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Captivated by Kavala


Gregory Liotakis published this aerial drone film of Kavala in April


Aerial appeal: Up until the end of 2016, I was completely clueless about Kavala.

I had heard of it, and I knew it was a place in mainland Greece. But I didn’t know exactly where, and I would not have been able to tell you for certain if was a mountain village, a big town or a seaside resort. So of course I had no idea what it looked like or what was there.

That changed over the Christmas holiday season when storms dumped snow on many parts of Greece and I found photos and videos of Kavala while putting together two blog posts that I published in January — Greece in white winter glory, and Amazing winter wonderland scenes from Greece Part 2

Suddenly I was intrigued. Kavala looked quite appealing and attractive (and not just because it was dusted with crisp white snow.)  With a few quick Google searches, I learned that Kavala is a bustling port city of 57,000 residents in the region of eastern Macedonia and Thrace, and is considered one of Greece’s “prettiest” and “most picturesque” cities. Some websites described Kavala as a “gem” and a “jewel” often overlooked by tourists or simply not on the radar for most people visiting Greece.



Since I had shared an aerial video of Kavala here on the blog, links to other Kavala films have appeared frequently in the “Up Next” sidebar when I have opened the YouTube webpage.  Most have been aerial videos showing the city in warm weather months, and I have been impressed by the scenes of seafront, beaches, city squares and historic sites — including a castle and aqueduct.  As you can probably expect, Kavala has now earned a spot on my travel bucket list.

In case you’re planning a trip to the area,  or just wondering if it’s a place you would like to visit yourself, here are several Kavala videos that will help get you acquainted with the city.


Scenes from Kavala in a 2.5-minute film by JL Aerial


This nearly 3-minute long video by Aerial View shows the city’s historic castle and the impressive scenery it overlooks. 


This “official” video by kavalaDimofelia shows top historic sites and attractions and near Kavala 


This is a Kavala time lapse video published by Theo Kavala

A quick video visit to Thessaloniki


Here’s a short videoclip I discovered on Vimeo that offers a brief overview of and informative introduction to Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece. It features commentary by food journalist/TV personality David Rosengarten and was produced, directed and edited by Daniel Boneville.


Mainland must-see: the Halkidiki peninsula


Golden sand beaches on the Halkidiki peninsula in the Central Macedonia region of Greece

Golden sand beach crescents in Halkidiki’s beautiful West Sithonia region. The photo is from the Greece in Photos Facebook page. Click on the picture to view a full-size image.


Marvellous Macedonia: I wish I had longer holidays so I could spend more time exploring mainland Greece.  One of the regions I’m eager to see is Macedonia, home to the city of Thessaloniki and to the stunning landscapes and seascapes of the Halkidiki peninsula. Marathias (pictured above) is just one among scores of beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The gorgeous 200-meter-long golden sand beach, with a separate smaller strand nearby, is situated about 4 km south of Toroni in the peninsula’s West Sithonia region.  Below is a Halkidiki Tourism Organization promotional video that shows some of the sights, scenery and activities that draw visitors to this dynamic area of mainland Greece.