio port town

… and one last look at the Gavrio waterfront and the hills behind the village


houses above Gavrio Bay

Buildings cling to the steep hills on the opposite side of the bay from the Gavrio port and village


houses above Gavrio bay

Another view of the northwest side of Gavrio Bay


Gavrio Bay on Andros

Passing the breakwater at the mouth of Gavrio Bay 


Superferry II passengers

Passengers look back at Gavrio Bay as the Superferry II heads out to sea


Gavrio Bay view from the Superferry II

I stood near a corner on one of the ship’s upper rear decks to enjoy the coastal scenery as the Superferry II sailed along the western coast of Andros


Departing Gavrio bay on Andros

The Superferry II leaves Gavrio Bay far behind in its wake


western coast of Andros

A view of the Andros coast south of Gavrio …


western coast of Andros

… and a view of the coast even farther to the south


seagulls following Superferry II

As the ship turned away from Gavrio Bay, a flock of seagulls began following close behind. The big birds took turns diving onto the ship’s wake, where they would briefly sit atop the churning water before flying back into the air. 


I shot this video of our seagull escort. While I have seen seagulls accompany some of our ferries in the past, this was the first time I had seen the birds land on the ship’s wake for a momentary rest. I initially thought they might be diving to catch fish churned up by the ship, but the videoclip shows the seagulls simply sitting on the water for a few seconds before taking flight.


Agios Petros beach on Andros

Ferry deck view of Agios Petros beach on Andros


islet near Andros

An islet off the coast of Andros 


an islet near Andros

Another small island near the Andros coast


view toward Gavrio on Andros

Looking back in the direction of Gavrio as the ship passes the small island 


western coast of Andros

Houses on a hillside above the Andros coast


western coast of Andros

Sunlight sparkles on the sea off the Andros coast


a mountain on Andros

A mountain on Andros


a passenger on Superferry II

A passenger is surrounded by empty seats on the ferry’s upper deck


Superferry II approaching Tinos

Upper deck view of Tinos island


channel between Andros and Tinos

A speedboat passes the narrow channel between Andros and Tinos 


speedboat near Andros island

It was extremely breezy on the top deck of the Superferry II, so it must have been even windier for the passengers seated at the front of the speedboat


speedboat near Tinos

The speedboat approaches the northern tip of Tinos as it passes our ferry 


speedboat at Tinos

Another view of the speedboat heading along the Tinos coast


Tinos coastline

Imposing mountains and cliffs along the northwestern coast of Tinos



Superferry II interior

A sitting area on one of the Superferry II‘s passenger decks


Superferry II cafe

The Golden Cafe on the Superferry II


Superferry II cafe

A large open area in front of the cafe


Superferry II

We nicknamed the open space “the Superferry disco” because it resembled a dance floor.  Sadly, nobody got up to boogie.


a lighthouse on Tinos

A lighthouse on the western coast of Tinos


buildings on Tinos

Buildings on a hill above the Tinos coast


west coast of Tinos

Another view toward the small settlement area above the Tinos coast


Tinos coast

A view of the Tinos coast a short distance from Tinos Town


Tinos coast

The coastline near Tinos Town, part of which is visible at right


Tinos Town

A mountain peak looms dramatically behind Tinos Town 


Superferry II passengers

Passengers wait to disembark the ferry at Tinos Town


Superferry II at Tinos port

A view of the Superferry II docked at Tinos port


Superferry II passengers at Tinos port

Superferry II passengers walking from the port to the commercial center of Tinos Town


Tinos Town waterfront

Port view of the Tinos Town waterfront and main commercial district

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