Syrtaki dancing on the Mykonos Town waterfront

Skandinavian Bar posted this photo on its Facebook page today with the caption: “World record in Syrtaki dance now in Mykonos!!!”



syrtaki dancing Mykonos

This photo of the line of syrtaki dancers was posted on Facebook by Kelly Goletsou



This video of the syrtaki dancing was posted on Facebook by Maria-Antonia Georgakopoulou



This video was posted on YouTube today by Ioanna Samiotaki




Meanwhile, Hotel Jason posted this video on its Facebook page today  …



syrtaki dancing mykonos

… along with this photo showing the dancers from a different perspective



This video was shot from the same vantage point as the photo above. It appears on the YouTube channel for John van Lerberghe.



 syrtaki dancing Mykonos

And this photo was posted on Facebook by Ioanna Samiotaki