goats on a highway on Amorgos island

These three goats were part of a huge herd that forced us to stop briefly while driving along the highway between Egali and Chora on Amorgos



Last year I posted about ducks and geese stopping traffic along the waterfront road in Naoussa on Paros island. They weren’t the only wildlife traffic hazards we’ve come across while driving on some of the Greek Islands.

On Amorgos, a large herd of dozens of goats briefly blocked the main road while we were driving from Egali to Chora one day. Later that same afternoon, our drive was interrupted by a sheep standing idly in the middle of the road. On Crete, I twice had to hit the brakes while rounding sharp curves on a highway because goats were standing in our lane (actually, one of them was sitting on the asphalt, looking rather relaxed as it basked in the warmth of the sun).

And on Patmos, we encountered a flock of sheep that temporarily brought traffic on the main road near Grikos Bay to a standstill while a shepherd directed the animals from one side of the highway to another.

All vastly preferable to the five lanes of cars, SUVs and trucks that irritate us with their rumbling and horn honking as they crawl along the clogged street below our windows during the morning and afternoon commute every weekday!


a sheep on a highway on Amorgos

This stubborn sheep stood in the middle of a road on Amorgos for several minutes, forcing vehicles to slowly swing past…



a sheep at the side of a road on Amorgos

…. before it finally moved off the pavement and out of the way of traffic



a flock of sheep on Amorgos

A flock of sheep commutes from the Grikos Bay area on Patmos  …



… to a hill next to the secondary highway to Chora …



a flock of sheep on Patmos

… where the animals gradually start grazing in the bushes …



sheep on a hill on Patmos

… then stop en masse to much away for a few minutes …




sheep on Patmos island

… before their shepherd directs them higher up the hill



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