SkyGreece to launch Athens flights in early 2014


SkyGreece Airlines S.A. Boeing 767-300ER

SkyGreece Airlines posted this photo of a Boeing 767-300ER on its Facebook page this week. SkyGreece says it will receive the recently-purchased 274-seat aircraft in Athens sometime in early August.


Slow startup: North Americans will have to wait until 2014 to travel on a new airline that is planning to offer direct flights to Athens from Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and New York.

Early last fall, SkyGreece Airlines S.A. launched a website and Facebook page with announcements that it would commence direct service to Athens from the four North American cities in “Summer 2013.” The sparse, single-page website featured the SkyGreece logo with the catch phrase “A Greek spirit in the air,” and promised “Legendary Greek hospitality from take-off to landing!”

That news was followed by a flurry of Facebook posts, in November, December, and January, announcing various appointments to the upstart airline’s executive management team. And on February 15, SkyGreece posted a photo shot inside a hangar at the Hellenic Aerospace Industry facility at Tanagra, Greece, saying that’s where the airline’s “heavy maintenance program will be executed.”

But then there was no further news — until this week.


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  1. Unless your comment in their facebook page , praises their undertaking, it gets deleted. The only plane aquired so far , is over 21 years old, and is being overhauled in ISTANBUL, ( Constantinople). Patriotism be damned, cost and profit above all. A start up low cost airline, flying out of JFK or ORD, YYZ , YUL, without interline agreements is doomed to fail. Hellenic Imperial, in which Father Alexandris was part of, lasted only 1 month. Hopefully he gained experience from that fiasco.Lastly, they claim to provide greek hospitality in their flights, o.k. then, can anyone define greek hospitality? Is it serving dolmadakia and watching Vougiouklaki films during the flight, or listening to byzantine hymns ? So, they have one plane, and will serve 4 destinations from North America… oh, the competition is shaking in their pants. Also an airline without any interline agreements for travel within greece will find it difficult to operate even if it depends entirely on a greek clientele, since not every greek’s final destination is Athens… many continue their travel to the islands, and a smooth automatic baggage transfer to the next carrier is a definite plus. Lastly, if greece was such a hot market, surely the competitions would have figured this out, and operated flights all year long.

  2. I think Aegean after the merger with Olympic air might start flying north america again .We went to Greece in July 03 and the fare was 1100.00 return that was bought in febuary

  3. Aegean has been flying out of Philadelphia for the last two years in partnership with US Airways. Best thing is the luggage transfer to our final destination, both when we are going and coming back. Regarding Sky Greece, I wish them luck, but I think that it will be very difficult for one plane to cover 4 North American cities and also the interline contracts or lack thereof are going to be an issue.

  4. Does it take much to realize that they have the wrong name , should be SkyDream. Mickey Mouse stuff.

  5. kostas papagiannis

    February 25, 2014 at 8:03 am

    kαθε αρχη και δυσκολη. ευχομαι τις καλλυτερες πτησεις.

  6. Constantine Dean Siomkos

    May 7, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Well…here we are with another airline…will it take off and maintain to service the Greek-American folks that travel yearly to Greece from NYC???..Good luck with doing this!

  7. when is Sky Greece coming to New Yorks Kennedy International Airport will someone please let me know i would truly appreciate it very much

  8. Do seats in economy have personal screens like?

  9. I hope they’ll succeed.
    Canada Rouge is the biggest joke of an airline I have ever travelled with:
    expensive, no service, horrible food( got sick last year).
    You have to be a midget to fit your legs, no entertainment whatsoever.

    Please succeed.
    We need you!!!

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