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Mykonos dining & drinking: Your table is ready


Camares restaurant Mykonos

Setting a group table on the harbour-view terrace at Camares restaurant next to Taxi Square (Manto Square) in Mykonos Town


Your table is ready: Where shall we eat today? Where should we go for a drink? Those are daily vacation dilemmas no matter where you travel. But those questions are even more vexing on Mykonos, which boasts a mind-boggling and appetite-whetting vast selection of restaurants and bars just in its main port town alone. There are dozens more dining and drinking establishments elsewhere on the island, including the inland village of Ano Mera and most of the island’s 20+ beaches. Even if you spent an entire month on Mykonos and dined and drank at a different place every day, you still wouldn’t make it to every place on the island. Which of course means that you’ll have plenty of restaurants and bars to sample on your next visit. So how the heck are you supposed to decide where to eat and drink if you’ve got only a few days or maybe just a week to stay on Mykonos?

Since it became popular with the jet set during the play days of Jackie O, Mykonos has catered to the world’s rich and famous with an impressive array of exclusive high-end restaurants. But even if you’ve got money to burn, you’ll still be spoiled with choices.

Serving French and international cuisine since 1971, Katrin has been a favourite with the “mature” in-crowd who don’t care how much anything costs. Three travellers from New York City who dined there in July 2009 told me the average price for a meat or fish entree was €100, while even small starter plates were priced from €20 to €30 and up. Was it worth it? One thought the prices seemed a bit steep; however, “they are what they are and they cater to their own clientele,” he acknowledged. Nevertheless, “the service was incredible and the food was really wonderful. Great quality and wonderful flavors.” Their bill for food and wine came to €340 plus tip, and they left Katrin’s feeling “very happy and extremely content.” (For that price, I should hope so!) The atmosphere was just as enjoyable as the meal, they added. “It is a very social scene with lots of mingling between tables.. relaxed and elegant.”

For the stylish younger crowd flush with cash, the Belvedere Hotel is the place to see and be seen, particularly over cocktails at either the über-hip Belvedere Bar or the Sunset Saki Bar & Lounge, or during dinner at world-renowned Matsuhisa Mykonos (often called “Nobu” after its namesake founder, celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa.) Also popular is Nammos Restaurant by the Sea at swanky Psarou beach, where music and movie stars, royalty and the merely fabulously wealthy sometimes sail into the scenic bay on private multimillion-dollar yachts.

There are dozens more fine dining establishments that are easier on the pocketbook (though still a tad on the expensive side) than the posh places mentioned above that are magnets for celebrities and socialites.  They include Avra and its “sister” restaurant NiSa, along with Lotus and Interni for international cuisine, Sea Satin Market for seafood, Uno Con Carne for steak, Pasta Fresca Pizza Barkia for Italian (including hand-made fresh pasta), and Gola and Aqua Taverna for Italian/Mediterranean — all in Mykonos Town. Spilia in the Hotel Anastasia Village at Agia Anna bay (near Kalafatis)is known for superb seafood and pasta served in a romantic cave-like restaurant setting above the sea.

For moderately-priced Greek cuisine in Town, Bakalo and To Ma’ ereio (also called Maerion, it’s one of my favourite restaurants in the Greek Islands) get consistent good reviews; I hear very favourable feedback about Matthew Taverna and El Greco near the new port at Tourlos, too. Friends who live in Greece keep telling me how much they enjoy watching the sunset while savouring tasty Thai and Chinese dishes at Blue Ginger on the main highway above Town.

Meanwhile, Antonini, Opa, Ta Kioupia, Paraportiani, Kostas, Marco Polo and the ever-popular Niko’s Taverna keep drawing customers back to Town with their reliable and reasonably-priced traditional Greek cuisine, as does Kounelas Fish Taverna for fresh seafood (of course) and Catari for pizza and pasta. Serving delicious (and reasonably-priced) Greek dishes outside of Town are Oregano along the main highway to Tourlos, Joanna’s Niko’s Place at Megali Ammos beach, Avli tou Thodori, Bonatsa and Atlantida (in the Acrogriali Hotel) at Platis Gialos beach, Nicolas taverna at Agia Anna (which I mentioned in my June 20 2011 post about Agia Anna beach), Tasos at Paraga beach, Ithaki at Ornos beach, Hippie Fish at Agios Ioannis (which I described in my July 7 2011 post about the “Shirley Valentine beach”), Elia taverna at Elia beach, Taverna Luna at Lia beach, Fokos Taverna at Fokos beach, and Kiki’s Taverna at Agios Sostis beach.

On a tight budget? There’s plenty of places to get cheap eats such as gyros, souvlaki, spinach pies and sandwiches. Jimmi’s Souvlaki (open 24/7 from May to October) and Sakis serve yummy and inexpensive Greek “fast food,” while Piccolo is the place to go for quality take-out sandwiches, home-made Mykonian onion and honey pies, and other light fare. There’s dozens more take-out and eat-in cafés throughout the Town.

Feeling hungry yet?

I’ll talk about some of our specific Mykonos dining experiences in future posts. Until then, here are some photos of tables ready and waiting for you on Mykonos.


Maerion taverna in Mykonos Town

Flowers brighten a streetside table outside the entrance of Maerion (To Ma’ ereio) taverna on Kalogera Street in Mykonos Town. It’s our favourite spot for people watching while we’re enjoying Maerion’s wonderful local Greek cuisine.


Restaurants at Little Venice in Mykonos

Seaside tables at the scenic Little Venice area of Mykonos Town


Philippi restaurant on Kalogera Street in Mykonos

Café tables outside Philippi restaurant and bar on Kalogera Street


a cocktail bar in Little Venice

Tables and cushioned seats in a lane outside a Little Venice cocktail bar


a cafe in Mykonos Town

A café on a corner in the shopping district of Mykonos Town


Marco Polo taverna in Mykonos Town

Red checkered tablecloths at Marco Polo taverna coordinate with nearby bougainvillea, balcony railings, window shutters … and even laundry


a cafe in Mykonos Town

Colourful dining terrace at a cafe in Mykonos Town


Kikis taverna at Agios Sostis on Mykonos

The tree-shaded terrace at Kiki’s taverna at Agios Sostis beach


a cafe in Mykonos Town

Umbrellas shade a café terrace in Mykonos Town


a taverna at Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town

A taverna at Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town


a cocktail bar at Little Venice in Mykonos

Seaview tables at a cocktail bar at Little Venice


Bolero Bar in Mykonos Town

Bolero Bar and Internet café in Mykonos Town


Pelican restaurant at Goumenio Square Mykonos

Bougainvillea blooms and vines provide a colourful canopy above the dining terrace at Pelican restaurant at Goumenio Square


Alefkandra taverna in Little Venice

Alefkandra taverna at Little Venice


Niko's Taverna in Mykonos Town

Tables in the square a few steps above perenially-popular Niko’s Taverna …


Nikos Taverna in Mykonos Town

… and more tables on the lower terrace just outside the restaurant


Piccolo sandwich shop in Mykonos

Green café table and chairs outside the Piccolo sandwich shop


Mandarini cafe + dessert shop in Mykonos Town

Mandarini café + dessert shop in Mykonos Town


a restaurant at Goumenio Square in Mykonos Town

Table settings in place at a restaurant at Goumenio Square


Il Centrale cafe and gelateria in Mykonos Town

Il Centrale café and gelateria in Mykonos Town


a Mykonos Town cafe

A green table and blue chairs outside a Mykonos Town café


a vine covered restaurant terrace in Mykonos Town

A vine sheltered restaurant terrace in Mykonos Town


a cocktail bar in Little Venice Mykonos

A cocktail bar next to the seaside in Little Venice 


Sea Satin Market in Mykonos

Extra tables and chairs await the peak summer crowds at Sea Satin Market taverna. Action movie fans might recognize the restaurant as the film location for the final scene in The Bourne Identity.


Katrin restaurant in Mykonos Town

Flower arrangements on tables in the narrow street outside the upscale Katrin restaurant in Mykonos Town


cafe tables on a narrow Mykonos street

Café tables on a narrow Mykonos street


a fast food cafe in Mykonos Town

One of dozens of “fast food” cafes scattered throughout Mykonos Town


La Casa restaurant in Mykonos Town

Tables in the street outside La Casa restaurant in Mykonos Town


taverna at Little Venice on Mykonos

These taverna tables at Little Venice offer outstanding views of the sea, the sunset, the famous Mykonos windmills, and nearby Tinos island


snack bar in Mykonos Town

Seats outside many of the cafes and snack bars in Mykonos Town are a great spot for watching people from around the world pass by


tables at a seaside taverna at Little Venice

Rows of tables and chairs at a seaside taverna at Little Venice


Rochari Hotel’s seaview bar is an ideal place to have drinks during sunset on Mykonos


Rochari Hotel Mykonos sunset view

Giaros Island appears beneath a sky of glowing clouds in this spectacular sunset view from the Rochari Hotel‘s cocktail terrace on May 18 2011.


Scenic overlook: The seaside cocktail bars at Little Venice usually get top mention in travel forums when people ask for advice about good sunset viewing locations in and around Mykonos Town. We’ve seen some wonderful sunsets from there, from Windmill Hill overlooking Little Venice, and from the rocky seashore just below the Paraportiani Church, too. We’ve also enjoyed tremendous sunset views the three times we have stayed at Hotel Tagoo, a 15-minute walk north of Town in the island’s Tagoo district. Thanks to a tip from an online colleague, this year we experienced a superb new sunset viewing spot for the first time — one that now ranks among our favourites.

In a post on TripAdvisor.com’s Mykonos travel forum, fellow Mykonos Destination Expert jon_rwr had suggested my partner and I go for a drink on the terrace at the Rochari Hotel sometime. I remembered his recommendation on May 18 when we arrived at the Fabrika bus depot following a full day of hiking to four different beaches on the island’s south coast. We had spent hours on our feet and were looking forward to just sitting and relaxing with a drink before dinner — but where? We wanted to visit some place new, with a view … and since the Rochari was just a short walk up Ag Ioannou Street from the bus depot, we took Jon’s advice and headed right there.

Jon’s recommendation was excellent! The Rochari’s sun-soaked cocktail terrace overlooks much of Mykonos Town, including the iconic windmills, with sweeping panoramic views of the sea and other nearby islands. It proved to be the perfect place for us to relax and unwind with a nice glass of wine at the end of our active afternoon. When the blazing sun dipped closer to the horizon, painting rich, warm hues of amber and gold on the clouds and western sky, a distant island suddenly came into sharper view. We had been chatting with Darren, the Rochari’s cheery, affable bartender, while we were shooting photos of the spectacular scene dramatically playing out before us. Darren politely excused himself for a moment so he could grab his camera to take some shots of his own, explaining that we were experiencing a remarkably clear view of Giaros Island. (We realized it must have been a noteworthy sunset if Darren, whose enviable “office” gives him gorgeous views every evening, was compelled to capture it in photos, too).

The sun went down a short while later, but the terrace remained a comfortable and cozy spot to enjoy the evening. Unfortunately, that was our final night on Mykonos this particular holiday, so we couldn’t make a return visit. But we’ll definitely be going back there for more wine and sunsets on our next trip. With its amazing views of Mykonos Town and those stunning sunsets over the Aegean Sea, the Rochari’s terrace will be one of my “must see” Mykonos recommendations. If you happen to drop by for a drink, please give our regards to Darren. And don’t forget to bring your sunglasses — the rays of the setting sun get so strong and intense, you’ll certainly need to wear them! (By the way: The Rochari is a beautiful hotel in a great location; keep it in mind if you’re searching for quality accommodations right in Mykonos Town.)

Below are several photos of the sunset views from the Rochari Hotel cocktail terrace. More photos can be viewed in the Mykonos 2011: Sunset at the Rochari Hotel album on the mygreecetravelblog.com Facebook page.


Rochari Hotel Mykonos swimming pool

Cocktail terrace view of the Rochari Hotel’s swimming pool and deck


Rochari Hotel  swimming pool

Rochari Hotel terrace view of the swimming pool and part of Mykonos Town


Rohari Hotel view of Mykonos Town

Terrace view of Mykonos Town before sunset


Donny B at the Rochari Hotel

Me on the terrace, enjoying the views under the hot evening sun


Donny B at the Rochari cocktail bar

Standing on the Rochari terrace at sunset, with the whitewashed buildings of Mykonos Town spread out below the hotel


Donny B at the Rochari Hotel cocktail bar

A shot from the other direction, with more of Mykonos Town and part of Tinos island providing a backdrop in the distance


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel

The terrace has amazing views of Mykonos Town and nearby islands


Rochari Hotel cocktail bar

Sunset view from a table inside the Rochari Hotel lounge


 Rochari Hotel cocktail bar

Giaros island starts to become more visible in the amber clouds below the sun


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel

The sunset reflects in the calm water of the hotel swimming pool


Rochari Hotel Mykonos cocktail terrace

The terrace is a perfect place to enjoy a nice glass of wine or an ice cold drink


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel

Giaros Island starts to take center stage directly below the setting sun


sunset view of Gialos island from Rochari Hotel

Clouds in the sky above Giaros Island take on an amber glow in the sunset


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel Mykonos

A great view overlooking Mykonos Town and islands across the horizon


Rochari Hotel view of the Mykonos windmills

Hotel terrace view of the famous windmills on the hillside above Little Venice


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel Mykonos

Another peek at the Rochari pool as the sun prepares to dip below the horizon


sunset view from the Rochari Hotel Mykonos

Mykonos Town spreads out below the hotel; Tinos island is visible to the right



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