The postcard conundrum


postcard racks on Santorini

Browsing postcard racks at a souvenir shop in Oia village on Santorini


Travel tradition: Call me old-fashioned, but I still send postcards to family and friends when we’re vacationing in Greece. I’m talking paper postcards with handwritten messages, stamped and posted at letter collection boxes in Athens or villages on whatever island we happen to visit.  The real deal that recipients can actually hold in their hands, not a fleeting e-card or email greeting that will momentarily flash on their smartphones or computer screens!

For me, sending postcards is a fun part of our Greece travel experience — especially since I write the messages and address the cards while enjoying a glass of wine on our hotel room balcony or at a taverna with a wonderful view.

postcards pay here sign But picking the right card for each particular person on my list can be a bit daunting since the array of postcard choices is so extensive. At some souvenir stands in Athens and on a few of the islands we have visited, the selection has been simply staggering — rack after rack after rack, all packed with dozens if not even hundreds of appealing postcards.

What to choose? Scenes of beaches, mountains, landscapes, churches or villages? Images of monuments, ruins, antiquities or museum artefacts? Photos of cute cats, dogs or donkeys? Pictures of old folks in traditional garb or physically well-endowed young adults clad in skimpy bikinis or Speedos … or wearing nothing at all? (There’s usually even a few “naughty” cards with pictures of ancient pottery bearing images of two or more adults engaged in explicit sex acts.) I usually wind up purchasing more cards than I need, and bring the leftovers home as personal souvenirs.

Santorini postcardsWhat I particularly like about postcard shopping in Greece is the careful way most of the souvenir shop staff handle the cards I’ve decided to buy. They always insert the cards (and any stamps I purchase) inside either a small paper bag or a clear plastic sleeve, so the cards won’t get scuffed or bent before I have a chance to write and post them. It’s touching how some of the shopkeepers appear so grateful and proud that a visitor will be sending postcard pictures of Greece to people around the world.

The only downside to picking postcards is that I inevitably find pictures of spectacular places that I didn’t know about, or didn’t have time to see. But that just means there will always be new sites and attractions to explore on a return visit.

Kokkari postcard shop

This postcard shop in Kokkari village on Samos had the best selection I’ve seen anywhere. Besides the cards displayed outside, the shop had hundreds more to choose from inside!


Kokkari postcard shop

Some of the cards displayed outside the Kokkari souvenir shop.


Archetype souvenir shop Mykonos

A cat snoozes beneath a postcard display at the Archetype souvenir shop near the Paraportiani church in Mykonos Town

 Archetype Souvenir Shop

Night view of the Archetype souvenir shop in Mykonos Town


postcard racks in Mykonos Town

Postcard racks in a narrow lane in Mykonos Town

  Naxos postcards

Postcard display outside a shop on the Naxos Town waterfront


postcards in Oia

Postcard racks outside a souvenir shop in Oia village on Santorini


Mykonos postcards

Postcards on display in Mykonos Town


Mykonos postcards

Postcards at a Mykonos souvenir stand


Naxos postcards

A postcard and bookmark display at a shop in Naxos Town


  1. It’s a shame that writing a simple note by hand and sending it to friends and family is virtually a lost art. The postcards that you can find in souvenir shops in Greece are beautiful and represent the country very well. I always buy more than I need so that I can have reminders of my trip.

    • you should join post-crossing if you love postcards 🙂 That way you can send your beautiful Greek postcards with others across the world.

  2. Beautiful, and what a big selection of postcards. I love the cat one. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. 🙂

  3. Have you ever tried postcrossing? It’s a nice way to send and recieve postcards from all over the world :-).

    Next week I’m visiting Athens. Do you know any good places to find/buy postcards?

    Greetings from Belgium!

  4. Hi I will be in kokkari this summer. Do you recall the name of the shop? I am interested in buying loads of cards . I’m a postcrosser .

  5. Does Greece have postcard stamps? And if so, how much are they? My vacation mailing list is quite lengthy….Our upcoming trip might cost me an arm and a leg.

    • admin

      August 13, 2018 at 9:20 pm

      I mailed postcards from Greece this past June and the cost was 80 cents per card. Cards were delivered to addresses in Europe, North America and Australia for this price. There are no specific stamps for postcards; however, when you purchase postcards, ask the shop if they sell stamps. Most (but not all) places sell them, so that saves you a trip to the Hellenic Post office to purchase stamps. If the postcard vendor doesn’t sell stamps, they should be able to tell you where — besides a post office — you can purchase some.

  6. Hi! I am happy that I found your website. I am obsessed with post cards. My family and I went to Santorini Greece August 2019 and I thought I bought my post card. I am looking for authentic santorini post card that is originally from Oia. Do you sell your extra santorini post card? I even tried to buy from Greek restaurants… please..

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