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Pic of the day: A quiet cove on Mykonos


An umbrella casts its shadow on a sandy cove at Agios Ioannis beach on Mykonos

A solitary umbrella casts its shadow on a sandy cove below the Saint John Mykonos resort at Agios Ioannis beach on Mykonos



Top 6 memories of my Mykonos holiday in 2012 — #5: An unusual mix of wacky, weird weather


Agios Ioannis beach Mykonos

Agios Ioannis beach and bay basked in brilliant sunshine on May 20 …


stormclouds above Rinia

… just two days after a massive thunderstorm system moved across the Aegean, soaking Mykonos with heavy morning downpours


Sunshine & storms, wind & waves: I arrived on Mykonos in warm, brilliant sunshine on May 14 … and that’s exactly what the weather was like when I left the island eight days later. But during the days in between, there was an incredible variety of weather conditions unlike anything I’ve experienced on Mykonos before.

On my seven previous visits to Mykonos, the weather had been predominantly sunny and warm. Some days were windy, some mornings and evenings were downright chilly, the sky was hazy on a few afternoons, and there were two brief rainshowers between dawn and breakfast time on two separate mornings back in May 2006. Overall, there was excellent weather for sightseeing, hiking and beach activities during each of my holidays. This year, Mother Nature made sure I experienced Mykonos in just about every kind of spring weather condition imaginable.


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Greece holiday pic of the day


Agios Ioannis beach Mykonos

Umbrellas cast shadows on sandy Agios Ioannis beach, Mykonos — the beach made famous in the hit movie “Shirley Valentine”



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