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Greece holiday pic of the day


seak kayaking in Ios Greece

Two sea kayaks cross the turquoise waters of Kolitsani Bay on Ios


Serene & secluded Kolitsani beach on Ios


Kolitsani beach on Ios island

Overlooking Kolitsani beach and bay from a nearby mountainside


Scene of tranquillity: Beach lovers would probably consider the accommodations where we stayed on Ios in May — the Hermes Hotel at Agios Ioannis — to be ideally situated. To the left of the hotel, and visible from its breakfast room and bar, is the island’s most famous beach: Mylopotas, a gorgeous curved strand of golden sand. About a 20-minute hike down the mountain valley to the right is Kolitsani, a  secluded small beach accessible only on foot or by sea.

Kolitsani beach spans the foot of a long, narrow bay with shallow turquoise water. There is a large white private villa and some 12-meter cliffs on one side of the bay, and a steep hillside covered with wildflowers, herbs and low scrub bushes on the other. The beach itself is divided into two separate sections by a rock outcropping and giant boulder that jut into the sea. One side has soft brown sand, while the other is covered in large stones and rocks.


Kolitsani beach trail on Ios

Sign at the top of the trail that winds down the mountain to Kolitsani beach



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