The gulls were waiting for any leftovers that might be available once the fishermen unloaded their catch at the Verkiza pier, where customers can purchase fish and other seafood at stalls just steps away from the fishing boats. We walked over to check out the catch of the day, and flapping tails on the counters confirmed that the fish were as fresh as could be!

Below are some photos that will show you what to watch for if you’re shopping for fresh fish.


Varkiza Bay in Attica Greece

A member of our group called everyone’s attention to a flock of seagulls that she saw swarming around a fishing boat in Varkiza bay …


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

I couldn’t see the birds until I zoomed in with my camera’s telephoto lens


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

Scores of birds where swooping in the air above the boat


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

Last year I published a photo of seagulls trailing a fishing boat in Egali bay on Amorgos. I was amazed by the number of birds I saw in that instance, but was stunned to see many dozens more gulls in the flock following the “Poyla.”


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

Varkiza is just one of many good places to stop to enjoy the spectacular Saronic coast scenery along the Athens-Sounion highway


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

There are beaches, marinas, resorts, restaurants and scenic lookout points both at and near Varkiza, and all along the coastal highway


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

The flock starts to thin out as the “Poyla” approaches the Varkiza pier …


a fishing boat in Varkiza bay

… but three birds have found comfy spots to sit and enjoy the rest of the ride to port


seagulls above Varkiza Bay in Attica

Some of the seagulls have flown ahead to soar above the pier…


seagulls at Varkiza bay in Attica

… while dozens more bob in the water near the fishing boat pier …


seagulls in Varkiza bay

… where they patiently wait for the “Poyla” to dock


Varkiza fish market in Attica Greece

The fishermen sell some of their catch at kiosks right on the pier



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