Flower towers in the Cyclades



agave flower stems on Milos

Agave flower stems next to the road from Plaka to Firopotamos beach on Milos


agave flower stems on Milos

Agave stems rising from the fleshy thick leaves of the rosettes at their base


agave flower stems on Naxos

Five agave flower stems near the main road at Agia Anna on Naxos


agave flower stems on Naxos

A cluster of agave flower stems near Mikri Vigla beach on Naxos


an agave flower stem on Naxos

Flower buds on an agave stem near Plaka beach on Naxos



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  1. Sithonia Greece Hotels Apartments

    August 30, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Interesting flowers – though they look big enough to be trees… Nice photos, thanks for posting them!

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