Kolimbithres beach Paros

One of the sandy beach coves at Kolimbithres on Paros


Cozy coves: As things turned out, May 24 2012 was not a good day to hit the beach on Paros. Although it was sunny when I went for breakfast, a rainstorm gave Naoussa a brief but thorough soaking in late morning before strong winds blew the clouds out to sea. It turned sunny again, but the winds refused to let up. Because of the blustery conditions, it wasn’t a good day for cycling, either. But since it was my last full day on the island, I decided to rent a mountain bike from a cycle shop in Naoussa regardless, and rode off to see two beaches on the far side of the bay.

The mainly downhill bike ride to from Naoussa to Kolimbithres took only 15 minutes, and I arrived to find the area completely deserted. I shouldn’t have been surprised — it was just too damned windy near the water! In fact, when I stopped riding and hopped off my bike, I nearly got blown over by a fierce gust of wind that sprayed me with a light mist of salt water. Since I had come all that way, though, I thought I would tough it out for awhile and see if I could at least take some photos and videos of what people have told me is one of their favourite beaches in the Greek Islands. I could see why they liked it so much.


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