Greek Parliament

Tourists visit the square outside the Greek Parliament building in Athens


Don’t miss out: In the wake of last Sunday’s election of a new federal government in Greece, many people have been wondering if they should cancel or postpone their plans to visit the country this year.

On social media and on travel sites like, people have been expressing concerns about potential travel turmoil in the event of a “Grexit” from the E.U., or currency and banking chaos resulting from the new leadership’s controversial stance toward austerity measures and conditions of the financial bailout Greece received during its debt crisis.

While nobody can accurately tell what’s going to happen at this point, travel expert Simon Calder says it will nevertheless be “an excellent summer to holiday in Greece. “

“If there is one certainty about Greece in 2015, it is this: millions of travellers will enjoy superb holidays there. Life goes on,” Calder wrote in a column published Friday in The Independent,  a national newspaper published in the U.K.

If you’ve been wondering what to do about your own vacation plans, click here to read Calder’s sensible advice about why you should still visit Greece.

My own flight to Athens is booked, and I can’t wait to return to Greece in May!