Greece holiday 2011: Mykonos


Mykonos Town

Looking down on Mykonos Town and its harbour


The main harbourside walkway in Mykonos Town

The main harbourside walkway in Mykonos Town


 a street in Mykonos Town

A church on a street in the heart of Mykonos Town


Mykonos Town harbour

Mykonos Town harbour


the famous Mykonos pelican

Tourists meet the famous Mykonos pelican


A street in Mykonos Town


an intersection in Mykonos Town

An intersection in Mykonos Town


boats in Mykonos harbour

Boats in Mykonos harbour



Octopus drying in the sun at Babulas taverna


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  1. Hi,

    Can you help me to make final decision, please. I would like to visit Mykonos but for some reason we had to move our holiday plans from August to mid October 13th 2017. Can you advice please what weather I can expect there.

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