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Just hanging around ’til dinnertime


octopus hanging to dry

Octopus hang on a line outside Drakos taverna at Mylopotas beach on Ios


octopus drying on a line

Octopus drying in the sun at Babulas Taverna in Mykonos Town


Seafood staple: I’ll never forget the first time I saw a plate of cooked octopus. It was in Toronto’s famous Greektown on the Danforth district at a restaurant that — thankfully — no longer exists. We had gone to Greektown to have dinner with our friend, Sarah, and wound up at this particular restaurant because it was the only place in the neighbourhood that didn’t have a long line of people waiting for a table. That should have been a clear warning sign that the restaurant’s quality might be questionable, but we were hungry and didn’t feel like waiting to get into any of the popular places down the block. What a mistake!


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Greece holiday 2011: Mykonos


Mykonos Town

Looking down on Mykonos Town and its harbour


The main harbourside walkway in Mykonos Town

The main harbourside walkway in Mykonos Town


 a street in Mykonos Town

A church on a street in the heart of Mykonos Town


Mykonos Town harbour

Mykonos Town harbour


the famous Mykonos pelican

Tourists meet the famous Mykonos pelican


A street in Mykonos Town


an intersection in Mykonos Town

An intersection in Mykonos Town


boats in Mykonos harbour

Boats in Mykonos harbour



Octopus drying in the sun at Babulas taverna