Springtime in Paros



a street in Parikia

A taverna and shops along a street in Parikia



Bougainvillea drapes the side of a building in Naoussa


Agia Triada church

Agia Triada church (Church of the Holy Trinity) in Lefkes village



The tree-lined harbourside street in Parikia


Yria Hotel

The colourful entrance to the Yria Hotel near Parasporos beach


west coast of Paros

West coast of Paros near Parasporos


a house in Naoussa

Bougainvillea and tall evergreens next to a house in Naoussa


Paros countryside

The countryside behind Parasporos beach



A canopy of bougainvillea above a terrace in Naoussa



Palm trees frame a house with blue shutters in Naoussa


Diana Apartments

Flowerpots line the courtyard at Diana Apartments in Naoussa


Piperi beach

Houses and hotels on the hill above Piperi beach at Naoussa


a street in Parikia

A colourful street in Parikia


a Naoussa street

A Naoussa resident repaints the lines on the street outside her house


Agia Triada church

Agia Triada church in Lefkes


Naoussa cats

Two cats relax in the doorway of a house in Naoussa


Konstantza Cafe

The sun-dappled terrace at Konstantza Cafe in Naoussa


Yria Hotel

A huge palm tree next to the driveway entrance to the Yria Hotel


beach in Parikia

A beach in Parikia catches the late afternoon sun


Parikia street

Banners flutter above a street in Parikia


Pension Festos

The colourful entrance to Pension Festos in Parikia


Naoussa seafront

The seafront in Naoussa



Brilliant pink blooms outside a house in Naoussa


Contaratos Beach Hotel

The hillside behind Contaratos Beach Hotel at Agii Anargyri beach in Naoussa



Bougainvillea welcomes visitors to a house in Naoussa



A bench and lamppost on a street in Lefkes


a Hellenic Seaways ferry

A Hellenic Seaways ferry passes the rocky west coast of Paros


Saint Konstantinos church

Historic Saint Konstantinos church in Parikia


Yria Hotel

Flowerpots on a stairway at the Yria Hotel


Parasporos Bay

The rocky shores and turquoise waters of Parasporos Bay


road near Kolimbithres

Stone walls along a road near the Astir of Paros Beach Resort


Aquarius taverna

The Aquarius taverna across from the Ekatontapiliani church in Parikia


bars in Naoussa

Big Blu and Barbarossa bars at the harbourside in Naoussa


a building in Naoussa

Bougainvillea clings to the front of a building in Naoussa


evergreen trees in parikia

A lamppost and evergreen trees along the harbourside road in Parikia


Naoussa harbour

Taverna tables next to the picturesque harbour at Naoussa


Kosmitis Hotel

The Kosmitis Hotel at Agii Anargyri beach



Bougainvillea climbs above a terrace in Naoussa


Piperi beach

Sunbeds on Piperi beach at Naoussa


Ekatontapiliani church

Ekatontapiliani church — the Church of the 100 Doors — in Parikia


a street in Naoussa

Bougainvillea cascades above a street in Naoussa


Parasporos beach

The rugged coastline near Parasporos beach


Calypso Hotel

A tall palm tree graces the grounds of the Kalypso Hotel in Naoussa


Piperi beach

Looking toward Piperi beach at Naoussa


a street in Parikia

A street in Parikia


church belltower

A church belltower in Parikia



Naoussa viewed from Kolimbithres beach across the bay


a street in Naoussa

Flowerpots on the steps outside Katerinas Rooms in Naoussa


field near Monastiri beach

Looking toward mountains on nearby Naxos from a hillside near Monastiri beach


Naoussa flowerpots

Flowerpots climb a set of stairs at a house in Naoussa


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