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25 tongue-in-cheek reasons why you shouldn’t visit Greece


Messinia Golden Coast

“Mediocre” views, like this one of the Messinia Golden Coast in the beautiful Peloponnese region of mainland Greece, is one reason why BuzzFeed recommends that travellers stay away from Greece. This striking photo is from the fantastic Visit Greece photostream on Flickr.


Just stay home: Are you tired of winter? Could you use a good chuckle? Want to see some superb photos to inspire your next trip to Greece?

Then click here to view the tongue-in-cheek photo feature 25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Greece, which was published this week on the news and lifestyle website BuzzFeed.com.

Featuring gorgeous photos from Visit Greece and other sources, the article addresses a number of modern “myth”conceptions about Greece, considering whether Athens “isn’t really that special,” if the country’s beaches are truly only “average at best,” and whether the views, scenery and sunsets in Greece are worth seeing at all.

The BuzzFeed piece gave me a much-needed good laugh today, while the spectacular photos took my mind off the snow and deep-freeze temperatures outside.

If you want to forget winter for awhile yourself, and learn 25 reasons why you really should visit Greece as soon as possible, be sure to check out the article.

 Windmills at Chora on Amorgos

Hectic places, like this crowded hilltop with windmills near Chora village on Amorgos, is another reason why travellers might want to avoid Greece, according to the website BuzzFeed.com.

Mainland must-see: the Halkidiki peninsula


Golden sand beaches on the Halkidiki peninsula in the Central Macedonia region of Greece

Golden sand beach crescents in Halkidiki’s beautiful West Sithonia region. The photo is from the Greece in Photos Facebook page. Click on the picture to view a full-size image.


Marvellous Macedonia: I wish I had longer holidays so I could spend more time exploring mainland Greece.  One of the regions I’m eager to see is Macedonia, home to the city of Thessaloniki and to the stunning landscapes and seascapes of the Halkidiki peninsula. Marathias (pictured above) is just one among scores of beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The gorgeous 200-meter-long golden sand beach, with a separate smaller strand nearby, is situated about 4 km south of Toroni in the peninsula’s West Sithonia region.  Below is a Halkidiki Tourism Organization promotional video that shows some of the sights, scenery and activities that draw visitors to this dynamic area of mainland Greece.