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Perspectives of Patmos


This is one of two aerial videos that the Municipality of Patmos released in early March to promote the charming isle, located in the Dodecanese chain of islands. The municipality’s other official film appears below.


Simply delightful: We have enjoyed every island we have visited in Greece, but some simply feel more comfortable, delightful and memorable than others. Patmos is one of them.

Although we have been to Patmos only once,  for four days in May 2010, it feels like it was just  yesterday — our memories of how the island looked and felt remain razor-sharp and almost palpable. 

Those feelings got tweaked a little last week when the Municipality of Patmos released two official videos to promote the island for 2016. The aerial film of the island’s beautiful sights and scenery included views of many places we saw six years ago, along with others we didn’t have enough time to visit. Surprisingly, the light and shadows in some of the video scenes looked the same as when we were there — particularly when the camera captures locations bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun.   

The clips include views of the island’s port town, Skala, the fortress-like Monastery of St John, Chora village, Grikos Bay, Kalikatsou Rock, and several of the island’s beautiful bays and beaches.

Watching the films has been a reminder that we’ve got to get back to Patmos to re-experience its charms and enchanting atmosphere. And to enjoy another serving (or two or three) of the absolutely amazing roasted chickpeas from Flisvos Taverna ….



Pic of the day: Gorgeous Grikos Bay on Patmos


Grikos Bay on Patmos

We enjoyed this panoramic view from our balcony at the Hotel Golden Sun at Grikos Bay on Patmos during our Dodecanese holiday in May 2010.  Below is another Grikos Bay photo we shot from the hotel. Click on the pictures to view full-size images.


Grikos Bay on Patmos



Good eats at Grikos


Grikos Bay Patmos

We stayed at gorgeous Grikos Bay on Patmos in May 2010 …


Stamatis taverna Grikos Bay Patmos

… and enjoyed meals at Stamatis taverna in the harbour area …


Flisvos restaurant Grikos Bay Patmos

… at Flisvos restaurant on the hillside overlooking the bay …


Ktima Petra taverna Grikos Bay Patmos

… and at Ktima Petra on the road to nearby Petra beach


Fantastic food: There are two things we remember most about our first-ever trip to Patmos in 2010: the beautiful scenery at Grikos Bay, and the equally impressive meals we had at three restaurants in the Grikos area. In fact, while we were on Samos after our visit to Patmos, we kept commenting about how much we missed the food at Grikos. And to this day, we still talk about one of the delicious dishes we enjoyed during two different dinners:  the roasted chickpeas at Flisvos restaurant. My attempts to recreate the recipe at home have failed miserably, so I’m hoping that some day soon we can return to Grikos and order them again!

Here’s a brief recap of our four memorable meals at Grikos Bay:


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Greece holiday 2010: Grikos Bay on Patmos


Grikos Bay on Patmos

Grikos Bay on Patmos, viewed from our balcony at the Hotel Golden Sun


Quick clips: Below are several short videoclips of Grikos Bay on Patmos. Most were shot from our balcony at the Hotel Golden Sun, including one from the morning after a violent overnight thunderstorm struck Patmos, knocking out the power on the island for several hours. The videoclip shows the storm system moving away from Patmos and soaking the coast of Turkey with the same heavy downpours we had experienced during the night. The fourth clip was filmed early one morning from Kalikatsou Rock, which is visible near the upper right-hand corner of the photo above. It gives views of Petra Bay and Petra Beach before panning across Grikos Bay.

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